It’s NOT True – Obama is NOT Unbeatable.


There’s an article making the Email Rounds by a By Doctor Walter Williams, who asks and answers his own question:

“Can President Obama be defeated in 2012? No. He can’t.”

The good Doctor, that is if such a person even exists, then goes on to explain in great detail why Obama is unbeatable.


I think that maybe there is no Doctor Williams. Or, if there is a Doctor Williams, he is either living on a cloud or is playing a double game. And if he doesn’t really exist, then there is a LEFTIST who has had good fortune in having this BS so widely distributed.

Normally, I wouldn’t bother commenting on an email like this. But, because it is coming to my In-Box from so many different senders, I have to believe that it is being read by a significant number of people.


When Obama first burst onto the scene, the people saw a really cool Black Guy who spoke with a booming silver tongue. He spoke in lofty platitudes serving-up empty but wonderful promises that made people feel good.

Obama spoke of a Utopian vision, where America will shine like never before. Where everyone would be equal. And no one would be left behind.

To hear Obama in those heady days, you could have been excused if you believed that the “Messiah” had finally returned, not just to show us a better way, but also to lead America and the world to the Promised Land.

YES WE CAN the crowds chanted! HOPE AND CHANGE was the call to arms, all of which the crowds swallowed hook, line and sinker.

To the Black Folk of America, their time had finally come. THEIR Black President was going to give them something they could never have dreamt of before.

And even though they had no idea what it was they were going to get, it was going to be incredible – So they thought.

Because of an extraordinarily biased and dishonest media, no one but journalists on the RIGHT questioned the history of this Black orator. And when serious issues of Obama’s past were brought into question by Conservative Journalists, they were NOT just accused, but were CHARGED of being RACISTS.

With so much power and wealth coming from the unions and other dubious sources, Obama’s people flooded America with “change we can believe in, hope, and yes we can” as unchallenged truths.


Unlike so many others who somewhat ignore McCain’s campaign, I DO NOT.

McCain was in my not-so-humble estimation, the absolutely WORST Presidential Candidate in modern history.

McCain was worse than Dukakis, worse than Mondale, and worse than Kerry. In fact, I think McCain was worse than all of them combined.

And when people point a finger at Sarah Palin as the reason why McCain did so poorly – THEY ARE JUST WRONG. Palin was the only bright spot the Republicans had during that whole miserable 2008 election campaign.

I contend, that if the Republicans would have chosen a fighter rather than an ass-kisser and Obama apologist like McCain, it is very possible that Obama would not be the President of the United States of America today.

Because of McCain, and because McCain actually ENDORSED Obama throughout the campaign and chastised those within his own Party who challenged Obama, McCain lost the votes of the Center and Independents.


Obama delivered NOTHING to the Black communities.

For those Blacks who will come out to vote in 2012, they will probably still vote for him in massive numbers BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. But massive numbers of Blacks will not come out to vote.

For the Center and Independent voters who gave Obama a chance because they felt they had nowhere else to park their vote, and because they too wanted to believe in “yes we can, hope, and change we can believe in” . . . with them, Obama is as done as burnt toast.

Where the International Community embraced Obama, giving such pride to the LEFT, as Obama made his world apology tours decrying all the things Obama PERCEIVED that America had done to the world in the past, and was given the Nobel Peace Prize for just being Obama, TODAY – The International community sees him as being a bad joke.

To the 78% of Jewish Americans who voted for Obama, they are watching him work at hyper-speed to screw-over Israel. He will still get quite a few compliant Jewish votes, but nothing like Obama enjoyed in 2008.

To the people who were promised JOBS and lower taxes; there is greater unemployment under Obama with skyrocketing hidden taxes and a cripplingly rising cost of living than anyone could have imagined before Obama became President.

As for Obamacare – people are now seeing it for what it really is – A TRILLION dollar disaster.

When Obama ran just three years ago, all he had to run on were his platitudes, and that he was NOT George W Bush. But now, everything has changed, and George W Bush is not looking quite as bad.

And no one should ever discount that OBAMA had a huge advantage because he was Black, where every Liberal wanted to be able to brag that he or she voted for the FIRST Black President.

Obama still has about two years left in his first term before the people pass real judgment on him in 2012 at the polls where it counts. And for Obama and the Democrats, things are going to be getting much-much worse.

So, when you read articles that say Obama is unbeatable. Think the opposite. Because in my world, Obama is as UNWINABLE as it gets.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I can remember a few years ago, when terrorists were strapping on explosives in Israel and you flew their just to show support, when other people stayed away. You showed support and courage then and your the same person today.

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