What Happens When The Partying Ends?

What can possibly make anyone think it will be different in Egypt?

Now that Mubarak has been forced from office to be replaced by the military with a “promise” of Democratic elections, what really changes for the good in Egypt and the Middle East?

Will all of those unemployed Egyptians now have jobs?

Will the military commanders who basically own and run the best businesses give them up?

Will the police become honest?

There has never been any question that in addition to Mubarak being a dictator, he also raped the nation’s coffers.

But, there is also no question whatsoever that under Mubarak’s rule, people had unlimited freedom to travel, as well as access to the Internet and telecommunications.

And even the Egyptian press had relative freedom if they didn’t go after the government.

And then there was real stability for 30 years in the Middle East, vis a vis Israel, Egypt and Jordan because of Mubarak.

I’m not suggesting for a second that this was an ideal system. By our standards it was not. But, through Mubarak, Egyptians enjoyed more freedom than just about any other people living in the Arab world.

What is certain, at least it is to me, is that as a result of this Coup d’Etat, America has lost an enormous amount of influence in the Arab World, especially if the Military really does cede power to the people.

As I see it, the IDEALISTS in the squares and on the streets who shouted for Democracy will become irrelevant as the well-organized Moslem Brotherhood makes its way into power.

Democracy is an ugly never-ending battle between rival philosophies and power wannabes. It requires patience, cooperation and an enormous measure of give and take, which are attributes that have never existed in the Arab/Moslem Middle East, where differences are usually settled with bombs and guns.

To me, I see no proof whatsoever that Egypt will be any different from all of the other Arab countries that have danced around Democracy.

Amongst the Palestinians, Democracy produced a sham election that got the TERRORIST Yasser Arafat elected, who then refused to call another election.

After his death, the ONLY other election amongst the Palestinians brought in Hamas and a civil war. And there still hasn’t been another long overdue election.

For Iraq, which is the recipient of HUNDREDS of BILLONS of US Dollars and thousands of dead American troops, their last Democratic election took six months to settle, and it’s still not really settled despite the propaganda.

And what kind of Democracy is it anyway, when people are murdered on a regular basis by Homicide Bombers because of which type of Moslem they are?

Lebanon was a Democratic Jewel in the Arab Middle East when the Christians were in control. But, this Lebanese Democracy under the Moslems has led to control by the Islamic TERRORIST group Hezbollah.

What can possibly make anyone think it will be different in Egypt?

What will happen when everyone and his cousin in Egypt decides to run for government, all of whom have diametrically opposing ideas as to how things should be run, ESPECIALLY with the Moslem Brotherhood and other Bad Actors stirring the pot and fanning the flames?

What the LEFT is celebrating is nothing less than a disaster for the Middle East, Israel, the USA and the world at large.

I’d like to think that I am wrong. But I am not.

Unless the Egyptian Military keeps a very tight lid on ‘things’, this is the beginning of something VERY-VERY BAD.

And as much as I am an unabashed believer in personal FREEDOMS, to the point that I believe FREEDOM is something worth fighting for and dying for, I am also a realist. And real Freedom and Democracy is something that I don’t see happening anytime soon in Egypt or elsewhere in the Arab/Moslem Middle East.

And when you see and hear Ahmadinejad cheering-on the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, what comes to your mind?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Islam is an ideologue that uses religion to hook the ignorant. I post in FB with the truth of Islam wherever possible, and I thank you for this excellent resource, Mr. G. The ignorance of most people about Islam is very dangerous. I met the god of Islam in 1979, going to the mosque on the Temple Mount. The evil and oppression were so bad that I couldn’t enter the mosque. I’ve been there many times since, but that was a warning. I went home and studied Islam. It’s pure evil.

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