What Has Become Of America?

How about this for toning down the rhetoric?

I was just writing an editorial on what I believe to be the most important, and not debated aspects of our society, when I overheard a debate between a Republican and a Democrat on FOX News, moderated by Martha MacCallum concerning the Tucson Shooter and Sarah Palin.

The Democrat, who in the usual sneaky Democrat way was trying to place “some” blame on Palin for what happened in Tucson by innuendo. And when that didn’t work, he blamed Palin for being too late in releasing her statement on the event.

The Republican on the other side of the debate was incredulous. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing from the Democrat. But to her great credit, neither could MacCallum who put the Democrat’s feet to the fire by saying PROVE IT.

Prove the connection between Palin and the Shooter. PROVE IT!

Of course the Democrat couldn’t prove it and moved the discussion back to the usual; we have to tone down the rhetoric, which seems to be the new Democrat mantra.

How about this for toning down the rhetoric?


It is fine for the Democrats to lie, cheat and look for any crisis that’s too good to waste, or for Democrats to produce movies on the assassination of President George W Bush while he was still in office. Or how about the vile things supposedly responsible LEFTIST Pundits had said about Bush on what are supposed to be respectable News media in the names of ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN?

But, in their LEFTIST minds, IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE for Republicans or Tea Partiers to speak their mind and campaign with enthusiasm for the issues they passionately believe in.

If you want to know about ratcheting-up the rhetoric, just ask Katie Couric who blind-sided Sarah Palin in her now INFAMOUS Vice Presidential interview. Or how about Charles Gibson who did the same thing?

I’d rather have someone come right at me, face to face saying exactly what he or she believes, rather than a sneaky Bastard who couches his or her true feeling through pretend journalistic professionalism.

It is only now that the LEFT are taking a literal shit kicking from the Independent and Centrist voters who have finally awoken to see the truth for what and whom the LEFT are, that the LEFT now wants to tone down the rhetoric.


What I think is just the opposite – America is great because of passionate debate where one side calls out the other. Where passions rule supreme. Where people get into the face of others without violence but with fervor.

For the Democrats to demand less now because they’re in the CROSS HAIRS of the electorate is nothing short of mealy-mouthed snivel.


All of that said – Let the LEFT keep taking their cheap shots at Sarah Palin while running-off their mouths like the sniveling whiners they are. America has no regard for sissies and crybabies. Americans respect and support toughness, stick-to-itness and conviction. And that is Sarah Palin.


If this tragedy proved anything at all, it proved who can stand tall, and who can’t stand at all.

By the way, this will be amongst the least popular things I can say:

The Media, including FOX News keeps on describing the Tucson Shooting as a National Tragedy. It is indeed a tragedy, but NOT a National Tragedy by any stretch.


The Civil War was a National Tragedy. So was Pearl Harbor. The Great Depression was a National Tragedy. So were World Wars I & II. Korea and Vietnam were also National Tragedies. Katrina and other great environmental disasters were National Tragedies. The BP Oil disaster was a National Tragedy and so is the current American economy.

But – For the government and News Media to HYPE this very unfortunate occurrence as a National Tragedy, it sets a very low standard for what really are National Tragedies.

Also – We will hear what the Pundits are calling Obama’s MOST IMPORTANT SPEECH OF HIS CAREER, which he will deliver at Tucson.

WHAT? Are they serious?

This speech that Obama will give about an ISOLATED event that has no meaning whatsoever to the American condition, is somehow according to the Media his MOST important speech is an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

I would like to say that I just don’t get it. But I do.

I understand all too well that the News Media has become an outlet for entertainment and hyperbole camouflaged as news. And that our politicians will say whatever they think will buy them votes whether they believe in their own words or not.

And like Rahm Emanuel said so famously from Obama’s White House, “a crisis is too good a thing to waste” . . . says it all.

I guess the fact that as many as 20% of all Americans who could use a job, and want a job, but don’t have one is not all that important today.

Or that States like California, New York and Illinois . . . to chose but a few, are bankrupt and on the brink of default are not all that important today.

Or that Portugal is about to collapse bringing the Euro and the EU down with it is no big deal today.

Or that the US dollar is on the cusp of falling like a rock is no big deal today.

Or that the Lebanese government just fell, bringing Lebanon even closer, once again to civil war, is also no big deal today.

TODAY – According to the News Media, the MOST IMPORTANT THING is the speech of a disengaged President about a sorry event that has nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare and workings of America.

God Help America.

There is no audio editorial with this article.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great article Howard, you speak Canadian, and American, you put into writing what millions of Americans are thinking today.
    O Canada!! I played your National Anthem today. Your PM calls it like it is terrorism.
    It’s time the Western World stops the coddling of these Islamo/Fascist killers.

    I don’t know if Canada has their version of ACLU, but if they do they will be out looking for sympathy for that little worthless punk.

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