Today, Obama Declared War On The American People

You see it’s NEVER Obama’s fault – NEVER!



I sat in amazement this afternoon for the half hour or so of Obama’s latest speech on how the GOVERNMENT is going to save America.


Obama was BRILLIANT.

If you’re one of those who think that the government has the answer for everything, and that the Something-For-Nothing Bunch should have a big slice of the pie other people have baked with their hard work and risk . . . YOU WOULD BE IN OBAMA HEAVEN.

Obama kept speaking with his usual passion about this incredible debt that is risking America’s security. But, he sort of forgot who created this ghastly deficit and long-term debt.

You see . . . it’s NEVER Obama’s fault – NEVER!

But – Not to fear, Obama to the rescue by making the folks he considers to be rich the villains in all of this, as if HIS SPENDING is somehow the fault of those greedy wealthy job-creators.

As if it is the fault of the wealthy that the Public Service Entitlements are in the TRILLIONS of dollars.

Or that smothering government regulations and the obscene size of government is all the fault of the wealthy.

Or that the skyrocketing cost of energy is also the fault of the so-called rich. And not the fault of LEFTISTS like himself who REFUSES to give America the right to develop its own energy self-reliance.

When Obama talks of the wealthy he uses words like millionaires and billionaires. But, whom he doesn’t mention amongst the folks who will take it on the chin in his taxing of the “rich”, are the hard-working schleppes who work 24/7 without a safety-net, who’ve risked everything they have to start a business and give employment to the masses.

To a LEFTIST like him, who is far more of a Socialist, people who make money the old fashioned “dirty” way by getting into the trenches to work for it, cannot be held in the same esteem as people who make or made their money through inheritance, academia, big money and big company management, the arts, entertainment, and in his case by publishing books he probably didn’t even write.

What Obama did today, was to issue a DECLARATION OF WAR on JOB-CREATORS.

I just heard Senator Lindsey Graham on the Beck Show, hosted by Judge Napolitano, volunteer without prompt or reason that he LIKES Obama.

Between Graham and Boehner, who’s protecting the American people, since both of these Republican Congressional leaders LIKE the man who is destroying America?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have read all of your comments, saved them, and admired your knack for telling it like it is. Keep up
    the good work. I reside in Texas, and we face the same problems. Semper Fi Howard.

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