Mubarak And Stability Under Obama’s Bus

Did Obama call Ahmadinejad directly and tell him that he MUST step down?

It’s early Tuesday evening, February 1, 2011 as I’m writing this editorial. I don’t watch much entertainment television with the exception of several programs; one of them is V, a story of reptilian invaders from outer-space who have taken-on the image of humans.

The leader of V is an exotic tall willowy woman who is a slick-talker, who has the media in the palm of her hand, enabling her not just to bamboozle the people, but have them look upon her as a Savior.

So, on this night, I was treated to two episodes of V. One at 6:45 Eastern time, when Obama once again took to the airwaves to speak to the people, and then at 8:00 o’clock when the pretend invaders came onscreen.

When Obama took his few World Apology Tours at the beginning of his Presidency, apologizing for many things, but mostly, for in his opinion, America’s proclivity for sticking America’s nose in the businesses of other countries where America’s nose didn’t belong, he got rousing applause from the America-Haters abroad and the LEFTISTS within.

So, here, in Obama’s pre-V press appearance, I see and hear him telling the people through the cameras that he was not about to interfere in the politics of a foreign sovereign state.

BUT – In this, his address to the nation on the Egypt fiasco, he said that he TOLD President Mubarak that change MUST be meaningful, and that Mubarak MUST step down, and that the transition MUST be fair and open to everyone who wants to participate in the political process, and that the military MUST show restraint.

It is the word MUST that said everything that needed to be said about Obama STICKING HIS NOSE WHERE IT DIDN’T BELONG.

One doesn’t say MUST to a leader of a sovereign state, especially when that MUST is about his stepping down, and then say it is important not to get involved in the business of a sovereign nation.

What happened to Obama’s “promise” to keep the nose of the USA out of the business of sovereign nations?

What surprised me far more than what Obama said, since I expect this kind of hypocrisy from Obama, is what the so-called “FOX News All-Star Panel” that comes on during the latter half of the 6:00 News Show with Bret Baer DIDN’T say.

Not one of them said anything about Obama’s multiple use of the word MUST, as they discussed and debated how LITTLE Obama said in his brief television statement.

LITTLE . . . ? Were these guys deaf, dumb and blind?

How could they agree that LITTLE was said when Obama literally told the world that he DEMANDED that Mubarak step-down, and is TELLING the Egyptian authority what they MUST do.

Am I so far out of touch that I’m seeing and hearing things that aren’t there? Or, is the media, even the so-called FOX News All-Stars so far up their own hind-ends that they simply can’t see beyond their own brilliance?

I can’t believe how so many people, even within our own media are so excited about what’s happening in the streets of Egypt. What do they think is going to take place AFTER Mubarak leaves office, even if that day comes much sooner rather than later?

Do they think that all of a sudden there will be jobs for everyone who wants one?

Do they think the poverty and hunger will go away?

Do they think that all of a sudden their lives will get better, the streets will shine, and the country become fairytale perfect?

And do they really believe that the military that really runs things in Egypt will stick flowers in their gun muzzles and sing Kumbaya?

And when none of this happens, which it won’t. What will the people who took to the streets do next? Who will they turn to? Worse, to whom will they turn against?

Obama, who loves huge chanting crowds couldn’t contain himself in his praise for the demonstrators in the streets of Egypt, and their DEMAND for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.

He couldn’t resist telling the Egyptian military that they MUST not attack the crowds, who are screaming for the fall of a Secular government.

So, where was Obama’s voice telling the Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad what they MUST do and what they MUST NOT do as people took to the streets in Iran demanding FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY?

Did Obama call Ahmadinejad directly and tell him that he MUST step down?

Everyone who pays even a little bit of attention to these things, will CLEARLY remember the pleas from those people on the Iranian streets as they were being beaten and killed by Ahmadinejad’s Storm Troopers for Obama to offer nothing more than his moral support.

SILENCE! – That was Obama’s response to the desperate pleas of a people crushed under the jack-boots of an ugly and violent Theocracy that hates Freedom of Expression, Democracy, Freedom of Religion, Freedom for Women, Jews, Israel, and the USA – And is a global threat.


Not once did Obama say anything supportive of Hosni Mubarak who kept the lid on the Middle East for 30 years. Or that because of Mubarak, secular violence was as best contained as much as is possible in a hotbed of regional religious strife, where murder in the name of Allah is as common as the desert wind.

Or how Mubarak was America’s ABSOLUTELY best friend in a region where America has no other Arab friends.

I have written many times that Obama is a terrible threat to America, Israel, and to the entire world, mostly because I think he is inept and clueless beyond his own narcissistic beliefs.

But now, I’m beginning to feel more confident about my niggling suspicions that Obama is all of what I had just described . . . and MORE.

I have great fear, as I have written, even before Obama was elected, that if he were to become the President of the USA, he would be Israel’s worst nightmare, and it wouldn’t be just because of his incompetence.

I am convinced that Obama believes that the greatest obstacle to Middle East peace and Arab progress is Israel. And the best way of solving this problem is for Israel to simply go away.

And if I’m right about this, nothing could be better to further that agenda to do-in Israel, than to remove Israel’s most stable Arab ally, while replacing him with a leader favored by the Moslem Brotherhood.

I wonder when a huge number of American Jews like Streisand and Spielberg will finally wake up to their accountability for getting this piece of work elected to the Highest Office on the Planet?

As for Egypt . . . no matter how this will end, it will not end well.

For Obama, it’s just another day’s work in a job that is so far beyond his competence, that it creates a new definition to the Peter Principle.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. now you are cookin howard….islam is a tyrannical political movement based on killing no different than all the tyrrannies in must be stopped…does the west have the guts and will to do it is the question…keep up your preachin…

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