Here We Go Again – I Hope.


We did our FIRST ever Radio Broadcast on Galganov Dot Com Sunday night. And as surprising as it was to me, it went far better than I had anticipated.

There were a few timing issues, such as inserting music for breaks so that they flowed-through seamlessly, which sort of happened well enough. And the voices over our telephone system were somewhat tinny, but very clear nonetheless.


We took a few calls, and read a bunch of emails on-air, but couldn’t possibly read the huge number of emails as they came in.

Except for a couple of emails that suggested the sound quality was wanting, which it was, EVERY other email was incredibly supportive. We’re working on the voice quality.

All in all . . . our “Maiden On-Line Radio Voyage” was one very happy success.

And for those of you who are interested in knowing how many of you were tuned-in, we don’t know, since the Streaming Service we use only records the number of people that are logged-in at that exact moment.

So, on the next show, which will be THIS WEDNESDAY APRIL 13, 2011 at 9pm Eastern Time, we will try to read the numbers of listeners as the show is live, hopefully without dropping the connection.

All of that said though, if the numbers of emails I’ve received during and after the show are at all indicative of how many people were listening, those numbers were probably quite impressive.

It was also a thrill to have Kari Simpson of RoadKill Radio LIVE on-line with me during the entire 90 minute Broadcast. She is something else. And I mean that in the best way.

As we discussed during the Broadcast, the purpose of Radio on Galganov Dot Com is to work with others to create as large a Conservative Communications Network as we can.

The LEFT have a century-long head start on us, leaving us with an awful lot of catching-up to do.

While it is absolutely true that Conservative Talk on Radio and Television do far better in terms of audience and revenue than does the LEFT, it is also TRUE that the LEFT have us out-organized by their International Affiliations financed by Union and Government Support.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t beat them using OUR OWN GAME, opposed to playing at theirs.

Their game depends almost entirely on getting a FREE RIDE on our ticket through government largesse and forced Union dues.

Once we eliminate FORCED Union dues that are used to finance wobbly politicians, and change the nature of government that finances special LEFTIST interests by changing the politicians who BUY votes with TAXPAYER money . . . to principled politicians who will do what is RIGHT and not politically expedient – We will be on our way to real victory.

I saw John Boehner on FOX News this morning (Monday April 11) with Bill Hemmer discussing the Budget Resolution. Boehner wasn’t taking High-Fives, but was satisfied that the discussion is now heading in the right direction.


But, what REALLY pissed-me-off was when Boehner said without reason, without a prompt from Hemmer, and out of context that he “LIKED THE PRESIDENT”.

What the hell was that all about?

Why did Boehner even mention what his personal feelings are for the man who is LITERALLY DESTROYING AMERICA, while SENDING THE WORLD INTO ARMAGEDDON?

Did Boehner learn nothing from the political ass-kisser John McCain?

The people sent the Republicans to Washington as a majority, NOT to negotiate, and NOT to find common ground. The message of the people was obviously TOO SIMPLE for many of the Republicans to understand.

So, when it becomes Primary time again, which is just around the political corner, it will be time to replace those politicians with others who DO GET IT, and who don’t just say they get it the way Boehner does, because if he really did get it, the government would be shut down, and a whole new reality would be on the table.

This is the key topic I will be talking about this coming WEDNESDAY at 9pm.


If you live in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach or any other area in that vast Floridian geographic zone, you probably know who Joyce Kaufman is, since she’s that unbelievable voice of Conservative Radio Reason who broadcasts everyday from noon to THREE Monday through Friday on AM850 WFTL.—Joyce-Kaufman/1159824

Not only is Joyce Kaufman a Radio Force of Nature, she’s also a RARE Conservative Insider who knows where the skeletons are buried, who can be counted on, and who is a sell-out.


How lucky can a guy get to have two FEMMES FATALE in a row, like Kari Simpson on my FIRST show, and Joyce Kaufman on the next?

If I can’t make Radio on Galganov Dot Com a winner with people like Kari Simpson and Joyce Kaufman, there is no hope for me.

Just in case you’re new to listening to LIVE Internet Radio on, here’s what you have to do:

Go to my HOME PAGE, Click on the Microphone at the Top Right of the Page. A Broadcast Box will open up, and you should be listening. It’s really as simple as that.

I understand from some people that the show cannot be heard on AOL. If that’s the case, add another browser to your computer like Firefox, Google Chrome – etc.

In the meantime, Last Sunday’s show has been Archived. And to hear it, go to my HOME PAGE and click on the Microphone.

REMEMBER – WEDNESDAY APRIL 13, 2011 . . . 9pm.

There is no Audio Editorial associated with the Commentary.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Continue to be brave and couragous and tell the truth the way you see it. Of course people will try to keep you quiet…but….be true to yourself.

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