The Vast LEFT WING Conspiracy


Hillary Clinton made repeated claims and accusations before and during her husband’s Presidency, that there was a “VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY” out there.

But she never substantiated it.

She never proved that there was any Right Wing Conspiracy whatsoever, vast or otherwise. But, it sounded great to the LEFT, and especially to the LEFTIST media, which grabbed onto this empty claim as if it was the Gospel.

Because the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy accusation was made at such a high level and NEVER challenged, which was nothing more than a wild idea in Clinton’s head, it became a reality in the heads of others who wanted to believe.

But, once the accusation is made, how can anyone disprove the claim? Who can disprove this accusation, since there is no organization that I am aware of that represents the Vast Right Wing?


And that reality is that there is indeed a VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY that has tentacles worldwide, which has been fomenting (at least in the modern era) Socialism since the Communist Revolution in Russia.

More than that, the Russians, and later on the Soviets, have never stopped spreading their Communist agenda wherever they could in the world. They did it ideologically, with intimidation, revolution, and inevitably through war.

AND THESE ARE FACTS . . . The Korean and Vietnam wars were fought over LEFTIST ideology. Pol Pot of Cambodia slaughtered more than a million of his own people based upon his sick LEFTIST ideology (Cambodian Killing Fields).

The Arabs did everything they could to destroy Israel with the help of the Soviets and their SUPER LEFTIST ideology.

And we can’t forget the turmoil and slaughter from Central to South America including the Communist Caribbean Island of Cuba.

While there are institutions such as The World Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund, and WTO (World Trade Organization) that the LEFT point to as being part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, nothing can be further from the truth.

These are open Global organizations that help regulate the flow and value of currencies and trade, doing whatever they can to keep the international playing field as open and level as it can be.

Without these organizations, there would be financial and trade chaos throughout the globe, affecting the poor countries far more than any others.

Nonetheless, these three institutions have become the whipping boys and rallying cries by the LEFT who are never shy to use whatever violence they can wherever and wherever these groups meet.

There is no shortage of global Socialist groups belonging to SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL.

Even the USA, Britain, Canada and Israel have political representation at SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL through their LEFTIST Political Parties and Associations, all of which meet on a regular basis and through world-wide planned conventions.

What is most interesting about these GLOBAL SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL meetings are:

1 – We never really hear much about them in the mainstream media, even though the things they speak about and agree upon are policies they want to become global.

A – Things such as a World Court, where the laws of all nations would be the same, rendering individual National Charters irrelevant, such as the US Constitution and Canada’s Charter of Rights.

B – Where labor laws would become one size fits all.

C – Where a WORLD BODY, opposed to each Nation-State as it is now, would control National economies and currencies. Just look at the EU and the Euro.


Why is it that whenever there is an international meeting of the World Bank, IMF or WTO there are street riots orchestrated and staged by the LEFT?

But, have we ever-heard JUST ONCE, of even the slightest demonstration or protest whatsoever by the RIGHT, when SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL or any similar group has a convention or meeting anywhere?

The self-evident truth is no. There are no rallies, demonstrations or riots staged by anyone against the LEFT.

Even now, as the people’s ELECTED governments in places like Wisconsin and Ohio, are doing the people’s will in terms of handling their deficits, debts and unfunded entitlements, the ORGANIZED LEFT is there in huge numbers making a great deal of noise.

In addition to the noise of the LEFT, the occupying of government buildings, and the defamatory signs and cries against the will of the people as is being duly and lawfully exercised by the elected representatives of the people, the representatives of the LEFT in Wisconsin are in violation of the people’s trust by running away and hiding from their obligations.

So, you tell me, where’s the VAST RIGHT WING Conspiracy everyone’s heard and read about, which no one has ever defined in comparison to the VAST LEFT WING Conspiracy that is there for all of us to see and hear but is never spoken about?

If nothing else, after Obama finishes tearing the USA apart as best he can, at the very least, because of him, the UGLY FACE and agenda of the LEFT has finally been exposed for what it truly is.

And more than that, because of Obama, the people are waking up and Governors throughout America are fighting back, and in their own way WINNING BACK AMERICA for the people.

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  1. Howard, I’m thinking that Satan is using islam to bring about the actions that are clearly foretold in the Book of Revelatons. Saints being beheaded for their beliefs is a major theme there. I firmly believe this cancer is spreading so quickly because the Day of the Lord is also quickly approaching. Fighting it is important and I’ll be the first one on the block to blow away any gang of muslims trying to get to my family, preceded by spreading the Gospel of Christ.

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