I’m Now Ready For A Black President

Herman Cain is the American Story.

FINALLY – I’m ready for a Black President.

You would think this is at best a sad statement. And at worst, as racist a sentiment as one can have.


I’ve always been ready for a Black, White or whatever color President, just not the Black President who is INSULTING the Oval Office.

There was a time when I thought that Colin Powell might be a good candidate for the White House, not because he’s Black, but because I thought he had the right stuff.

I’m quite certain if memory serves me, that I even wrote about it then; that is until I saw Powell go mushy on George W Bush and start acting like a Democrat in Republican clothing.

I could also say that I’ve always been ready for a woman President, but not the one that wanted to be President in 2008. But, if Palin and/or Bachmann were to get into the battle, I would be thrilled with either one of them. But I digress.


I’ve been reading-up and studying Herman Cain. And if what I’ve been reading, hearing and seeing is legitimate, here’s a guy anyone with a brain would want to vote for.

Herman Cain is SELF-MADE. He was the CEO of a huge Pizza Restaurant Chain owned by Pillsbury (Godfather’s Pizza). And he’s a successful print editorialist and radio talk-show host.

(In an unedited first release of this editorial, I wrote that Cain built the Pizza Empire from the ground-up. He didn’t. But being the appointed CEO of such a huge corporation is no less impressive, especially when it comes to defining Herman Cain’s management skills.)


And he has REAL hands-on State financial experience by virtue of serving as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 1995/96.

When I listen to Herman Cain speak, he is extraordinarily articulate and to the point. He has no need of a teleprompter, or a scriptwriter, or a fact checker – Not even when a hostile LEFTIST “journalist” interviews him.

If Herman Cain were any color other than what he is, he would still have the right stuff. And that he’s Black means nothing to me, other than he’s a guy who is exceptionally qualified who happens to be Black.

Herman Cain is going to throw his hat into the Republican Presidential Nomination ring. Of that I am quite certain. I am also certain that if he does, he will shine, and he will rise very much to the top as more people get to know him.

And just as I’m certain that he will do VERY well amongst all the other Republican candidates because of his knowledge, skills, morality, integrity, wonderful ability to communicate, and his true Conservatism, HE WILL BE CALLED AN UNCLE TOM FOR IT from many within the Black community.

Mark my words – This guy . . . Herman Cain is the REAL DEAL, and he will be going to the top . . . perhaps all the way to the top. But, not because like Obama, that he’s Black – But rather, unlike Obama, because he is incredibly well qualified.

And because he is such an example of what a President should be, on what is the LEFT going to attack him . . . opposed to his GREAT ideas, competence and personal history?

And writing about personal history: Can anyone think Herman Cain will have a problem producing his Birth Certificate or his Academic Records?

Can anyone think Herman Cain will be seen to have been hanging around with White-Haters, Jew-Haters, America-Haters and KNOWN American Communists at any time prior to the nomination race?

Do you think if Herman Cain wins the Presidency he would take a Presidential World Victory Tour to bash the country that elected him?

And we already know from Cain’s public statements, unlike EVERY statement coming out of the mouth of Obama, that he is not about to apologize, excuse, or tolerate any form of bad-ass Islamism.

Herman Cain is the American Story. He is the quintessence of what is attainable in America for everyone who is willing to work, take risks and sacrifice for it.

I still REALLY like Sarah Palin. And I like Michelle Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, BUT, KEEP YOUR EYE ON HERMAN CAIN, because if there is anyone in America today who is the whole package, Cain’s the guy.

And, as much as many on the LEFT, whom I am certain will call him an Uncle Tom (mostly amongst each other), there’s NOTHING the LEFT can do to him without casting themselves as the racists they really are.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Killing of the Canadian Soldier at the Cenotaph. Hundreds of Canadians laid flowers; thousands lined the funeral route to Hamilton. Where are those same people when it comes to standing up and expressing serious concerns and fear of Muslims who have forced the abolition of many Canadian traditions and Customs, like Christmas, singing, music in schools, halloween etc. Imams were cautioned against against attacks on Mosques; soldiers not to wear uniforms in public. Are we so afraid?

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