Bad Government Is On Us

Here’s a personal reality check for all of us in the Private Sector:

I wish Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords the very best, as I do all those others who were shot at, and traumatized on Saturday January 8, 2011, when a lunatic killed six while wounding fourteen at Tucson Arizona.


I don’t want to hear every time Giffords moves her pinky, wiggles a toe, or follows a moving object with her eyes. Like I said, I wish her well, and am sorry for what happened to her and the others. BUT . . .

We’ve now heard about an execution style hit on a White New Jersey Cop by a Black Teen on Saturday January 15, 2011. The cop is dead.


It is indeed a tragedy to his fiancé, his family, friends and co-workers, but I doubt very much if anyone else is going to lose a moment’s sleep over his TRAGIC death.

Will Congress suspend the House for a week? Will there be 24/7 wall-to-wall network media coverage of this poor Cop’s life? His loves? His accomplishments?

Will all of his friends and family be interviewed to the point of distraction? And will the President make a personal eulogy at an election-style rally?

Will the shooter be psychoanalyzed? Will the Conservatives BLAME the LEFT for making him do this because they just can’t get their heads around crime, punishment and personal responsibility?

Is this Cop’s life worth less than the lives of the others, whom just a little over a week ago, were gunned down in Tucson?

I hope I’ve made my point.

Now let’s talk about a REAL national tragedy in both of our countries (Canada and the United States of America) that is already having an enormous effect on all of us, which sooner rather than later, will become a national threat to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

The impending national tragedy is government debt and unfunded liability entitlements, namely in Public Sector Salaries, Bloated Bureaucracies, and UNAFFORDABLE Public Sector Pensions.

Here’s a personal reality check for all of us in the Private Sector:

1 – Do you have TENURE, meaning that you CANNOT be fired from your job unless you commit a super egregious act . . . and maybe NOT even then?

2 – Are you guaranteed automatic raises and pay adjustments in scale with the rising cost of living, especially if your employer is doing poorly?

3 – Do you receive a salary that is somewhere between 33% to 50% MORE than the national average?

4 – Are you guaranteed PAID sick-days whether you take them or not?

5 – Can you retire at age 55 collecting your full pension?

6 – Can you collect multiple pensions from your employer?

7 – When you retire, will your pension be more than what most working families earn while doing their jobs, or just enough to maybe keep some food on the table?

If you’re in the Private Sector, you already know the answers to all the above.

The size of government and government guaranteed pensions, jobs and salaries are so huge, that there is no amount of money that can be dragged out of the Private Sector in taxes to meet the obligations.

Think about the next generations in our countries, especially amongst so many of our immigrants.

Unlike the immigrants who came to Canada and the United States in huge numbers from European and Anglo countries until the mid 1980’s, too many of our current immigrants have figured out the FREE-RIDE. They’ve also become accustomed to the under-the-table economy, taking pay with one hand and tax-paid government assistance with the other.

Then there are many of our children who don’t really want to work, especially at things that might dirty their hands, or make them sweat, or are in their own minds jobs that are too demeaning for them to do.

Starting this year, the BOOMERS are beginning to pack it in, claiming their own pensions while living off of their own already taxed savings and assets they’ve accumulated over their working years. And whatever taxes they’ll be paying from here-on-in, their impact will be from zero to negligible.

And then there’s another issue that cannot be ignored – While we’re living longer, we’re contributing less.


Where’s the government going to get the money to pay those OUTLANDISH Public Sector Salaries?

Where is the money supposed to come from to pay those OBSCENE Public Sector Pensions and guaranteed private pensions like the ones guaranteed by the government for the Auto Workers?

Then there’s welfare and every other type of “social assistance” that has become a near religious entitlement. Who’s supposed to pay for those when there aren’t nearly enough people who contribute?

And what about the size of government? Do you think we actually have politicians with the gonads to gut it the way it must be gutted?

I DON’T BLAME THE POLITICIANS. They’re just mostly the incompetent bad actors WE voted for.

I DON’T BLAME THE PUBLIC SECTOR. Who wouldn’t take a privileged FREE-RIDE when it’s available for the taking?

I blame every person in our supposedly FREE society who voted for politicians who bribed them with their own money.

I blame voters who voted without having a clue as to what and whom they were voting for, and accepting liars as our politicians.

I blame WE THE PEOPLE, who are either too stupid, or too lazy to become informed about those in whose hands we entrust our nation(s).

I blame EVERYONE who owns and runs a business, especially BIG BUSINESSES who acquiesced to the ridiculous demands of UNIONS, which care not one whit for the benefit of the nation, or even all that much for the real issues they were first created to address, in terms of defending workers from abuse.

We, who allowed all of this to happen because we abdicated our responsibility to intelligently choose and monitor the government’s and politicians we’ve elected are responsible for the mess in which we now find ourselves.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Well stated Howard! “These Islamic zealots are hiding in plain sight. All they have to do to wreak pain and havoc upon us is to get in their cars and drive to the nearest playground, school, mall, Starbucks, etc. This is the insidious pervasiveness of what we deal with – the disease that is militant Islam must be cut out root and branch. We mourn with our Canadian friends and pray for comfort, resilience and justice.”

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