Warning Bells Are Ringing . . . And It Will Be Israel’s Fault.

Only an IDIOT, a LIAR, or a hopeless POLLYANNA can’t or won’t see the truth for what it is.

I’ve received a few negative emails about my assertion that the world ignored the brutal murder of the Israeli Fogel Family at the hands of Palestinian MONSTERS because of Anti-Semitism.

One negative email that stood out most, dripped with sarcasm concerning the importance of the murder of this Jewish Israeli Family in comparison to the “less” important Japanese and Libyan crises.

While it is true that the world was and still is focused on the Japanese horror show, starting the with the 8.9 Earthquake, the Tsunami, and the Nuclear Crisis; along with the Civil War being waged in Libya, it is EQUALLY TRUE that had Jews murdered a Palestinian Family in their sleep, INCLUDING an infant in his crib, I can ASSURE you that it would have made headlines along with what is happening in Japan and Libya.

I am not going to dwell in detail on what the Palestinian BUTCHERS did to this poor Jewish family of 5, since it was certainly NOT the first time something like this has happened, just like it most regrettably will not be the last time.

When I was in Israel during the Intifada (April 2002), broadcasting LIVE radio shows back to US/Canadian Networks, I was with my Israeli guide when an announcement came over the car radio, that there was an all-point bulletin for one or two Palestinian men who broke into the home of a Jewish family, where the mother was murdered while trying to protect her infant daughter, who too was subsequently murdered.

The TRUTH of all of this, is that the murder of Jews, whether they are Israeli or not, elderly or infants, men or women, or infirmed Jews like Leon Klinghoffer who was murdered in his wheel chair on the Achille Lauro Cruise Ship, and then thrown overboard in the name of Palestine, most of the world doesn’t give a damn – While MUCH of the world celebrates.

Only an IDIOT, a LIAR, or a hopeless POLLYANNA can’t or won’t see the truth for what it is.

BUT . . . Even as I write these words, I also know that there are a great many non-Jews, MOSTLY Americans, some Canadians and a scattering of others who are not at all like the vast majority . . . and do care, and are bothered more than just somewhat about Anti-Semitism.

I think this last statement includes most of the visitors to this Web Site. Unfortunately though, these fine folk are indeed in the global minority.

I am neither a conspiracy theorist, nor am I an alarmist. I do not run around with my arms and hands over my head screaming that the sky is falling. And I don’t see a Nazi behind every façade.

But, what I do see is a world that is becoming more and more Anti-Semitic and uncaring for the plight of Jews with ever passing day.

I see, read and hear less about the Holocaust, to the point that most of the people of the younger generation have either never heard of it, or know so little about it, that their ignorance is shameful.

Not to know history is to repeat it.

I see and hear the same crap the world saw and heard during the millennia as Jews were blamed for everything to take the pressure off politicians, or simply as an excuse to DO-IT-TO-THE-Jews – Or both.

The Germans of the 1930’s blamed the Jews for pushing Germany towards Communism. Then the same Germans blamed the Jews for Capitalism at the expense of German non-Jews.

How it could be both I don’t know. But it didn’t matter which of the two was true, or if neither was true, because one way or the other, the Jews were GOING-TO-GET-IT.

And now we’re seeing it all over again. If the Arab World is falling apart, it’s the fault of the Jews. If virtually every Arab/Moslem Nation lives in ignorance and poverty, blame the Jews.

As the Libyans murder each other, Gaddafi blames the Zionists and the Rebels yell “Allahu Akbar”.

If there is world instability, it’s the fault of the Jews.

Just ask Obama who is vacationing in Brazil while his country went to it’s THIRD war, this time at the behest of the UN, the Arab League and two European countries without any discussion whatsoever in Congress.

I wrote that Obama blames the Jews in Israel for world instability, because in his words and actions, it seems that if those uppity Israeli Jews would only give most of their country to the Palestinians, everything in the world would once again be sweet and nice.

To many, it was the Jews who were responsible for 9/11. And it was the Wall Street and Banker Jews who were responsible for America’s financial collapse. At least that is their story.

When the best-known universities around the world, INCLUDING the biggest names in American and Canadian universities hold these ultra-sophisticated, UNOPPOSED Israel Hate-A-Thons in the name of Israel Apartheid Week, WARNING BELLS ARE RINGING!

When Trade Unions, especially in Canada, promote BOYCOTT Israel campaigns while using union fees to demean and attack Israel, WARNING BELLS ARE WRINGING.

And when the President’s (Obama) own handpicked Ambassador to the United Nations (Susan Rice) apologizes to the entire world for NOT being able to sign America’s name to a resolution that CONDEMNS Israel, WARNING BELLS ARE RINGING.

Yes, it is true that there is serious trouble in Libya. So what? There is, and has always been serious trouble in Libya. Other than for being a gas depot, Libya is inconsequential to the world fabric. And however this Libyan crisis ends, it will be soon forgotten.

Yes, what has happened, and is still happening in Japan is heartbreaking. The Japanese do not deserve the horrors that are visiting their country, but this situation will be resolved, and Japan will get back to its normal life. And not to be over dramatic, Israel is playing a significant role in helping the Japanese in this hour of their need.

What are the Arabs and other Jew-Haters doing for Japan with their gazillions of dollars?

But, as the drumbeat of Anti-Semitism becomes louder with an ever-increasing cadence, the day leading to the next GENOCIDE against the Jews, that could lead to Holocaust II . . . could very well be around the corner.

As the Arab/Moslem world coalesces in their mutual hatred for Israel and all things Jewish, whom amongst the Nations will dare enter the fight to help the Jews?

Who entered the fight to Save the Jews from the 1936 Nuremburg Laws that disenfranchised all German Jews, to Crystal-Nacht (1938) that was the first government sanctioned slaughter of Jews, with all out destruction of Jewish property, to the day when the last death camp was liberated in 1945?

There was a war all right, but what was happening to the Jews before and during that war was kept as much a world secret, as was the development of Allied War Plans and the Atomic Bomb.

Everyone wanted to win the war, but no one cared all that much for the Jews. Even AFTER the war, Jews were interned by the allies, or sent back to the countries that murdered their family, friends and neighbors, were denied entry to Israel, and watched as the British armed the Arab Palestinians to the teeth while seizing all arms from Israeli Jews.

Whether it was the expulsion of the Jews by the Romans from Israel some 2000 years ago, or the Inquisitions, or the Pogroms, or the Holocaust, who was there for the Jews?

but now, in this 21st century, after more than 2000 years of Jewish Exile from their Promised Land, FINALLY, the Jews are here for the Jews.

Israel is here for the Jews. But, if at all possible, that will change at the hands of those whose hatred for the Jews runs deeper than their love for themselves.

The ONLY difference between 1948 (The rebirth of Israel) and today, is that for the first time, Israel has a real enemy in the White House.

Barak Obama will not order the USA to lift a finger AGAINST Israel, I believe that he would if he could, but he can’t, so he won’t, but, as he’s been doing from the first day of his Presidency, he’s emboldening Israel’s enemies.

And when the time comes, which I believe will be sooner rather than later, when the hordes attack Israel, Obama will watch from the sidelines because there will be no UN Resolution to defend Israel, and no European Nations to come forward for Israel.

And as we’ve now seen with Libya, America’s foreign and military policy under Obama is created and implemented at the UN and abroad.

And when it is all over, and IF there will no longer be a country called Israel, Obama will say, that when the Israelis had the chance to make peace with the Palestinians, they didn’t.

And IF the Israelis persevere and beat back the onslaught, they will come under great world criticism with global action to give back whatever Israel might have won, just as it has been since the 6-Day War.


To show where Obama’s mindset is . . . please copy and paste this YouTube Link. If this doesn’t outrage you as it does to me, you’re reading the wrong Blog.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. I cannot think of a single western country that has woken up yet regarding the threat from Islam. Not a single one.
    When enough atrocities are finally committed by The-Religion-of-EVIL then people will awaken but millions will have to die before we reach that point. We are not even close to coming to terms with this. We will stay in denial until enough of us have been killed.

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