With The Integrity Of An Alley Cat In Heat

The Republicans have one of two simple choices

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, and I mean REALLY on the other foot, the Democrats are all of a sudden the big conciliators who are demanding bipartisanship.

How bloody nice of them?

Isn’t it marvelous how the Democrats who treated the Republicans like crap when they held the majority in the Senate and the House, all of a sudden don’t want to be treated the same way they treated the opposition?

I distinctly remember Obama telling John McCain that the election is over. We won. You Lost. Get over it, at a televised White House meeting that was “supposed” to be bipartisan.

I also remember Pelosi and Reid EXCLUDING all of the Republicans from any participation in writing the IMPORTANT Bills no one had time to read before they were brought to the floor for the final vote.

But, now that these Democrat Sad-Sacks are in the minority in the House, Pelosi and these other Liberal Bad-Actors want to be included.

And how about Senators like Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who now champions the REPEAL of Obamacare that SHE VOTED FOR, because she comes up for reelection in 2012, and knows that she voted AGAINST the will of her own constituents, who by a margin of 71% are against Obamacare?

She’d fit in just fine standing under a street lamp in a DC red-light district with a few more of her kind.

There’s no believer like a Born-Again believer. So, I guess there’s no anti-spender like a Born-Again anti-spender, which you can all of a sudden see amongst the ranks of the Democrats who’ve spent America over the cliff.

Since the Democrats took control of the House and Senate at the second half of George W Bush’s second term, the Democrats INCREASED America’s debt by FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS.


As a matter of fact, in those six years of Democrat control of the House, and four years at the Senate, with Obama at the helm for two of them, these Born-Againers have spent more money than all of the governments COMBINED from the very first Congress in 1776.

Unlike what the Democrats have been preaching, that it’s Bush’s fault, the fault REALLY lies at the feet of the Democrats in the House, the Senate, and the White House.

To hear these Democrats NOW claim that everyone has to work together to get the deficit and debt down, is like hearing a sex addict talk about the need for sexual abstinence.

I have to roll my eyes every time Obama says that something is his TOP PRIORITY; such as the economy, or jobs, or whatever the flavor of the moment is, until he moves-on, sometimes in the same speech, with another Top Priority, or how he says it . . . IT’S JOB ONE.

To hear Obama talk about reducing spending and paying down the debt, is like seeing a blood-soaked dying person, pointing to the man standing over him with the knife in his hand, saying with his last breath – “HE DID IT”, only to have the knife wielder blame the dying victim for stabbing himself a dozen times . . . IN THE BACK!

I don’t have to ask how stupid Obama thinks the people really are, since what he says and does says it all. But, you know something? He’s right.

The people are really stupid – Stupid enough to put him into the White House the first time, with enough of them being sufficiently stupid to try to put him back there for a second kick at the American can, even though he is single handedly MOST responsible for the DEBACLE that has become of the American economy.

There is no question that things will turn around somewhat, because an economy as big as the United States of America does not succumb without a fight. And the American entrepreneurs, if not anything else, are as resilient as they come.

And in spite of Obama’s best efforts to crush the American Free Enterprise Spirit, America will continue to limp along and rebound, even if it is at a painfully slow pace. And as the jobless numbers improve, even marginally, and companies continue to grow, even marginally, GUESS WHO’S GOING TO BE TAKING CREDIT FOR IT?

There’s no question that the Republicans have been guilty as hell in how they’ve participated in the spending orgy. Or how Bush isn’t without blame. Actually, he’s with plenty of blame. But NOTHING like the Democrats who are desperately trying to wipe their fingerprints off the bloodied knife that has eviscerated the American economy, even though blood soaked Uncle Sam is pointing directly at them.

The way I see it . . . if the Republicans stick to their guns and do what HAS TO BE DONE regardless of how much these Democrats scream and stomp their feet, or try to look like the victims opposed to the victimizers that they are, the better it will be for America and the world.

And when the vote comes up to increase the DEBT CEILING, the Republicans have one of two simple choices.

1 – Vote to increase the limit and keep the train-to-disaster on-track.

2 – Or vote NO, and send a message to everyone that this spending game is done. That America is no longer for sale. And America has chosen a new track back to responsible government.

The Republicans have an opportunity to earn the respect of the American people, or show that they too have the integrity of an alley cat in heat.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Bravo, Howard, on an excellent editorial that speaks exactly what I feel! And it seems, from the comments, many of our American friends feel too. Canada is a great country-helps anyone in need, and supports justice and right. That these malicious, hateful terrorists attack her rouses me to the point of sometimes wanting the death penalty here. Keep being the great country I love, Canada, and tho’ many Canadians are anti-Harper, I think he’s a good leader, and true to Canada!

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