One Protest Too Far


A great many people have written to me asking what I think of the Union Demonstrations in Wisconsin. So here’s my simple take on the issue:


And here’s why:

I don’t care all that much about the Black super-majority that voted for Obama, mostly because he was Black, and to a great degree because he promised them all kinds of things for NOTHING.

For those who rushed out to vote for Obama for those two reasons, even though they might have never voted before, it is very possible, and perhaps MORE probable than not, that many, if not most of them won’t bother to vote in 2012.

And the reason I say this is as follows:

1 – Those Blacks who voted for Obama, essentially because he was Black, expected him to do something exceptional for them BECAUSE they were Black. But, here’s their reality.

He might be the least Black guy in DC.

The Blacks he surrounds himself with are well educated, articulate, and as much elitist as he is. In real terms, in Clinton’s worst day, he was far more tuned-into to the REAL Black community than Obama is on his best day.

AND I ASSURE YOU – This is not lost on many of the Blacks who voted for a guy who turned out to be Black, only when he thought he had to be.

2 – Those who voted for Obama because he promised something to everyone for NOTHING are REALLY disappointed, because the FREE RIDE never came.

In fact, not only didn’t the FREE RIDE ever materialize, those Blacks with great expectations of SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING are worse off today than they were before the Promiser-In-Chief became THEIR President.

Because of the above two observations, I believe that many of these folk who are very disappointed, especially those who never voted before, will most probably not vote again, since who and what they voted for were two lies.


1 – The Jewish vote for Obama was substantial at over 75%. And even though the number of Jews in America is a very small percentage (2%), in terms of the overall population, it is significant because of its concentration.

Because of the major centers where Jews live in big numbers, their votes carry many members of Congress, and have a State influence in the Electoral College where numbers warrant.

2 – And even though the Jewish vote is not large in numbers, Jews tend to be amongst the MOST tuned-in and active supporters of political campaigns, especially concerning Liberal policies and politicians.

Because of Jewish activism . . . politicians (Democrats) can always count on the “TRIBE” for workers and DONORS. Dollar for dollar, no single cultural or religious community in America comes close to matching Jewish campaign donations on a per capita basis.

But . . . Even though, in my opinion, most Jews in America are, and have historically been on the wrong side of the political divide, THEY ARE NOT STUPID.

The Jews who voted for Obama NEVER voted for him to run the national deficit and debt to historic and unsustainable levels.

They NEVER voted for Obama to play fast and loose with the US Constitution.

They NEVER voted for Obama to create a NANNY-STATE.


I firmly believe that Obama will still receive a huge number of Jewish votes unless he does something even dumber than what he has already done, but, he will not receive nearly the percentage of Jewish support he enjoyed in 2008.

1 – He won’t get as many votes – Perhaps as few as half.

2 – He won’t get as many Jewish volunteers out on the hustings as he enjoyed in 2008. More than that, the Jewish community will be very much divided and locked into very aggressive debates about why NOT to vote for Obama. It’s already happening.

3 – The big money Obama enjoyed from the Jewish community, especially from some pretty big spenders won’t be there. I presume that there will be quite a few well-known supporters and check-writers for Obama whose door and checkbooks might not be as open and accessible as it was before he proved to be what and who he is.


Even though Black and Jewish votes were very important to Obama’s 2008 campaign, they paled in comparison to the votes from Centrist and Independent Americans.


1 – The Democrats have taken the Republicans, especially the Tea Parties to task for what they described as over-the-top speech and debate. Yet, when we SEE and HEAR the Wisconsin UNION protestors, much of what we all SEE and HEAR is real UGLY.

Here they are, the Democrat goody-goody two shoes screaming like savages, carrying signs that equate Governor Scott Walker to Hitler and Mubarak.

How’s that for civil discourse from the LEFT?

Worse than that might be the LEFT’S comparison to this demonstration as their CAIRO MOMENT. Can it get any sicker than this, for these people to compare the State of Wisconsin to the horror show of Egypt? I don’t see how.

2 – What kind of message does it send to the people watching this fiasco as teachers sign-in sick to attend a demonstration? THEY’RE CHEATERS.

3 – What does it say about the integrity of the LEFT when teachers and doctors sign fraudulent sick forms LIVE ON-CAMERA? THEY’RE COMMITTING FRAUD.

4 – How pissed-off would you be if your children’s teachers told your children to attend the demonstrations to add to the numbers and visuals?

5 – What does it say about the teachers, when major unions bus-in demonstrators who have nothing whatsoever to do with the issues, many, if not most of them who don’t even live in the State?


I would guess that the VAST MAJORITY of folk who are at the Center of politics, and who are Independents, are not members of unions, and certainly NOT publicly funded government unions.

So, how do you think this disgraceful Union behavior plays out in the minds of the private sector, who have no government safety nets, who pay for 100% of their own pensions?

Who pay for 100% of their own healthcare?

Who have to work 12 months per year, opposed to teachers who at best work for 8.5 months out of the year . . . IF THAT?


1 – If a public sector worker stops working, does that cost me my job? Not in the least. All it would mean to me is that I have to feed one less public sector mouth.

2 – If private sector workers stop working, does that cost the public sector worker his or her job. YOU BET IT DOES. The moment we stop paying taxes to feed them, they are unemployed.

So, isn’t it quite perverse that those who depend 100% on their extraordinary lifestyle on the people’s money who don’t have a dribble of what the public servants enjoy, get to dictate THEIR terms and conditions to their “EMPLOYERS”?

At the outset of this decrepit behavior on behalf of the Public Sector Workers, Obama and his Democrats couldn’t wait to wade in on the side of the unions.

But, now that the pollsters have come up with staggering numbers OPPOSED to the Public Sector Workers, and in FAVOR of Governor Walker, the Waffler-In-Chief has changed his tune.

All of a sudden, Obama’s White House is saying that they are now, and have always been NEUTRAL on this issue in Wisconsin. Doesn’t this White House IDIOT-In-Chief not understand that once the bell has been rung, that there’s no un-ringing it?

Funny how Obama’s own words during the 2008 election are coming back to bite him in the ass BIG-TIME. He said that words matter – That words have consequences. HE WAS RIGHT.


So, I hope you can see my point as to why I’M LOVING what’s happening in Wisconsin, as the REAL IMPORTANT voters (Centrists & Independents) watch this atrocity play-itself out on national television, it becomes an American event far more than just a State problem.

And what these MOST IMPORTANT voters are seeing for themselves, is what the next 2 years of Obama, and possibly 4 MORE years after that if Obama wins in 2012 will be like.

Even CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC can’t cloak this reality.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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