Obama’s Double Standard

I judge Obama not on what he says, as much as on what he does.

I have to figure that Obama is either an Israel-Hater like his Israel-hating, Jew-Hating, America-Hating, and White-Hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

OR . . . Obama is the biggest hypocrite and practitioner of double standards who has ever occupied the White House.

I can already hear the LEFTISTS clacking away on their keyboards to let me know how full of crap I am. But, what is . . . is.

If Obama wasn’t such an Israel-Hater, why is he always holding Israel’s feet to the fire accusing them of occupying land owned by others?

Or how Obama is always on Israel’s case for how the “poor” Palestinian Arabs are being treated by those big bad Israelis?

Or how Obama is always DEMANDING that Israel make “painful” concessions?


Do the Israelis occupy a whole nation like Tibet?

Do the Israelis execute convicts and sell their body parts?

Do the Israelis imprison and torture dissidents?

Do the Israelis force prisoners to carry-on slave labor?

Do the Israelis censor all freedom of expression INCLUDING the media?

Do the Israelis ban Internet Search Engines or control what they search?

Do the Israelis not allow everyone to participate equally in government?

Do the Israelis aid and abet enemies of the United States of America?

Do the Israelis run multi-BILLION dollar product counterfeit industries?

Do the Israelis pollute and desecrate the planet?

Do the Israelis threaten the security of the planet?

The Israelis aren’t even a little bit guilty of any of the above – BUT THE CHINESE ARE.


So, what’s with Obama’s ass-kissing of the Chinese who are amongst the world’s WORST BAD ACTORS?

If Obama isn’t an Israel-Hater as I personally believe he is. Then he’s the HYPOCRITE-IN-CHIEF.

Obama has to be one or the other, otherwise, how can he be so critical and DOWNRIGHT RUDE to Israel and Israel’s Prime Minister on one hand, and so accepting and congenial to the Chinese TYRANTS on the other hand?

But, there could be a third option.

Who says it’s not possible that Obama actually supports China’s way of governance in the name of STATE CAPITALISM, since he, Obama himself seems to like to govern by dictat, as if the Constitution and America’s multi levels of government seem merely to be bothersome obstructions.

But, now that I’m really thinking about it, I can’t seem to come up with any other countries Obama castigates nearly as much as he does Israel. Actually, he castigates no other countries.

There are Arab/African/Moslem countries that still operate a human slave industry, especially White Slavery, where many American and European women are FORCED into the Slave Sex Trade, where they’re bought and sold like chattel.

What have we heard from Obama about these countries?

Or how about Saudi Arabia where the word Democracy doesn’t exit, and women are treated as non-persons? And Christians cannot show or practice their faith? And Jews are not even allowed to step foot on Kingdom soil?

These are just a few examples of egregious nations Obama chooses to give a free pass to through his silence.

But really – Think about this . . . Can you come up with just one country other than Israel that Obama has criticized for any kind of human rights abuse or anything else?

Not even North Korea, Iran, or Syria is open to his criticism with the exception of some lip-service.

And forget about Hezbollah or Hamas. They’re so far under Obama’s radar that they don’t even seem to exist. BUT ISRAEL – Now that’s a whole different story.

Not even a year into his Presidency, Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize by a committee of LEFTIST idiots, not for anything he did, but rather for what they were certain he “would” do in the future.

Can you think of a bigger joke?

So far, that Peace Prize is not only unfulfilled and unjustified; it is demonstrating its true value, which is zilch. Remember, Yasser Arafat, the father of modern day TERRORISM was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Since Obama was given the star treatment abroad when he was first elected and traveled the world-over pissing on his own country, he has now managed to insult and/or isolate those countries, which used to be America’s best friends and most trusted allies.

He just recently told Sarkozy of France that France was America’s BEST friend. How many Frenchmen rushed to Iraq and Afghanistan to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Americans in comparison to the British who were there from day one; whose soldiers fought, were wounded and were killed?

In case you don’t know the answer, but I’m sure you already do, but just in case you don’t, the answer for all practical purposes is NONE. Yet, for some unfathomable reason, Obama chooses to crap on the British while claiming France to be America’s BEST friend.

I guess Canada, America’s NUMBER ONE trading partner in the whole wide world, and an active ally in Afghanistan from the very beginning doesn’t count, even though on a per capita basis, more Canadian soldiers came home in body-bags than from any other country.

To America’s enemies, Obama has proven himself to be LESS than a Paper Tiger. To the Russians, he’s Putin’s and Medvedev’s BUM-BOY. To the Chinese, he’s their fast track to world dominance. And to the Arab/Moslem world, Obama is their best apologist/promoter.

But, not to be thought of as a complete wimp, as he kisses China’s ass at his spectacular State Dinner to honor a regime that is committing murder at home between toasts at the White House, he has Israel to kick around.

So, to answer my own questions about what compels Obama to treat Israel like a pariah, and the Chinese as if they represented the best in humanity, I think it is all three.

1 – He hates Israel.

2 – He is a hypocrite

3 – He does like the taste of tyranny through STATE CAPITALISM.

I could be full of beans. But, as always, I judge Obama not on what he says, as much as on what he does. And what he does is open for all to see, including the way he panders to bad international actors, while ignoring America’s friends and allies, while holding Israel’s feet to the fire as if the embodiment of evil resides in the people of the Middle East’s ONLY Democracy.

November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Amen, Howard. You said it as it is. Now keep your guns loaded and stay off dark streets. God Bless.
    Alan Ageloff
    Jupiter, Florida

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