The New Old Anti-Semitism . . . Intellectual Nazis

When they attack Israel, make no mistake about it, their target are Jews.

This past week was when university students, their professors, unionists and other assorted LEFTISTS worldwide, INCLUDING the USA and Canada, celebrated their common hatred for Israel, in what they describe as ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK (IAW).

The absolute truth of Israeli Apartheid Week is really . . . LET’S HATE THE JEWS WEEK.

But, these LEFTIST snivelers don’t have the guts of bygone JEW-HATERS to say exactly what they mean; instead, they couch their visceral Anti-Semitism in their contrived concept of Apartheid in Israel.

This 7 year old annual university event is so sick, that there are even LEFTIST Jews who get involved in this mockery of social conscience, that it rings in my mind to the equivalence of what the Nazis and other varied Jew-Haters contrived throughout the generations.

It seems to me that the only things missing are the BLOOD LIBELS and The Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion; two other lies Jew-Haters cling too for their Anti-Semitic approbation.

The rub here, is that these Anti-Semites, who wouldn’t cross the street to help anyone who is really downtrodden; like the women of MOST Arab/Moslem countries, will climb mountains to demean and punish Israel, which is one the most open, egalitarian, and accomplished countries on the planet, let alone within the entire Middle East.

In Israel, Arabs and Moslems are absolutely FREE, and encouraged to reach for the greatest heights imaginable. Like any other Israeli, their own limitations are what they put upon themselves.

In Israel, Arabs are FREE to vote and participate in every fabric of life, where Arabs sit in government, where Arabs sit as jurists in the courts, where Arabs compete on Israeli sports teams, where Arabs express themselves freely in the media, where Arabs are educated from grade-school to post graduate universities, where Arabs teach at all levels and work in hospitals in all capacities.

In Israel, Arabs are FREE to buy homes and rent apartments anywhere they wish without government restrictions. Israeli Arabs own businesses and are no less FREE than any other Israeli to work at all jobs, including within the Israeli civil service.

Where in the Arab World are Gays and Lesbians accepted, if not murdered? But in Israel, Gays and Lesbians celebrate Gay Pride Days strutting their stuff on audacious floats in parades.

Where in any Arab country are women really FREE? In Israel, all women are as FREE as men, without being restricted to reach for the top.

As these LEFTIST academic Jew-Haters cloak themselves in as dishonest an intellectual charade as any that can be imagined, Israel was out there just one hour from the time the earthquake hit Japan, all saddled-up and ready to go to help in no small way.

When the earthquake shattered Haiti, ONLY little Israel, a quarter distance of the world away, was able to set-up a completely functioning hospital with an OR second to none.

When the Indonesian Earthquake and resulting Tsunami in 2004 killed more than 200,000 people, Israel was amongst the first on the scene, treating and helping everyone they could, regardless of their religion, culture or gender, even though several Moslem countries preferred to have their people suffer and die rather than let an Israeli on their soil to help.

When there was genocide in Ethiopia, which other country other than Israel sent in rescue planes to get people out?

Even today, Blacks from Africa travel the most dangerous routes imaginable in their desire to reach FREEDOM in Israel, where they know they will be treated humanely if they survive the journey.

In absolute reality, what the universities are doing throughout the world in their participation of Israeli Apartheid Week, is nothing more and nothing less than an OVERT expression of Hate-Speech and incitement against an entire people based EXCLUSIVELY upon that people’s religion.

And because of this, I have no problem whatsoever equating them and what they are doing, and what they stand for with Nazis and other worldly Jew-Haters.

To single out an entire people for contrived and phantom crimes, all of whom happen to be Jewish, would make the likes of Hitler, Hermann Goering, Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Eichmann and others just like them proud.

Rampant intellectual Nazism, Fascism, Anti-Semitism or whatever you want to call it in our universities and amongst our trade unions is as despicable as it gets.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT – When they attack Israel, their target are Jews.

When I was 18 years old (1968), I took a pledge amongst a small but determined group of other young Montreal Jews who swore an oath NEVER AGAIN!

I meant it then – And I mean it now.

To most people, 1936 (the Nuremberg Laws), 1938 (Crystal Nacht), and 1945 (the Liberation of the Death Camps) were a long time ago. To me, they were just like yesterday, and will always be just like yesterday.

Let me repeat myself – NEVER AGAIN!

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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