Obama Just Can’t Help Himself

Obama's narcissism knows no bounds.

It is one thing for Obama to campaign on empty promises of “YES WE CAN” and “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN” to a society built upon a framework comfortable with Democracy, where platitudes are mothers’ milk to politicians.

But, it is an entirely different story for an American President to journey to a foreign country, in this case Egypt, to stir the pot with empty words that motivate people with no history or real concept of Secular Democracy.

Just like Obama sold snake-oil to a willing population in America, where it’s all falling apart as his empty words and promises have led to the most divided American population since the Civil War, his words concerning the Egyptian crisis has made a very bad scenario unbelievably worse.

Not only has Obama given empty hope to those who legitimately crave Democracy, he’s given REAL hope to those who wish to use the dream of Democracy to foment a revolution to convert Egypt into a Theocracy.

Obama, Clinton, Biden and others in this White House Gang that can’t shoot straight have so screwed-up America’s position on this crisis, that it seemed they couldn’t make it worse.

WRONG – They made it much worse yesterday afternoon (February 10, 2011) when Obama went to the television airwaves to comment on Mubarak’s departure BEFORE Mubarak made his public address.

Anne and I were having lunch at that time when it was announced that Obama was about to speak. My immediate reaction to Anne was this:

“What kind of an idiot is this guy (Obama) to make a comment before Mubarak makes his announcement? What if Mubarak decides not to leave? And by preempting Mubarak, what kind of message is he sending to the leaders of other Middle East countries who rely on the USA?”

Well, at around 5:00 o’clock Eastern Time, the answer was there. Not only did Mubarak announce that he would not step down, but had a very special message for Obama to shut-up and mind his own business.

What was far MORE remarkable than what Mubarak said about Obama’s interference in Egypt’s affairs, is what King Abdullah said to Obama directly by telephone, which was made public I assume by the Saudi King.

Basically, King Abdullah also told Obama to shut-up, get out of the business of Egypt, and if Obama wants to use America’s foreign military aid to Egypt as a bargaining chip with which to threaten Mubarak, Saudi Arabia will pick-up the tab for Egypt.

In this . . . Obama’s unbelievable act of narcissism to be heard first and foremost in this political din, he has not only added fuel to a burning fire in Egypt, but has created an irreparable rift with the few Arab “friends” America has.

In addition – If the Israelis didn’t entirely trust Obama before, this performance by Obama and his crew of ne’er-do-wells have put them over the top, INCLUDING Israeli LEFTISTS who wanted to be Obama believers.

The irony here might be that the Saudis and other Kingdom Arab States will begin looking upon Israel less as an adversary, and perhaps more as a partner with whom they could do business.

Because of the horrific way Obama has MISHANDLED this crisis, there are many losers, but perhaps none more so than the Palestinians.

Because of Obama’s absolute incompetence and demonstration of disloyalty to those who considered themselves friends and allies, the Israelis will not be able to be coerced into making any deals with the Palestinians that will be to their detriment, because they simply won’t care what it is that Obama wants.

And then there was the pressure from the “moderate” Arab States placed on Israel to make concessions that Obama depended upon. Does anyone think that any of these Arab States at this juncture are worried about the Palestinians when they can see their own writing on the wall?

As I wrote at the beginning of this editorial – It’s one thing to screw-up your own country, but it’s an entirely different thing to screw-up the world.

Now that Obama has the Peace Prize for what he “MIGHT” have done do in the future, what award can the Euro-Trash Nobel Committee dream up next to give to the White House Messiah?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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