A Crisis Is Too Good A Thing To Waste

What Obama did was to make this event all about him.

When I want to believe that this President and his White House can’t stoop any lower than they already have, Obama never ceases to amaze me.

What happened last Saturday in Tucson was indeed a tragedy. But what happened last night (January 12, 2011) on National Television was also a tragedy, but instead of remembering the vision of wounded and dead people who were gunned down by a deranged individual, we saw instead, a President make a horrible occurrence into a photo-op, and his personal rally.

Rahm Emanuel, while in Obama’s White house as Obama’s Number One Guy, could not be clearer, than when he said:


And what crisis could possibly be better than 6 innocent lives snatched in a moment by a madman, with 14 more wounded, including a popular Congresswoman fighting to stay alive and get some, if not all of her life back?

What could be better for the silver tongued Obama than to be standing in front of a vulnerable crowd using that splendid oratory of his to lift people up with words, words, and more words?

What could be better for Obama’s ego than to hear the applause and see the people rise from their seats to cheer the golden voice of the man who had come to deliver them from their sorrow?

I will repeat what I’ve written many times.

As horrible as this event was and is, it is not a National Tragedy, and therefore does not deserve the non-stop media and political attention it has received and continues to receive.

Unfortunately, the week or month doesn’t pass in the USA where multiple people aren’t attacked and killed by some deranged nut-job.

Why then are all of these other murders no less National Tragedies?

If Obama REALLY wanted to treat this event the way it should have been treated, he would have made a simple statement from the White House. Instead, the Messiah chose to go full-bore and grandstand in front of the cameras at the expense of all those people and their loved ones who are the only folk to be experiencing a personal tragedy.

What Obama did in his speech, and the day he spent in this his latest photo-op was nothing less than to be cashing-in on the misery of all those people.

And even though the people fawned all over him, what he did was reprehensible.

What Obama did was to make this event all about him.

Don’ forget: “A crisis is too good a thing to waste”. And waste it Obama didn’t.

What bothers me even more than Obama’s opportunism is how so many of the people bought it.

All of sudden, Obama is no longer the guy who in just two years, more than doubled the deficit and debt into the TRILLIONS of dollars, spending MORE than all US Presidents from George Washington on – COMBINED.

All of a sudden Obama’s promises to close GITMO, and keep unemployment under 8% aren’t important anymore.

All of a sudden the TRILLIONS of dollars his administration squandered without good results seems to be forgiven.

All of a sudden Obama’s policies of taking away American’s individual RIGHTS are no longer consequential.


Why is it that everything Obama touched in the last two years that turned into excrement is no longer relevant, or that his broken promises no longer count?

Everything is OK now because Obama gave a speech. With his words, he healed the grief of the inflicted, and comforted the souls of all those in need of solace.

And with the turn of phrase, he ended the harsh rhetoric, and created a gentler and kinder America in the name of the slain 9 year old.

The people don’t remember the emptiness of YES WE CAN and CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN . . . just 2 short years ago.

And that ladies and gentlemen is indeed a REAL National Tragedy.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Good statement for us who are Canadian. The Islamic influence on some young people is of a big concern to me. Those people do not accept any responsibility for their members who kill innocent people. We as Canadians need to be more vigilant and perhaps a little less forgiving. Hugh Yeomans

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