Why The Left Will Never Win


Think of children who are living in middle to upper income homes, where the need to worry about accommodations, food, clothing and entertainment is non-existent.

Where personal responsibility is not foremost on the agenda.

Do you think any of these children ever concern themselves with the ability of their parents to continue to pay for their free ride?

That’s how it is with today’s society. GIVE ME – GIVE ME – GIVE ME!

Now, think of those children who live in less privileged homes, where money is tight, where meals are served at the kitchen table because the cost of eating at restaurants makes dining out, out of the question.

Think of the kids who spend their summer vacations doing summer jobs, instead of attending some swank summer camp.

Think of the kids who don’t have folks with deep pockets, who have to EARN those things they want.

I know all about that, because that was my life growing-up. AND I’M BLESSED FOR IT.

My folks did their absolute best to raise and protect my sister’s and I, and worried every day about money. We ate an awful lot of spaghetti because pasta was cheap. Pancakes were a daily fare because the flour to make the pancakes was cheap, and the syrup was corn syrup, also cheap.

I grew up thinking that peanut butter and jam sandwiches were the greatest lunch ever, and when my parents were doing a bit better, we actually “vacationed” in Plattsburgh NY, about an hour’s drive from Montreal where we lived.

My clothing was a selection of hand-me-downs from my better off cousins. My bikes were composites from other bikes I was able to cannibalize and reassemble. My playground was the back-alleys or the schoolyard in the very low-income community where we lived.

My pets were feral cats that lived in dilapidated sheds behind the run down 2 and 3 story walk-ups. My sports including any kind of physical pick-up game that didn’t require equipment. We played a great deal of British Bulldog that most schools have banned today because it’s considered too rough and aggressive.

God forbid a kid should get a black eye.

When we rode our bikes, it was with reckless abandon, from time to time jousting with hockey sticks.

I played a lot of hockey. I never wore a helmet. And never once in my life did I play in an indoor arena. I got into some hockey fights where I got punched out, bloody nose and all, but kept playing nonetheless. And never said a word to my parents about the fights because that’s just the way it was.

I’ve worked full-time since I was 12 years old, going to work after school. I washed windows, shoveled snow, and did whatever I could to bring some money home.

When I got my first car in 1967 at 17 years old, it was a 1961 Pontiac Laurentian, which was MINE because I paid for it all by myself.

I was less than an average student, since studying was not part of my priorities. I finished high school at night, and attended university at night as well. And there too, I more or less stunk-out the joint.

I was able to do a lot of things sufficiently well, but never as good as what would qualify to be amongst the best. I played the drums. I was a really good swimmer. I was a pretty good football player, and so-so at baseball.

I went out with some very nice girls and was lucky enough to marry the best. Anne also grew-up understanding tough times.

I’ve owned a business of one sort or another since I was a kid, employing other kids. I was never out of work, since I was always willing to do whatever it took to be employed.

I’ve failed miserably at business several times. I even had a dreadful personal financial failure. But I NEVER once felt sorry for myself, or laid blame upon anyone else for my failures.

Even though I was knocked down more times than I want to remember, I NEVER stayed down, and I always came back for another round.

As a 10 year old, I suffered from Rheumatic Fever. And as an adult in my early 40’s, I fought a vicious battle with cancer, and have thus far won.

I never believed that I would have the things the privileged kids had, because those were things for everyone else but me.

But today, a few days from turning 61 years old, I have it all. I have things I could never of dreamt I would have, including the respect of people from around much of the civilized world.

And I have the love of the prettiest, smartest, and best girl in the world.


My story is just one of MILLIONS in North America who ask for nothing, take whatever comes their way, take a pounding for trying, and keep coming back for more.

These MILLIONS of average North American Joes like Anne and myself ARE the moral and physical strength that carries our nations upon our backs. If we didn’t exist . . . North America wouldn’t exist.

Without us, there would be no entitlements for the lazy, the elitists, the academics, the collectivists (unions), the bureaucrats and the politicians.

There would be no great debate on how to spread the wealth, because there wouldn’t be any wealth to spread.

And sooner – MUCH-MUCH SOONER than people realize, it will be us who will close the tap and end the privileged entitlements, because many of us have had enough, many of us are retiring, many of us have joined Conservative groups like the Tea Parties and have decided to fight back.

Take a look at who we are when the cameras pan-over Tea Party Demonstrators.

Look at our age. Our hair is gray or gone.

Look at our gender. Men and women, husbands and wives standing together.

Look at how we’re dressed. We aren’t poverty victims.

Look at our race. We’re mostly White.

Listen to the language we speak. It is English, loud and clear.

For the LEFTIST mainstream media to ignore us . . . is the epitome of dishonesty and stupid journalism.

For the LEFTIST politicians, or even the politicians who like to been seen as standing on the Center, they better understand that we are the biggest nightmare they will ever face.

We, the BOOMERS, are the adults who some 60 years ago used to play rough and tumble on the streets, where we solved serious disagreements with our fists, and backed down from no one.

If you want to know how tough I am: I ride horses. I’ve been thrown, stomped, kicked and dragged, and NEVER once have I refused to get back on. NOT EVEN AT OVER 60.


We inherited the REAL STUFF from the GREATEST generation ever, from our parents and grandparents who fought two World Wars, not because our governments told them they had to. But because our parents and grandparents knew they had to.

We, who have taken the torch from our parents and grandparents ask for nothing, and understand personal consequences and obligations.

AND NOW WE’RE PISSED! And that’s why the LEFT will NEVER win.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard … You are right on spot, with this editorial!!! I, like you, know that Islam is really a cult and definitely, is NOT peaceful. Islam wants a One World Nation, that is fully controlled, by them and them alone. They want to enslave the nations of the world, to their way of thinking and only their way … No one would have any freedoms, except for them. Both of our governments NEED to wake-up, quit being so Politically Correct and FIGHT our common enemy … Islam!!!

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