The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

If you can’t beat them join them.

At first blush, I was hoping that the Saudis would look to a more reasonable approach with Israel to balance the threat that they fear the most from Iran.

But, it seems that my hopes were without much justification.

Here are three Egyptian players who will decide the short and long-term outcome of Egypt’s, the Middle East’s, and Israel’s future.

1 – General Omar Suleiman who for eight days was Egypt’s Vice President and was the long-time Director of Intelligence who is a friend and ally to Israel

2 – Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sami Al-Anan, who is somewhat of a fence sitter.

3 – Defense Minister, Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawi, who is a serious player with a built-in dislike for Suleiman and Israel.

Another serious concern for Israel is the Saudi ABOUT-FACE concerning their relationship with Iran.

It is no secret whatsoever concerning the thousand plus years of visceral hatred the Sunnis (Saudi Arabia) have had for the Shiites (Iran) and vice-versa.

But there is also no secret concerning the Arab Proverb that says:


This is where we are beginning to find ourselves courtesy of Obama, Clinton and the rest of the White House Amateurs.

On February 7, 2011 . . . two Iranian Warships made a FRIENDLY Port of Call to Jeddah, in the Kingdom, just South West of the Holy City of Mecca for four days. The purpose was to begin the building of a bridge of cooperation between the two countries.


Because of how Obama so quickly threw America’s BEST Arab friend Hosni Mubarak under the bus, and even COERCED him to step down, and probably encouraged the Egyptian military to stage a “quiet” Coup d’Etat, Saudi Arabia has turned to its millennium old enemy for comfort.

If you can’t beat them join them – So, if this is indeed the case, as it seems to be unfolding, where in the Arab Middle East can the Americans turn to for reliable allies . . . or even just ONE reliable Arab ally?

If we look beyond the Arab/Moslem Middle East towards Moslem Asia, specifically Afghanistan and Pakistan, things are looking direr every day, since there is no peace, no stability, no Democracy and no “love” for the USA and modernity in any of these countries.

What there is . . . is only more anti American resentment.

You have to laugh when Obama says in his imperious tone, THAT WE WILL HAVE TO HELP THE EGYPTIANS IN THEIR MARCH TOWARDS DEMOCRACY.

Oh Yeah? – What gives Obama the RIGHT to presume that an exotic religious culture that dates back more than 5000 years wants HIS help? OR NEEDS HIS HELP?

Obama has proven that he knows diddly-squat about how to manage his own country, without taking something bad and making it much worse, much less than how to manage someone else’s.

In just two short years, Obama has SUCCESSFULLY turned Americans against each other in ways that would have been unimaginable two years ago. He has so indebted the US economy to the point that it will take several generations to climb out of the hole of his making.


And Obama has insulted and distanced the USA from virtually all of America’s allies. And has proven to be a pushover to America’s enemies INCLUDING Russia and China.

But, what he helped happen in Egypt as he has taken credit for, and how he has, and is still dealing with it, could very well be his greatest Presidential disaster, seeing that his disloyalty and inconsistency to friends and allies has driven two blood enemies (Iran and Saudi Arabia) into each other’s arms.

If indeed, the Moslem Brotherhood does expand its influence to cover the expanse of nations from Pakistan to Turkey as a result of the fall of Egypt as we knew it . . . IT WILL BE ON OBAMA, whose own Director of National Intelligence has stated with ABSOLUTE clarity that the Brotherhood is a Secular organization that is open and inclusive.

That’s like describing the Nazis as members in good standing of the B’Nai Brith Anti Defamation League.

If Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawi wins the day, as I fear he probably will, and becomes the new President of Egypt, backed with Saudi money for his military, everything gets turned even more on its head.

To buy peace with the Iranians and Al Qaeda, the Royal family will do almost anything that is demanded of them. And it isn’t hard to figure out what the Iranians will demand of the Saudis.

Where the Middle East has had ‘reasonable’ stability until a few weeks ago, it is now looking more and more like the stage for a future war that could very well destroy Israel, creating a second Holocaust, while throwing the West into an energy crisis that might make the OPEC boycotts of the 70’s look like a walk-in-the-park.

I figure that this tinderbox is ripe for explosion much sooner rather than later, and when all hell breaks loose to some extent because of Obama, America will be as unprepared to intervene than America has ever been in its once glorious 235-year history.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks, Howard for the link. I’m sure, that you, having been taught by Rabbis, know that Ishmael was the father of the Arabs. I’m also sure you know he was NOT the son God promised Abraham & Sarah in their old age. The son of promise was Isaac. Ishmael was illegitimate. “Alla” was the Babylonian moon god. I believe this is where Mohammed Came up with “Allah”. Adding “h” makes it Arabic. Islam is blatantly violent & political, (Sharia law). Peaceful??? Not.

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