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The good news from Obama’s dreadful State of The Union Address (January 25, 2011) was two-fold.

1 – The sheen has definitely come off the President, as his speech was if anything very ordinary, lacking in his usual bombast, confidence and conviction.

2 – The Republicans looked very uncomfortable, as they should have, sitting with the enemy in their ridiculous Kumbaya moment.

I keep hearing the words TRIANGULATION and PIVOT, when referring to the new direction the media says Barack Obama is about to take.

I’m pretty good with words. I use them quite effectively, and I understand them very clearly, but I have no idea what the media is talking about when they keep on saying that Obama is going to triangulate like Bill Clinton.

The word sounds really cool. TRIANGULATION; like something out of a war or spy movie. But how does that relate to the President’s decision to move from one policy direction to another?

And PIVOT – I like that one too. The image I get is of a Quarter Back under pressure who fakes to the Right and turns to the LEFT to throw his pass. It’s real macho.

But, these are meaningless words created by the political spin-doctors taken hook, line, and sinker by the media.

Here’s the simple truth as I see it.

When Clinton saw how pissed the people were with his policies in his first term, he made a sharp turn to the Right, not because he necessarily saw the light about his policies, but more so, he saw the light about his political future.

For Obama . . . it’s different. Not only is he an IDEOLOGUE, he’s also a TRUE BELIEVER. But not the way most people might think.


There is no question in my mind – NONE WHATSOEVER, that Obama is a LEFTIST ELITIST, the worst amongst the worst kind.

In Obama’s world, all the people who are most important to him share in his belief that the “LITTLE PEOPLE” need to have “special” people in their lives who know better.

This isn’t just conjecture, since it is based 100% on clear observation. Look at who Obama has surrounded himself with in his Cabinet and amongst his army of Czars.

They are all elitists . . . intellectual, social or corporate. There isn’t a REAL working person amongst them. Even his choice of Jeffrey Immelt of GE to turn around America’s dismal business opportunities is the absolutely wrong choice for the job, since Immelt NEVER really created a job, or had to run his own startup company from the ground up.

Immelt has no idea whatsoever what it feels like to lose sleep at night because the receivables aren’t coming in, while the creditors are pounding at the door.

Hey, if things get REALLY bad a GE, no big deal, since Washington will bail them out as they’ve already done. Or throw so much taxpayer paid business their way that they’ll stay afloat.

And if worse comes to worst, and Immelt gets kicked out from his CEO job on his ass, it won’t hurt that much with his MEGA MILLION DOLLAR parachute.

I know of NO Small to Medium Size Business Owner with any kind of parachute. And since more than three quarters of all jobs are created by small to medium size business owners, how in the world could a corporate elitist like Jeffrey Immelt have any understanding of what it takes to run such businesses, let alone create employment?

But, to Obama . . . Immelt is the GO-TO-GUY, not because of what he can do, but because he’s one of Obama’s insider elitists.

Even though it’s the chattering lower income and welfare classes who vote mostly for Obama, they are the type of people . . . people like Obama least want anywhere near their inner circle.

Obama-types want the glitzy “special” people around them. He doesn’t want the dirty entrepreneur-cleaning sewer drain types, or the seamstress, or Joe lunch-box. He doesn’t even want the simple schoolteacher in his midst, much less a beat-cop or a fire fighter.

They’re only good for visuals.

Obama wants to be with the rich and famous, and the LEFTIST intellectual class at the top of the food chain. He wants to be with the hands-off Captains of Industry and the Skyscraper Bank and Insurance Executives.

Obama wants to be around Hollywood. HE LOVES LIMOUSINE LIBERALS.

Obama isn’t interested in vacationing where the real people vacation. He would never accept a three or four star Holiday Inn, or a burger or pizza on the fly while schlepping the kids through the long lines at Disney World.

The Messiah can pretend all he wants to that he is a man of the people. But, he is NOTHING whatsoever like the people who put him into office, who USED to swoon at his every word.

In reality, the “common” folk are the last people he wants to be rubbing shoulders with. So, when he makes these speeches injecting Sally at the hair salon, or Joe on the assembly line, or anyone else who is beneath him, it is as phony as his empathy and compassion for anyone else but himself.

Never lose sight at how he has thrown those who were supposedly closest to him under the bus, starting with his own “TYPICALLY WHITE GRANDMOTHER”.

Who do you think he WOULDN’T throw under the bus if it benefited him?

When Obama speaks about creating jobs as his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, don’t believe him. He said it before, and did nothing about creating jobs. In truth, his policies are job-killers.

When Obama says that paying down the deficit and debt is his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, don’t believe him, because MOST of the deficit and debt are of his own making.

When Obama says that reducing regulations is his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, that isn’t even a little bit true, since he is the MOST intrusive President ever. He is the Regulator-In-Chief.

And when Obama says that he wants to make his Presidency and the government as transparent as possible; as he just said in his State of The Union Address – What a crock. He said the same thing before becoming the President, he said it after becoming President, and he did just the opposite.

There is nothing REAL about Obama other than that he is a LEFTIST ELITIST who has perpetrated the biggest con ever on the American people. So, no matter what he says, or whatever promises he makes, NONE of it should be believed.

For him, words and promises are meaningless no matter how well he delivers them with all the conviction he can possibly muster. His goal is simple, and has never changed.

In Obama’s 2008 campaign, he made it abundantly clear that his was going to be THE TRANSFORMATIONAL PRESIDENCY.

The problem with the people who voted for Obama, was that they never took the time or bother to ask how he intended to transform the country.

In a different time, and a different place, Obama would be able to take his place standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Lenin and Marx, two men who were also TRANSFORMATIONAL politicians with a plan to regulate the lives of others.

And we all see how well that worked out.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The left here in the states believed they could use Obama to further their agenda, he and his Moslem brethren turned it around and are using them to further their agenda. The US is more divided now than during the Civil War and the division will peak in 2016. There is nothing random in any of this.

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