Willing Propagandists In A Democracy


When the Media takes sides, while still pretending to be objective, no matter which media genre it is, they become far more than just the messengers.

There is nothing wrong with Opinion Journalists in Print, Radio or on Television giving their points of views and biases. But, there is everything wrong with any media that pretends to be neutral and objective when they are anything but.

A HORRIBLE thing happened a short while ago as a result of Israel’s counter measures against Hamas TERRORISTS who in 2008 were bombing Israeli cities without end or mercy.

The Israelis launched a campaign in December 2008 to end the TERROR. It was called Operation Cast Lead, where the Israelis entered Gaza with full force to find the TERRORISTS and destroy their infrastructure.

Palestinians being Palestinians, LIED about contrived atrocities committed by Israelis during this military campaign, just as they did concerning the 2002 Jenin Massacre that NEVER happened.

In October 2000, the Palestinians ‘STAGED’ an episode where a Palestinian father and son were “SUPPOSEDLY” murdered in cold blood by Israeli soldiers as the ‘victims’ crouched unprotected in front of a concrete wall.


Here’s a common theme:

The Palestinians ALWAYS LIE about what happened, or just make it up, or actually stage on-camera events for the world to believe their fiction. And time after time, the media of the world GLADLY buys into the lies and report them as the truth.

But, just as inevitable as the media reporting lies about Israel as being true, the REAL truth that always vindicates Israel just as inevitably comes to the surface.

But, even though the truth comes to the surface, nonetheless, the damage is always done against Israel, and those who desperately want to believe the worst about Israel never learn or care to learn what the truth really is.


After the Gaza War (Cast Lead), the UN chose South African Richard Goldstone to sit in judgment of the war. I believe Goldstone was chosen for two reasons:

1 – Because the UN knew that he would be predisposed to come down hard on Israel.

2 – Because Goldstone is Jewish, and who is better to screw over Jews than one of their own?


Goldstone’s Report AGAINST Israel was so scathing, that he just barely stopped short of declaring Israel guilty of genocide, and naming Israeli military officers and politicians as WAR CRIMINALS.

It was so bad for Israel, as a result of the Goldstone Report, that many countries decided to censure Israel, boycott Israeli products, and treat Israeli diplomats with disdain.

Because of the Goldstone Report, academics worldwide took free-rein to demonize Israel and defame Israelis on campuses throughout the world.


In a stunning reversal, Richard Goldstone said: “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

Goldstone went-on to point-out with 100% certainty, that the crimes he blamed Israel for, were in absolute reality the crimes carried out by the Palestinians, and NOT the Israelis.

Goldstone further went-on in his MIA CULPA to say that Israel was indeed a role model amongst nations in how to fight a war against a TERRORIST enemy while doing the best a country at war can to protect enemy civilians.

SO WHAT . . . ?

The damage done to Israel, Israelis and Jews worldwide because of the Goldstone Report is IRREVERSIBLE. Apologizing for it now is no less useful than trying to Un-Ring a Bell.

But, what makes the Goldstone FICTION even WORSE, is how the world media has jumped all over the Report with an almost RABID FERVOR in their quest to slap Israel down, the way they seem to believe how Israel DESERVED to be slapped down.

But, now that the REAL truth, not the Palestinian truth, or the UN truth has come to the surface, do you see, hear or read stories about the BIG LIE against Israel in any of the media, with the possible exception of an article here, and a broadcast there?

There is no question that Goldstone is GUILTY of EXTREME defamation, that the media is no less culpable of defamation, and that the damage done to Israel cannot be undone, is without question as well.

But, what is also unquestionable, at least to me, is that a self-hating Jew and useful idiot like Goldstone is no different than the compliant Jews who helped the Nazis and other European Jew-Haters do their dirty deeds, so they, the Judenrat like Goldstone, could feel good and empowered about themselves.

And there is no question in my mind, that far too many in MOST of the mainstream media are just as guilty of anti-Jewish bias than those who purposefully defame Israel and create anti-Israel fictions.

If Richard Goldstone and people like him, especially self-hating Jews and a dishonest propagandist media were to disappear from the face of the world tomorrow, tomorrow would be a day worthy of celebration.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” – William F. Buckley, Jr. There is a concerted effort to make the recent terrorist attacks into “mental illness”. Anything but Islam. In Montreal, Muslims are worried about a backlash. Say anything about them and you are a racist Islamaphobe. Surely they have given us sufficient reason to not have an irrational fear, so there is no phobia. My free speech.

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