Green Slime Bird Poop

I am not one who is a conspiracy theorist

This isn’t political, or maybe it is. But whether it is or not, it is important.

I don’t ascribe to most conspiracy theories, since most of them are too far over the top. But, that doesn’t mean that all of them are without merit, since people, especially in government and politics in particular, are always conspiring.

But there are limits.

That said . . . here is a something that we are all-aware of, but is bothering me far more than just somewhat:

I will be 61 years old this coming February 2011, and in all of my 60 plus years, I cannot remember ever hearing about birds just falling out of the sky for no reason, or for lamebrain reasons.

I cannot remember hearing about the deaths of millions of fish for no good reason. We’ve all seen the reports of mass fish deaths because of toxic spills in our water system.

But millions of dead fish washing up onshore without any explanation . . . ?

What gives? And which other mass animal deaths haven’t we heard about?

The media, through government and university sources tell us that the mass deaths of birds and fish are “NORMAL”. They even come up with weird explanations that make no common sense, at least not to me. So how normal are they?

Let’s assume for a second that thousands of birds fell from the sky at just one location – just ONE time without a really viable explanation. But, how does anyone really explain and accept multiple locations with multiple species of birds at different times?


As I wrote at the beginning of this editorial, I am not one who is a conspiracy theorist. But, I am also not stupid. And I do have a questioning mind.

Part of our daily routine at home on the farm includes walking Stryker, our German Shepherd, just after breakfast along the trails through our forested property.

When we bought this totally raw property a little more than 4 years ago, there was nothing on it but forest and overgrown hayfields. In the four years that we are living on the property, we’ve built our home, offices, barn and paddocks.

In addition, we’ve also put through about 5 miles of hand groomed riding trails that meander through the forest.

When we first moved onto the property, the day didn’t pass without us seeing deer on the trails or in the fields. And the night didn’t pass without us hearing the chilling, yet gorgeous sound of the coyotes calling out.

Once we put through the trails, we couldn’t believe the number of assorted footprints we saw in the snow during the winter months. The footprints on our trail system looked like Grand Central Station.

Then, last year, Anne and I both noticed that there were fewer signs and sightings of deer. Even the calls of the coyotes were noticeably diminished.

In our local weekly newspaper, there was an article this week calling attention to the disappearance of what they estimated was 66% (two thirds) of the deer herds.

The hunters said that it wasn’t them who decimated the herds. It was probably the coyotes.

As for the hunters claim that coyotes are responsible for the declining deer herds, I don’t believe it for a minute. Four years ago, when the deer herds were REALLY abundant, so were the coyotes, when we heard them calling to each other from every direction from dusk to dawn, and now almost nothing.

I do not necessarily believe in what someone else tells me. But I do believe in what I see and experience for myself.

This morning, as Anne, Stryker and I took our couple of mile walk on a thin blanket of fresh snow, we noticed that there were no deer tracks whatsoever. Not anywhere.

We also saw no signs of coyote tracks. Not one, which is incredibly strange.

When we walk Stryker at night on one of our open fields just behind our house and barn, we always carry a high-powered flashlight to shine into the forest in search of illuminated eyes, because the last thing we need is for Stryker to take off after a deer, coyote, fox or whatever, into the dark forest.

So, if we see the illuminated eyes of a wild animal before Stryker does, we have a chance to grab him before he takes off. But, this year, there has not been one set of eyes that shone in the darkness except for Stryker’s.

As we reached the end of our property this morning (Friday January 21, 2011), something really caught Stryker’s attention before we were aware of what it was. And then we heard it before we saw it.

A flock of HUNDREDS of ducks launched themselves from an adjacent snow covered field a few hundred feet from where we stood. They took off as one and headed north.

NORTH? And what were they still doing way up here in South Eastern Ontario where we live, where winter is the real deal?

It isn’t as though there’s much, if any food for them. And the closest water is the St Lawrence River, which is frozen at the shores, and far too rough for them to swim where the water is open.

While I’m writing this, I just heard a story on FOX News about a green slime somewhere in the US northeast that has fallen from the sky. And when hitting roofs, it turned the icicles brown.

The official explanation is: THEY DON’T KNOW. But, the theories from those “experts” who don’t know, included sewage waste falling from planes, or bird poop falling from birds, which have eaten MacDonald’s fries.

Like I wrote twice in the preceding – I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, and I don’t necessarily believe what I’m told, but I am smart enough to know what I see for myself, and question that which makes no sense to me, or what I cannot understand.

In short . . . I am concerned. I don’t like unexplainable phenomena.

And in a world of TERRORISM and high-tech weaponry including chemical and biological warfare, I want answers that are better than green slime falling from the sky as bird poop caused by birds that ate MacDonald’s French fries.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes, exactly! I’ve maintained it for years. Thank you for bringing this up. It is a political movement through and through. There is far more going on with Islam than worshipping in the privacy of home and community. Every move it makes is political in nature. All I can say is; If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck….

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