Where Are The Real Americans?

Maybe I’ve been wrong about the American people.

Obama refuses to call what is happening in Libya a war, just like he didn’t want to call TERRORISTS by what they really are, BUT NONETHELESS, THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE AND WAR IS WAR.

It doesn’t concern me that NATO has been conned into getting involved in ousting Gaddafi, since NATO is in this war, in name only. But, it really does bother me more than somewhat that my country (Canada) has been suckered into this morass as one of the lead nations.

Gaddafi is a brute – of that there is no argument. And he’s also a murderer and a defiler of humanity. And he’s been at it for more than 40 years. But, that said, you show me another Arab leader who is fundamentally any different?

So, why all of a sudden is Gaddafi so front and center? Is it really about Democracy and FREEDOM?

Does anyone but the naive really believe that after the Americans pull out of Iraq, that there will be any semblance of Democracy?

And really . . . how Democratic is Iraq, even after the loss of thousands of American lives, and close to a TRILLION dollars in American Treasure?

You and I both know the answer. And it’s not good.

Democracy is a word Tyrants and Tyrant wannabes love to throw around. Just like FREEDOM . . . as in FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Both of which the Western Media buy hook, line, and sinker, like fish caught on a line made of invisible propaganda.

And because the Media buys this baloney, the people buy it too.

It now comes out that Obama, the Presidential Candidate who ran in 2008 on a platform AGAINST WAR and AGAINST American involvement in the politics of other nations, was in fact plotting the overthrow of Gaddafi several weeks BEFORE the UN and Arab League asked the world to come to the help of the ‘poor’ Libyans, who otherwise would have SUPPOSEDLY been slaughtered if nothing was to be done to stop Gaddafi.

If the reports are true, which I strongly suspect they are, Obama ordered the CIA to have boots on the ground in Libya long before the No-Fly-Zone ever came to be.

That Obama states with the practiced conviction of a skilled liar that America isn’t at war with Libya, and isn’t taking sides in what is nothing more and nothing less than a civil war, is just another load of Obama crapola.

When you set up a blockade against a sovereign nation, blow its planes out of the sky, blast the crap out of its armored ground forces, and have your soldiers’ boots on their ground; if you don’t call it war, what do you call it?

If Libya attacked the United States military anywhere on the planet, but more specifically on US soil as America is attacking Libya, what do you figure Obama would call it?

That there is so much silence amongst the Congress and the American people at this undeclared declaration of war against Libya is stunning. It begs the question – How dumb can so many of the American people really be?

Obama got elected because he WAS NOT George W Bush. Because he PROMISED to shut down GITMO. Because he PROMISED to get the troops out of Iraq and end the war in Afghanistan.

But, instead of doing any of that, Obama just started another war. And the STUPID, STUPID people who support him are saying NOTHING. But neither are most of the others.


Maybe I’ve been really wrong about the USA and the American people.

Maybe they really aren’t nearly as smart as I’ve always believed them to be.

Maybe they’re not as proud and as patriotic as I’ve always imagined them to be.

Maybe most of them are just ignorant, self absorbed, selfish folk who’ve sold-out the American dream for a few pieces of government silver, while urinating on the graves of their marvelous forefathers who’ve left them the most incredible legacy in the history of nations.

Maybe today’s Americans simply don’t deserve the country they’ve inherited, and do indeed deserve the likes of Obama and all the other enemies of the American Dream.

And maybe, just maybe . . . the only REAL Americans left are the ones who proudly call themselves Tea Partiers.

I am absolutely convinced that Obama will NOT be reelected in 2012, only because I can’t imagine the consequences, if he is. But as a matter of fact and fear, I’m having a hell of a time absorbing the already existing consequences of the last two years of Obama.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard I admire your courage to speak up and defend freedom. We are many here that will help you defend our rights to speak up. We must not stop speaking up against this tyranical govenment that Obama has created.
    If we can be of any help to protect you we are ready to act. I for one do regularely submit letters to the editor against what is happening here.
    God help you and protect you.

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