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As Passover approaches (Monday evening), Israel has never been at such great risk since the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the SECOND TEMPLE at the hands of the Romans in 70 AD, by Roman General Titus under the command of Emperor Vespasian.

About 2000 years later, another world leader, this time an American is doing what he can to remove Jerusalem from the Jews.

But perhaps MORE succinctly – To remove the Jews from Jerusalem.


Yasser Arafat was an Egyptian; yet, he’s considered to be the father of modern Palestine. How does one square that circle?

OK – If he was the farther of modern Palestine, whom did he follow?

Who was the last leader of Palestine before him at any time in history? What were the borders of the previous Palestine? And when did Palestine actually become a recognizable nation?

In the case of Israel, setting the religious aspect of Israel aside, Israel’s first recognized leader was King David, of David and Goliath fame. David’s capital was Hebron, which is now in the hands of so-called Palestinians.

David’s son Solomon (the wise) established his capital in Jerusalem, where the FIRST TEMPLE was built in 957 BCE, to be destroyed in 586 BCE (371 years later) by the Babylonians.


So, when was the Nation of Palestine actually created?

The answer that is ignored by virtually everyone on the Palestinian side of the debate is simple – There never was a state called Palestine. And there were never a people called Palestinians.


There was a region that was called Palestine, named after the Philistines by the Romans after the SECOND TEMPLE was destroyed, which included the land of Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

And even to this day, some 70% or more of all Jordanians consider themselves to be Palestinians ruled by a Hashemite King imposed upon them by the West.

While it is true that some Arabs lived in the area that is now reborn Israel, there was also no shortage of Jews who never left the Middle East, even after the fall of Jerusalem at the hands of the Romans at the time of Jesus.

And while it is true that many of the Arabs living in that area left in 1948 at the behest of the Arab armies, while these armies planned for the utter destruction of the Jewish people, it is also true that as many as, and possibly MORE Jews were thrown out of Arab countries at that time, where Jews lived for thousands of years.

But, unlike the Arab countries, which REFUSED to take-in Arab “refugees”, Israel embraced any and all Jews who needed a home, which kind of says much in contrast between the values of each side.

In 1967, after multiple wars waged against the Jewish State by Arab armies, Israel finally won a significant war against its enemies capturing the West Bank from Jordan and the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

These two territories were NOT captured from the Palestinians or Palestine, since neither existed. They were captured in a defensive war from two sovereign states.

And as international law clearly states: TO THE VICTOR GO THE SPOILS.

While this is true for every country on the planet . . . it is not true for Israel. Because . . . if it were true for Israel, as it is for everyone else, there would be no debate on Palestine.

There would have been no such thing as RESOLUTION 242 at the UN. And there would have been no Oslo Accords.

There would only be Israel, contiguous from the South of the Red Sea to the Northern borders of Syria and Lebanon. And from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean with no West Bank or Gaza in between.

But, anti-Semitism knows no bounds, even and especially in the world forum at the UN, where there is no shame in hating Israel, while treating such a marvelous country as though it was evil, which is in direct and complete contrast to Israel’s neighbors where evil is an everyday political event.

If I didn’t understand the true meaning of anti-Semitism, I would be amazed at the depth of this international double standard. But, I do understand the psyche of Jew-Haters. And I do believe given the right circumstances, there would be a second Holocaust.

One doesn’t have to speculate on the possibility of such a horrible reoccurrence. One only has to take the word of the Arabs and Persians who have come right out and said so many times.


The world will hate Israel no matter what Israel does or doesn’t do. The international community will find every way possible to de-legitimatize and demonize the Jewish State, while trying not to de-legitimize itself in the process.

And as far as MOST of the world goes, Israel will only be acceptable when Israel becomes nothing more than just a memory. So, to Israel I say; do what you want and need to do to carry-on without succumbing to a hateful world that will stop at nothing to do you in.

We are one day away from Passover, when until 1967, every Jewish gathering always finished each Seder with these words:


But now, because of the threat from the White House, we must now finish each Seder with these words:


I will be broadcasting a LIVE On-Line Radio Program tonight with my good friend and fabulous broadcaster Stirling Faux, who lives in Vancouver BC.

Not being Jewish, but being a very decent person, Stirling helped Israel enormously during Arafat’s Intifada AND MORE. We will speak about that and other issues that are of great concern to people throughout North America – To Americans and Canadians alike.

To hear tonight’s 9PM On-Line Broadcast LIVE, go to the HOME PAGE of, CLICK on the Microphone on the Top Right of the Page, and that’s all you have to do.

As a note: We Archive each editorial until the next LIVE Broadcast. So you can hear it whenever you want to.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Hello Howard. There are many “interpretations” of the Koran from unofficial sources. It would be welcomed if an official and accurate interpretation of the Koran was made available. I confess that I am ignorant of the word of the Koran and that even if I read certain sections I would most likely not understand its’ meaning. There are many that refer to references to the Koran when making their point but I think it would be a good thing if one could refer to an official and accepted site. Thanks.

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