How Big A Mistake Is Boehner?

From where I sit, Boehner is a MASSIVE disappointment.

John Boehner came on the scene as the New Speaker of the House in a flood of tears, for which I have no criticism, since I myself have more times than I want to remember showed considerable emotion during public moments.

My fear however, is that the tears over the appointment of Boehner as Speaker of the House will flow freely from the people who put him there.

From where I sit, Boehner is a MASSIVE disappointment.

If he got the message from the American people during the 2010 Mid-Term election, he didn’t read it. And if he read it, he either didn’t understand it, or he holds the American people in contempt.

I am comfortable in my belief that virtually all the people who voted Republican in the 2010 Mid-Term election didn’t vote for business as usual.

They didn’t vote for conciliators, bridge-builders, accommodators or big tent kind of people.


And in John Boehner, it seems to me that the ONLY asses who are being kicked, are the asses of the people who voted him in.

I’m pretty sure that MOST of the Republicans, a healthy number of Independents, and even Centrists want the spending to STOP. Not soon, not eventually, BUT NOW!

So why isn’t it stopping?

If the threat of shutting down the government by not extending the operating budget, or by not raising the borrowing limit is what has Boehner spooked, get rid of Boehner and put a REAL Conservative into the Speaker’s Chair who will SHUT IT ALL DOWN!

How many MORE TRILLIONS of dollars does this madman in the White House have to indebt America to before Boehner grows a pair?

Speaking of growing a pair . . .

WHERE THE HELL IS THE OUTRAGE from the Republicans over Obama’s SINGULAR decision to commit the USA to WAR by virtue of what the UN and the Arab League wanted, INSTEAD of what the people of the United States of America want?

Because Boehner and Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader) aren’t SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER that the President went to war without any urgency, and without addressing the FULL House and FULL Senate, neither of them should be in the position they are, because it seems obvious that neither of them think they matter when it comes to going to war.

If the government of the USA was a schoolyard, Obama would be the school bully, with Boehner and McConnell cowering in their lockers hoping not to have to give Obama their lunch money AGAIN!

When the people went to the polls in the 2010 Mid-Term, these are not the SCAREDY-CATS the people voted for.

In the case of McConnell, he has a bit of an excuse since he is not the person in charge of the Senate. But, in the case of Boehner, HE IS THE BOSS.

It’s just too bad that he didn’t get the memo that says that he doesn’t need Obama’s approval to do what the people sent him to Washington to do.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard:
    This is with out a doubt one of the best editorials you have ever done. Keep up the good work please. The best weapon we have against bullying and genocide is truth and knowledge….the more the better……keep spreading the truth and the knowledge.

    Merrill House, Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

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