After The Celebrants Clean Up The Square

I make no apologies for opposing a religion that preaches hatred and misogyny.

We haven’t yet heard that the mess in Egypt is Israel’s fault. But, as things go from EUPHORIA to DESPAIR, we soon enough will.

I’ve been accused by some . . . not many, but some of being opposed to Democracy for Arabs, and for being anti-Moslem.


I am not in the least bit opposed to wanting to see Freedom for all people – INCLUDING ARABS. But, Democracy doesn’t necessarily mean Freedom. It only means rule by the majority.

So, if the majority, or a plurality of Arabs vote to be governed by the Moslem Brotherhood, or any other group committed to Sharia, or some kind of a Koranic State, where’s the reason for the West to be happy?

The jubilant Western media, INCLUDING FOX News are beside themselves with glee at this turn of events in Egypt. WHY?

More important, at least it is to me . . . might be; why are these Western Journalists NOT asking some obvious questions of the Egyptian masses?

Such as:

A – Now that Mubarak is gone, do you hate Israel any less or MORE?

B – Now that Mubarak is gone, do you hate the USA any less or MORE?

C – Now that Mubarak is gone, do you still want to maintain a PEACE treaty with Israel?

D – Now that Mubarak is gone, do you want to see a complete separation between Mosque and State?

I have to wonder how the Western media would react if the vast majority of a cross section of Egyptians responded in the NEGATIVE to these four questions, which I am absolutely convinced they would.

Would the cheerleading Western media still be giddy with delight at the fall of Mubarak knowing that the Egyptian masses hate the USA and Israel any less, or that they’ve traded one Western-Friendly dictatorship for a Hateful Religious dictatorship?

As I’ve written many times, and once again want to remind everyone: Adolf Hitler won power in a Democratic process.


I make no apologies for opposing a religion that preaches hatred and misogyny.

No one has to be a Koranic Scholar to understand several ABSOLUTES about Islam and the Koran.

1 – The Koran is INFALLIBLE as it is written, and CANNOT be questioned, even if passages throughout the book are contradictory.

2 – The Koran is far more than a history of religion and a guide to a moral life. It is in itself the EXCLUSIVE form of governance from God.

3 – The FIRST obligation of all Moslems is to convert the world to Islam.

These three TRUTHS about the Koran are IRREFUTABLE. But, they are only a few of the RULES that all BELIEVERS must follow.

So, one has to ask, if these points are the foundation of a religion that wants to dominate the world, and cannot be questioned or debated, what part of Islam should the West accept, let alone celebrate?

The problem, as I see it in the Middle East, as elsewhere, where the Koran and Islam has a foothold, is that intolerance, violence and disaster are guaranteed to follow.

That being the case, where is there reason for the West to celebrate the overthrow of Mubarak? Unless of course, the Western media believe that Egypt will throw out Koranic rule for a total system of Secular governance.

The Egyptian military has about 6 months to figure out what they’re going to do to give the people MORE rights and Freedoms, while at the same time not ceding any power to Islamic groups.


It is fascinating to me how Obama did nothing to encourage, or even pay supportive lip-service to the Iranians, who took to the streets in a bloody demonstration to overthrow a Theocracy, while Obama BRAGS about how he FORCED a Secular Mubarak from office.


I saw a very USEFUL-LEFTIST-IDIOT on television, a woman standing in Tahrir Square holding a hand-made sign that read: American Jews For Democracy in Egypt, and thought to myself that this is the same mindset that supports Palestinians, Jews-Haters and America-Haters.

Now that the cheering is done, and Tahrir Square has been swept clean, what’s next?

There are no new jobs – Probably less. Tourism came to an abrupt halt during the demonstrations, and will most probably not recover that well. Parliament and the Constitution have been suspended, leaving a void to be filled by a people divided by their own personal interpretations of Democracy. And there will not be any more food, or affordable food for the masses.


Now that the Iranians have once again taken to the Streets, can we expect Obama to make the call to Ahmadinejad to resign NOW? Or will Obama throw the Iranians under the bus as he did the last time the Iranians bled and died for Freedom?

If there is any country in that region that has a real chance for Freedom and our understanding of Democracy, it is indeed Iran, since the Iranian people want to overthrow a Theocracy to create a Secular State.

But, I guess that is not quite as important for Obama to support the overthrow of a Theocracy, than it was to help overthrow a Secular Mubarak for what might very well become a Theocracy.

Yet the media celebrates what is nothing more and nothing less than a BLACK HOLE in Egypt and the Middle East.

There is no audio editorial with this commentary.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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