The Left Can’t Take It

As for COLLECTIVE BARGAINING, think of it this way:

I have always asserted that most politicians have no shame. But, nothing has proven this assertion more accurately than the behavior of the Wisconsin Democrats.

For them to be screaming that the Wisconsin Republicans have somehow highjacked Democracy by passing a Bill in the Legislature according to the Rules of the House and Senate is astounding, when it is in fact the Democrats themselves who’ve hijacked Democracy.

When Obama and his Democrats won the White House, Senate, and House in 2008, Obama made it clear in his own words “that elections have consequences”. And from that election, Obama went on to force extremely dubious and unwanted laws down the throats of the electorate.

I won’t go into the litany of decrepit laws Obama’s government proposed and passed against the will and best interests of the people, let alone his un-vetted CZAR appointments, since you already know all of that for yourselves.

But, I will remind everyone how deceitful Obama, Reid and Pelosi have been about what is in the laws they’ve passed.

We all remember those INFAMOUS words from Pelosi, who said that the government first has to pass the Healthcare Bill before people can know what is in it.

The fact that Pelosi wasn’t tarred and feathered right then and there for that arrogant remark is remarkable. But, no matter . . . Obama was right, “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES”.

So, what did the Republicans do to stop what they believed was the worst law in modern American history? They went to the House and Senate and debated it the best they could day in and day out, using every Parliamentary maneuver they could come up with to slow it down and make changes.

The Republicans went to Town Hall Meetings and implored the people to understand how bad this law will be if it is passed, and to do whatever they could within the law to keep the democrats from passing it.

The Republicans went before the cameras, behind the microphones, and on the pages of all the print media they could find to plead their case and do their best to expose the lies, the costs, and the dangers of passing Obamacare.


Isn’t it fascinating how the supposedly BIG BAD Republicans played by the rules, even when they lost, while the HOLIER-THAN-THOU Democrats stage near riots, blockade halls of Democracy, and paint the opposition as Nazis with hardly a peep from the mainstream media?

What I cannot fathom is how the LEFT are spinning this as if they are the defenders of FREEDOM, while they work at hyper-speed to take FREEDOMS away from the people who pay the shot.

As for COLLECTIVE BARGAINING, think of it this way:

If private industry resorted to collective bargaining in terms of prices and quantities of merchandise and services available as the unions demand is their RIGHT, it would be called PRICE FIXING. And it would be ILLEGAL.

Excuse me – It is called PRICE FIXING . . . and it is ILLEGAL!

It just seems sick to me that we as a society have come to accept that some people, such as those in the Public Sector should have MORE rights, and be MORE protected than anyone else, especially MORE than the poor working stiffs who carry them on their shoulders.

I saw the most IRREVERENT Jesse Jackson interviewed on FOX News today (March 10, 2011) with Megyn Kelly, who (Jackson) made an implied threat of violence by the LEFT for what is happening in Wisconsin.

And when pressed by Kelly to explain what he meant, Jackson, the gutless-wonder simply blabbed-on as all LEFTIST do when their position is indefensible, or they have no argument, or anything of real substance to say.

But, I and everyone else who have a thought in our heads knew what Jackson meant. He meant VIOLENCE. Jackson meant that the people on his side weren’t about to take this turnaround quietly or peacefully.

Jackson meant that HIS KIND OF FOLK would continue to occupy public buildings, and block the entrances to the Legislature and other government buildings just like all the union thugs over the generations have become famous for.

We have all witnessed countless TEA PARTY EVENTS, where the Tea Partiers held public meetings and rallies. NOT ONCE – NEVER have I seen or heard a threat of any kind coming from the Tea Parties, especially from any of their leaders.

I’ve never seen them occupy buildings or block the way of others. Yet, according to the mainstream media, the Tea Partiers are racists and worst.

But, here is Jesse Jackson, the racial/cultural pimp if ever there was one, making veiled threats against legitimately elected legislators who are doing what the majority elected them to do.

To me, all I see and hear through the despicable noise from the LEFT is that they have NOTHING, that they are NOBODIES, and that they are desperate in the knowledge that their day is done. And if not yet totally done, they are well on their way to seeing their best days behind them.

To the LEFT and Democrats, this isn’t about defending Democracy, Freedom, and Rights, as they want the people to believe. What it is all about is POWER.

It is about their POWER, and the truth that their power and influence are on the way out.

If nothing else – Obama, Pelosi and Reid pushed the envelope so far, that they have awakened a sleeping giant, which is asleep no more.

What is happening in Wisconsin, Ohio (especially Ohio), Indiana, New Jersey, and other States is just the beginning of the COUNTER Revolution for the REAL people to take their country back. Which is something the arrogance of the LEFT never considered as they have had it all their own way without as much as a whimper from the other side, at least up till now.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are dead on target correct in your assessment. Be careful. As the hounds of satan are after the preachers who preach against sin in your country, so will the political suckups and the law enforcement suckups will be after you.

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