The DUMBEST Or Most Cynical War In My Memory

Who are the so-called Rebels?

When does Obama give the word to create a NO-FLY-ZONE around Bahrain, Syria and Yemen?

When does the order go out from the White House to start blasting Saudi, Syrian and Yemenite tanks, armored personnel carriers, and artillery?

If no such orders are forthcoming from the President of the USA, he should be charged with the commission of a war crime, since he has inserted his nation into a civil war that is murdering soldiers sovereign to Libya.

If the excuse to pick sides in the hands-on execution of this Libyan civil war is that Gaddafi is somehow an illegitimate leader, where’s the legitimacy of any Arab leader?

If the excuse is to save the population from mass murder at the hands of Gaddafi’s troops, which might or might not be true, what about the mass murder that is currently happening in Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria?

And how about Saudi Arabia, America’s gas station, led by the TYRANT Obama likes to bow before? What about his crackdown against any form of dissension, where no media is permitted to cover those kinds of events, especially now while his Shiite population is taking to the streets?

Is there a genocide being committed in Saudi Arabia? Shouldn’t we know if there is? Where’s FOX News, CNN, the BBC and others to report the blow by blow events happening in Saudi Arabia?

Back to Libya and the so-called Rebels . . . who are they?

It’s interesting how the North American news media are cheerleading for the Rebels, INCLUDING FOX News. WHY? What knowledge do any of us have of the rebels that tell us that they are any better than the man they want to defeat? Or perhaps MORE important – If the Rebels win, will they be a friend or foe to the West and Israel?

Here’s a news flash:


My great fear, is that this war against Gaddafi in the GUISE of stopping a “Humanitarian Catastrophe” as is claimed by Obama, the Arab League, the UN and several European nations, is yet another move to inject themselves into the Israeli/Palestinian conflict on the side of the Palestinians.

The timing of these DASTARDLY CRIMES against innocent Jews in Israel, including the savage murder of the Fogel family, the bombing of the Jerusalem bus stop, and the relentless rocket and mortar attacks have been, and are staged to PROVOKE Israel into attacking Gaza.

The Gaza and West Bank Arabs want Israel to roll into their territories with all of Israel’s might. And as Israel does so, the DESPERATE calls for help to stop a “Humanitarian Catastrophe” caused by Israeli military actions from the Palestinians will be heard at the United Nations.


If Obama deemed a civil war in a sovereign nation to be cause for America to take sides and MURDER Libyan soldiers under the auspices of the United Nations, the Arab League and a few European countries, how in the world will he be able to resist doing the same thing for the Gaza and West Bank Arabs?


Obama sent-in the great strength of America’s Navy, Air Force and Special Ops to go to war against a sovereign nation WITHOUT the approval of Congress. Not even with the consultation of Congress.

Obama committed America to war with the approbation of the UN, the Arab League and several European countries. So, what will Obama do when these HORRIBLE Actors make the same demand against Israel?

Once you step over the line as Obama has done with Libya there’s no going back, unless you’re prepared to be known as the DUFUS-IN-CHIEF that you really are.

There are also three other considerations no one in the media is REALLY talking or writing about.

1 – What happens if all of this American power coupled to the ineffectual European ad less than Arab League support doesn’t bring down Gaddafi?

2 – What if the only stability that comes from a defeat of Gaddafi comes from Iran?

3 – Why do the people who’ve attacked a sovereign nation, especially a nation with a known TERRORIST past think there won’t be violent blowback from that country in the form of TERRORIST retribution on their own homeland?

I know that if I was bombed and had my soldiers slaughtered by another country, I wouldn’t just sit back and take it. Violence is indeed a two-way road.

I really don’t know why America got involved in this FOURTH WAR (1 Iraq, 2 Afghanistan, 3 Pakistan), considering, that as bad as Gaddafi is and was, America more or less mended the fences with him several years ago.

I don’t know what the end game of this war is, since it seems to be a different objective to whomever in authority you hear from, especially Obama, who changes his concept of the objective between interviews.

But most of all, I don’t understand how America, the House, the Senate and the People could ever accept that America’s foreign policy, but specifically military policy, can ever be determined by the UN, the Arab League and a couple of European nations.

In spite of all the very HORRIBLE things Obama has done to America and the world in his slightly more than 2 years as President, this might indeed be the worst.

I received an email a few days ago from a woman who likes what I write and agrees with most of it. But, thinks I write too much about Israel. In truth, I feel as though I write too little about Israel, since Israel is one FANTASTIC little country that virtually stands alone in a world that wants to see Israel dead, buried and gone.

And now, with Obama in the White House, Jews have never been as vulnerable as they are now since the end of WWII. And I cannot perceive for the life of me how the SLAUGHTER of 6,000,000 MORE Jews is nothing much to write about.

One Holocaust in all of history was one too many. Two in the annals of history is unthinkable. But, whether we want to think about it or not, if Israel was to fall, the Arabs would be a match for the Nazis.

Of that, I have no doubt.


The Russians are not happy with what the USA and the rest of the world is doing in Libya. But neither are the Saudis. As a matter of fact, the Royal Family has never before felt as threatened as they do now.

That said – No country in the Middle East is as concerned with what is happening all about them than as is Israel.

Do you think it is just a COINCIDENCE that Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, and leading Saudi Officials are all in Moscow at the same time meeting with Putin?

Think about it . . . If you were Israel and saw your best friend praising your enemies while treating you like dirt the dog dragged in, what would you do?

And if you were Saudi Arabia knowing that your best friend who YOU brought to the party is now dancing with others while letting you sit alone, what would you do?


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Thank you to all the people who’ve contributed to make this possible. As we get closer to Broadcast Day, I’ll keep you up to date on how you can listen to the Broadcasts and participate as a call-in.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Everything that you have said is so true and it is terrible how many are so ifnorant of what we are facing . Thank you for your boldness and courage!

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