Good Guys In The Middle East?

Outside of Israel, there are no good guys in Middle East politics.

As we watch the demonstrations on the streets of Egypt, specifically in Cairo, it’s hard to know who the players are without a scorecard.

I watch the LEFT, the media, and the White House cheering for the Street Demonstrators OPPOSED to Mubarak, and wonder if they have any idea who they’re really cheering for, since I don’t see any good guys on either side of the great divide.

We’re also watching the epitome of Amateur Hour at the White House where Vice President Biden states that Mubarak isn’t a Dictator.

Obama says the White House shouldn’t impose itself within the business of a foreign nation while HE DOES JUST THAT.

And Hillary Clinton changes her story from interview to interview on what Mubarak should or shouldn’t do.


Outside of Israel, there are no good guys in Middle East politics.

It’s actually bizarre how focused the world is on the violence in these massive street demonstrations in Egypt, and how many people, as if on a scorecard have lost their lives during the melees.

But, what about the near daily murders of DOZENS of people in the “Democratic” nation of Iraq?

To me, the killings of a relative few people in Egypt is certainly by comparison small potatoes compared to the murder of hundreds in Iraq, which is supposed to already be a Democracy.

As I just wrote . . . there are no good guys in Middle East politics, where everyone has a personal agenda that has little to nothing to do with the well being of the greater population.

The worst of it is the bigger picture, where what we’re seeing in the Middle East is the Hardcore Islamization of all nations from Yemen to Lebanon. If Mubarak falls, as he will, who will be the Strongman to keep the Moslem Brotherhood from taking over Egypt?

Does anyone think that an elitist Lightweight in the name of Mohamed El Baradei is the guy to do it, especially since he’s being backed by the BROTHERHOOD?

Not likely.

What is most likely, and the best case scenario for the West and Israel, is for Mubarak to be replaced by another dictator who will deal with the likes of the Moslem Brotherhood with an IRON-FIST, while paving the way for step-by-step Democracy.

Anything other than that will be nothing short of a disaster for the Middle East and the world at large. It will be the quick path to the Islamization of Syria and Jordan, followed by Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States.

For the Amateur-In-Chief to throw Mubarak under the bus, without a WHAT-IF game plan, as he has done with everyone else whom he thought was no longer useful to him, is a disaster in-waiting with world consequences.

For anyone reading this who has no memory of what happened when Algeria went from French Rule into their first try at Democracy, it was the Islamists who won in large numbers over the moderates, which led to civil war and the immediate suspension of the election results.

When Democracy was tried with the Palestinians, the winners were the Islamists (Hamas), which led to the split of the Palestinian Territories (Gaza and the West Bank), with an undeclared and played-down by the media civil war where Palestinians were busy murdering one another.

And look at Iraq after HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of US Dollars have been spent, along with the lives and blood of THOUSANDS of mostly American soldiers, trying to bring Democracy to that country.

Is there really Democracy or stability in Iraq as a result of this vast amount of Blood and Treasure?

You and I both know the answer to that.

The moment the US troops really pullout of Iraq, Iraq will explode into Sectarian Violence even more so than it is now. The Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites will be at each others’ throats faster than it takes to get a camel to water, while Iran fuels the fire.

So, anyone who thinks that getting rid of Mubarak is the cure-all to Egypt’s malaise, is just as naïve as the people in the White House, from the President down who can’t think or see beyond the moment.

In the Moslem Middle East, Moslem Asia, and Moslem Africa, there are no good guys in politics. And the sooner people realize this; the sooner we will be able to keep our countries and cultures safe.


The Packers will win by 7 points . . . because:

1 – I like the Packers.

2 – The Packers are the better team.

3 – I REALLY don’t like Ben Roethlisberger who is a THUGGISH womanizer.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on – very well stated. If only the left — and even the right — could understand.

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