Egypt – Obama’s Words Have Consequences.


The seriousness of what’s happening in Egypt can be a world-changer.

Just into his Presidency, Barack Hussein Obama went to Egypt, and spoke at Cairo University, where in his usual Hollywood delivery, he spoke of lofty and idealistic Democratic goals to people with zero to no chance of ever living in our style of Democracy.

Obama spoke of Western concepts and possibilities. He spoke of reaching for the brass ring and getting involved in the politics of a nation, and how the Arab/Moslem world can find its place amongst the most successful nations on the planet.

Words – Words – Words . . . EMPTY WORDS are Obama’s Stock-In-Trade.

So, when he promised YES YOU CAN! Coupled to HOPE AND CHANGE! Or CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN! They all played well, or at least used to play well to a civilized, educated and comfortable DEMOCRATIC society in the USA.

But, when you go to a country like Egypt, with a highly educated and privileged MINORITY, living side by side with poor, religiously backward, and uneducated MASSES who are without real Freedom to deliver these INSPIRING empty platitudes – THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES.


Before you call me nuts, and for being over-the-top for blaming Obama for what’s happening in Egypt today, LISTEN to what the Egyptians are saying:


Why? – Why would they expect Obama to intercede on their behalf, unless Obama was the CATALYST that inspired them to take to the streets in their attempt to overthrow the Egyptian government?

Hillary Clinton, who I have negative regards for, said about Obama during the Democrat primaries to which I paraphrase: ‘Words have consequences. And besides giving a good speech, what else has Obama done?’

It is absolutely true that Egypt, much like most of the Arab/Moslem World is a tinderbox, just waiting for the spark that will ignite it. So, what was Obama thinking when he was speaking to the people of Egypt from the University of Cairo where he helped light the spark?

Did Obama not think that selling FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in a country where government TYRANNY and a seething religious undercurrent rule, would not have consequences?

The answer to that question comes back to so many other things said by Obama within his first two years of his Presidency, when and where he shot his mouth off before knowing the facts, or not thinking the least about the consequences of his words.

I also find it fascinating how Obama IGNORED the pleas of moral support from the FREEDOM movement of Iran against a government leadership that hates the USA, but chastises the leadership of a country that has been America’s MOST reliable Arab ally for 30 years.

No one knows how this will play out in terms of who keeps or wins control of Egypt. But, what anyone who is paying attention does know, is that Egypt, like all of the Arab/Moslem world with the exception of a few small oil-rich states, is a failed country with little prospects for anything good.

Without Secular rule with an Iron-Fist, Egypt will fall into the hands of the MOSLEM BROTHERHOOD, and then the world changes. Remember, in every major war fought against Israel, it was always Egypt, which was at the lead, and Egypt that took the worst of it.

And since Egypt signed the Peace Treaty with Israel, which is actually nothing more than an armistice with privileges since the vast majority of Egyptians still hate Israel, the threat to Israel, which is still substantial, has been greatly reduced.

But, if the BROTHERHOOD takes over after the dust settles, it’s back to SQUARE ONE.

What is happening in Egypt would have happened whether Obama shot his mouth off or not. But, one does not expect a leader from a different nation to visit a sovereign ally to Stir-The-Pot. And that is exactly what Obama did when he incited the crowd with his bombast.


And now, he’s telling Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s embattled President how to deal with a crisis spurred-on by himself – America’s Messiah.

As for Hillary Clinton; listening to her LECTURE Mubarak is painful. Hearing her TELL Mubarak NOT to use force is remarkable. What do Obama and Clinton figure they will win by crapping on the ONLY Arab leader the WEST has been able to count-on for three decades?

We have already seen what Obama’s BIG MOUTH and lack of understanding of consequences has done to the American economy and civil discourse between the people. And now, we’re seeing what his WORDS have contributed to what’s happening to America’s BEST Arab ally.

I know that the Israeli leadership is extremely concerned over the unfolding violence and uncertainty in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.

But more than any other country – Stability in Egypt is critical to Israel.

Not only can the Israelis NOT count on the Obama Presidency to play fair with Israel when it comes to the so-called Palestinians, it cannot depend on Obama to keep the Arab tinderbox from exploding.

In fact, Israel can only depend on Obama and his team (Hillary Clinton) to make things worse.

If Mubarak survives this wave of violence, which I doubt he will, can he ever again trust the USA governed from the LEFT? I doubt it. Can anyone who replaces Mubarak trust the American LEFT, that is, if it isn’t the Moslem Brotherhood?

I clearly remember how Jimmy Carter dealt with the Shaw of Iran as the Moslem Fundamentalists began to do him in. Carter supported the Islamists and the rest is history.

Obama has already supported the Islamists in Iran through his silence. And now he’s doing to Mubarak what Carter did to the Shah. The results will not be different.

The good news so far is that amongst all the rioting and demonstrating, no one is burning American or Israeli flags – YET. And no one is chanting death to America or death to Israel – YET.

And if Obama has any commonsense, which I seriously doubt he has, he would take Israel’s Prime Minister’s lead (Netanyahu) and keep his mouth shut until all of this plays-out.

But, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong while making policy with no credible expertise is what Obama is all about. This is going to be a rough one.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bless you for being the first to speak the truth about this thing called Islam! History is on our side!

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