Carter – The Shah . . . Obama – Mubarak

Carter chose the Ayatollahs and the world is still paying the price.

As famed Yankee Catcher Yogi Berra was famous for saying: “This is like Déjà vu all over again”.

In 1977 America elected a LEFTIST President by the name of Jimmy Carter who wanted to play nice with the world, while demonizing the American military, corporate America, and hard working American folk who wanted to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Does this sound familiar?

One year into Carter’s Presidency (1978), demonstrations against the Shah of Iran began in earnest. In Carter’s second year (1979), he was faced with an international dilemma.

Does Carter support Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the ONLY Moslem friend America had in the Middle East at that time, or does he throw him under the bus, HOPING the alternative would be better?

Carter chose the Ayatollahs and the world is still paying the price.


In 2008, the American people elected a LEFTIST to the White House with an incredible stage presence, and a phenomenal talent of reading and delivering a prepared speech.

Like Carter; but more like Carter on steroids, Obama traveled the world extolling the negatives of the USA, apologizing for everything the USA might have done that offended the world body.

Six months into his Presidency, Obama embarked upon his pro Moslem Tour, telling the world how wonderful Islam is, and how many incredible gifts Islam has given to mankind. He also told the world how fortunate America is for having their Moslem community that has made so many contributions to the American condition.

Two years into his Presidency . . . just like Carter, Obama has the same dilemma Carter had, as the people of Egypt demand a complete change in leadership – NOW!

And just like 1978 in Iran, Obama has to choose between a valued and trusted friend over a radical Islamic Movement.



We know the name of El Baradei, mostly because he was the head of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), the UN agency entrusted to regulate and report on the International use of nuclear energy.

But we know him best, because MOSTLY he was charged with inspecting the nuclear capabilities of countries such as North Korea and Iran.

El Baradei determined that North Korea’s nuclear program, as well as Iran’s program, were of little threat.

As a matter of history, because of the TROIKA of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Mohammed El Baradei, Both regimes, but especially North Korea pulled the wool over the world’s eyes as North Korea exploded it’s first NUKE, just a week or so before Carter was set to be awarded his Nobel Peace Prize for his work in keeping North Korea from building an Atomic Bomb.

In spite of the embarrassment, the Nobel Prize Committee continued a few years later on this identical ridiculous path by awarding El Baradei the same useless Peace Award after FAILING to properly report on the nuclear progress of Iran.

But, then again, Yasser Arafat, the modern father of TERRORISM with Jewish, Israeli and American blood dripping from his hands was also awarded this Peace Prize travesty.

And . . . Not to be outdone by their past stupidity, this less than “august” body of Euro-Elitist TRASH gave the Noble Peace Prize to Obama, BEFORE he even did anything to earn it, or pretend to earn it – But I digress.

It appears that El Baradei has been waiting in the wings for his chance to participate, or even plan in the overthrow of the Egyptian government so he could take power.


Had anyone in the West had the slightest inkling of El Baradei’s connection to the Islamo/Fascist Brotherhood, he would NEVER have been trusted as the WATCHDOG for the IAEA.

I guess no one pays much attention to these little things.


The Moslem Brotherhood was formed in the early 1900’s. By the time Hitler was preparing for the FINAL SOLUTION of the Jews, the Brotherhood was preparing with him for the fate of all the Jews in the Middle East.

One of the most important Brotherhood figures in those days was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who had two incredible distinctions.

1 – He was a close friend and confident of Adolf Hitler’s.

2 – He was the uncle of Yasser Arafat.

The group responsible for the murder of Anwar Sadat was the Moslem Brotherhood. But, did you know that President Mubarak was in the same viewing stand with Sadat when he was murdered, and he too was wounded?

The Moslem Brotherhood planned to overthrow and murder Hafez Al-Assad, the secular socialist Ba’athist Leader of Syria.

In response to the plans, and an attack on Assad’s motorcade, on February 3, 1982, Assad had his military surround a huge community within the city of Hama, where for one solid month, the area was pummeled with every form of armament one could imagine.

No one in the firing zone was permitted to survive this attack. Not men, women, children or even their animals.

By the time the attack had ended 30 days later, the conservative estimates of death ranged in the 20,000’s. The more liberal and probably more accurate estimate of deaths ranged above 40,000.

Assad understood what it would take to control the growth, strength and risk posed by the Moslem Brotherhood.

To depict Assad’s vicious genocidal attack on his own people, Israel’s General at that time, Ariel Sharon described it as Arab Politics by Hama-Rules.

The Brotherhood is also known by many other names and groups which share their philosophies while providing mutual support.

We know some of these groups as: Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Jemaah Islamiyah of the Philippines. But there are many others throughout the Moslem world in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Chechnya.

The most dangerous up till what’s happening now in Egypt has been operating in Turkey, which like Egypt is also an “ally” of the USA and Israel. That too, will soon come to an end as the Islamization of Turkey begins to rev-up.

The reality is clear – The people of Egypt have not been well served by the government they have. But, will they and the rest of world be better served by those who are waiting in the wings?

We all remember the 444 days of American hostages in Iran, because of a President no one in the world feared, and a political philosophy no one could understand.

Do you see a difference between then and now?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Agree, I have been saying this for years. You need to go back to Abraham and the son he had with his wife’s maid, Hagar.
    Ishmael (ismail) and his second son, Kedar. Islam traces back to Kedar to get to Abraham. Agreeing then with Jews and
    Christians that Abraham was the start. The Curan was written over 50 years based upon the words from the Angel Garbriel which is all reason is not true. 606-629. The writers were several Caliphs. Based upon this, it is not a Religion, it is Cult.

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