STOP The Canadian Death Panel Propaganda


I have written and spoken-out at great length against Obamacare, since it is a recipe for disaster, and there are enough really bad things about it that it is NOT necessary for those who are against it to make things up.

As much as I was an avid supporter of FOX News over the years, that respect I “used” to have is quickly waning, since FOX News is shifting to the politically correct “center”.

While it is true that there are still a FEW real Conservative pundits on FOX News such as Shawn Hannity and several of the opinionists, it is equally true that the news portion of FOX News tries so hard to be fair and balanced, that they bend far too much in the wrong direction.


But, what is MORE unacceptable than being overly balanced in the wrong direction, is when FOX News broadcasts BLATANT MISINFORMATION.

Read this clearly:


The whole world is coming apart at the seams. The Middle East is in open revolt. Israel is in greater danger today, than it has ever been since Israel’s REBIRTH in 1948.

The Iranians are a hair’s breadth away from getting the BOMB. America is involved in 4 wars. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya, a war of Obama’s making.

Unemployment in the USA is at a critical level, which is far higher than the White House lets-on. The HUGE Corporations, Banks and Wall Street are making fortunes while paying little to no taxes, GE being a perfect example.

Public Sector Wages, Retirement and Healthcare Entitlements are stripping North America’s Treasuries bare.

The cost of food, light, heat and electricity are going through the roof, while the housing market is no better off today than it was when everything began to collapse.

And the price of fuel is KILLING our way of life to the point that it can very easily collapse our economies.

And I won’t even bother to delve into the nightmare and collateral consequences of the misery we’re all watching unfold before our very own eyes in Japan.


Unbelievably, FOX News has this running report on Baby Joseph, a Canadian baby in Windsor Ontario who has a DEATH-SENTENCE disease, the same disease that took the life of his infant sister.

FOX News keeps on reporting that a CANADIAN GOVERNMENT PANEL has decided to cease treating this baby, and refused to do a Tracheotomy, so the baby could breathe on his own without tubes.

And that the baby had to literally be abducted by his parents so he could be taken to an American hospital to have the Tracheotomy performed.


I do not have to prove my bonifides when it comes to my opposition to Obamacare, or my views on the degree the Canadian healthcare system has deteriorated over the years. So no one can accuse me of being one-sided on this issue.

And whether FOX News likes it or not – HERE’S THE TRUTH:

1 – There is no Canadian Healthcare system as per say, since Canada provides minimal guidelines for the provinces to follow, if the provinces want to collect their Healthcare share from the Federal purse.

2 – The Provinces, NOT the Federal government administers and pays for Healthcare.

3 – There are no provisions whatsoever at either the Federal or Provincial level on who gets, and who does NOT get healthcare.


5 – How Healthcare is provided anywhere in Canada is left up to individual doctors and individual hospitals.

And the panels, which FOX News is making reference to, are composed of doctors, all of whom measure the full range of treatments, options and survivability.


1 – His illness is 100% FATAL in the short term. And no one argues that he will live much longer than a few months. INCLUDING his father.

2 – He has literally no Brain Activity. This too is unarguable.

3 – By doing a Tracheotomy, his quality of living improving, or a chance for any possible form of recovery or extension of his life is still ZERO.

Knowing all of this, and taking all of this into careful consideration, the panel of DOCTORS, not government bureaucrats, came to the conclusion that keeping him breathing for the sole purpose of keeping him breathing, was cruel, inhumane and counter-productive.

The decision to remove the breathing tube from baby Joseph was not made by way of a cold and calculated formula, such as a business return on investment. It was made based upon a clinical REALITY.

If this were my child, I would move heaven and earth to help him anyway that I could. But, knowing that he is brain-dead, and on death’s doorstep, possibly and probably suffering if there was any feeling left in him, I would want the suffering to stop.

I would not allow any of my animals to suffer if there was no chance for them. So why would I want a child I love to suffer for no reason when the end is clearly in sight?

What FOX News and others have done, and are continuing to do with this Baby Joseph propaganda is multi-fold.

1 – They are LYING to their audience.

2 – They are defaming a very responsible and professional Healthcare system in Canada.

And THREE . . . FOX News is demeaning their own worth, while proving that they are no better than the competition they like to say that they are so much better than.


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  1. I smiled at your editorial – we share the same courage to stand up and be counted. Obama & Dems tried to shut down talk radio and the internet not supportive of their ideologies, with backlashes. Since 9/11/01, we’ve criticized Islam and Muslim radicals. Constitution and Bill of Rights are intact, for now. The 2013 NDAA and EO’s may end such freedoms under martial law…next 2 years will be perilous in the US. Obama has nasty, angry, hateful plans for us after midterm elections; costs w/be dear.

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