Today Is The Day – And I’m Nervous

We LITERALLY have a world to lose.

Today is the day – The day that Galganov Dot Com really joins the Internet Revolution, where we combine the spoken and written word to further our Conservative attack upon all those in both of our countries who have forgotten what the meaning is of Individual Rights and Liberty.

I cannot sufficiently convey my gratitude to all the people who have emailed me with your best of wishes for a GREAT launch in this, our newest endeavor.

When I did a Daily Radio Show in Montreal, it was during very troubling and challenging times, when Quebec’s French speaking population was busily stripping English speakers of their Rights and Freedoms.

During those days of fighting Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalism, I lived with all sorts of threats, slurs and defamation. And as much as it should have bothered me, it didn’t bother me all that much because I knew that I was doing the right thing at the right time.

But, now that we’re embarking upon this path, I am very troubled, because there is so much more that’s at stake that far exceeds Quebec’s Xenophobia.

We LITERALLY have a world to lose.

In all the broadcasts I’ve done in Canada, the USA and Israel, I have never been nervous about my performance. But I am now.

When I was LIVE on-air in Montreal for several years, I was the least likely Radio Guy to succeed . . . partly because I’m not a Radio Guy.

I don’t have that booming or studied voice. My cadence sucks. And I often forget the words I really want to use. Oh, and I have a temper and get riled quite easily.

But, in spite of all that, there was a substantial audience that tuned-in every day.

Even though I am often on-air as a guest on other people’s shows, I have not been on-air on my own show since 1999. That was 12 years ago. And since I wasn’t all that good then, at least not in my own mind, I don’t expect to be any better or worse now. But you will be the judge.

Because all of this technology is new to me, and we are doing this on a shoestring budget, please do not be disappointed if things are far less professional than what we are all used to.

But, maybe I’m being nervous for nothing and everything will be fine.

The one thing that I do know, and am absolutely certain of, is that we all need as many voices out there as possible. As an example; just watching these Congressional Jerks NEGOTIATING with YOUR money as if it was their own borders on abuse.

If I hear Boehner, Reid or the White House Clown say ADULT CONVERSATION just one more time, I’ll up-chuck.

What’s with this crap about having Adult Conversations? What type of conversations did they have before Adult Conversations?

When I read, see and hear about an Israeli family being slaughtered in their home while they slept, with barely a peep from the Mainstream media (FOX included), I hear the drums of yesteryear?

When I read, see and hear about a rocket attack targeted specifically on an Israeli school bus – A SCHOOL BUS FOR GOD’S SAKE – in addition to the DOZENS of rockets and mortars that fall on Israel every day from Palestinian SAVAGES, taken by the world media as being somewhat normal, I want to slap an awful lot of people upside their heads.

We’ve got to speak and write about all these things. We have to mobilize our governments and give those few good politicians the ammunition and support they need to make real changes, while at the same time use whatever leverage we can muster to push the incompetent Bastards out of office as soon as possible.

We have to make certain that Boehner doesn’t FORGET who elected him and why. And the people didn’t give him a majority with which to negotiate or compromise.

These are just a smattering of the reasons why I’m so nervous about making this and subsequent Broadcasts successful.

There is so much on the table that needs to be defended and battled, that we need True-Blue Conservative voices to energize the people, so the people will feel united, not so much alone and become engaged.

Thank all of you who’ve sent in wonderful suggestions for things we should talk about. And we will. We will talk about all the things that are important to all of us.

When I sent out yesterday’s Editorial announcing the Time and Date of the first show, I neglected to let you know how you can access it.

IT’S EASY . . . Click on my HOME PAGE at

And on my HOME PAGE you will see a large Microphone that says: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. And that’s all you have to do.

So, here’s hoping that we will all be speaking soon – specifically at 6pm in the East, 5pm Mountain Time, 4pm Central Time, and 3pm in the West.

And don’t forget – I won’t be doing this show alone. I’ll be armed and dangerous with my soon to be not so secret weapon, British Columbia’s MOST dangerous woman: American/Canadian Kari Simpson of RoadKill Radio.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In defense of the police, not only are they spread thin they are employed to enforce laws that allow too much empathy to the “multi cultural” movement of the 80’s. No one should fear speaking their opinion. Truth can be so threatening to those who prefer you live under a rock and shudder when you hear the boots hit the ground. Carry on Howard – truth is empowering.

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