Liars, Cheats, And Thieves


I am convinced that Politicians like Nancy Pelosi who makes statements such as her number one priority as Speaker of the House was to “reduce the debt and pay as you go” is either a flat out LIAR or nuts.

I believe that she is both. I believe that she is deluded with her own sense of being and importance. And has no conscience whatsoever about making bald-faced lies. She might even be pathological.

I also believe that politicians like her have so little regard for the voting public, that it can only be described as disdain. Why otherwise would she pass the largest and most important Bill in recent American history, all 2000 plus pages of it in SPITE of the will of the people?

And, when confronted by the people for passing such an historic Bill without anyone first reading it, her response was: “We have to pass the Bill so you can find out what is in it.”

The fact that she wasn’t yanked off the podium, tarred and feathered there and then speaks volumes of the civility of the American people.


In the private sector amongst small to medium sized businesses, liars and incompetents like Pelosi would be shunned. When she and her Liberal partners-in-crime say that their 111th Congress was the most successful in history, one has to wonder upon which planet these people live. And how does a sane person measure success?

Under her Congress, America is BROKE. And under the definition of bankruptcy . . . America is BANKRUPT.

When the Democrats BRAG about saving and creating millions of jobs, again they LIE. Tax-Paid government jobs are NOT jobs. They are ongoing LIABILITIES.

It doesn’t take a genius to spend money, especially other people’s money as the politicians do. But why stop at a couple of million saved and created government jobs when you can create TEN MILLION jobs and really brag about the number of jobs saved and created?

What the hell, it’s only hard-earned tax dollars.

It’s a wonder that Pelosi wasn’t taken out in a straightjacket when she said that unemployment checks are the best way to stimulate the economy. More surprising is the reaction of her fellow Democrats whose silence at that ludicrous statement said everything.


Unless proven otherwise, in my most humble opinion, all the politicians are LIARS. Many of them really do have ego issues, and far too many of them are incompetent.

Just because someone is elected, appointed or hired to a government job does not give him or her the smarts or ability to do anything with a modicum of competence. If it did, our countries wouldn’t be in the mess they’re in.

So, as you read this editorial, you might be thinking that I’m pretty bitter when it comes to the people we hire and pay to represent us in government. And you would be right.

I am very bitter when it comes to the political and public service class.


The mess that our countries are in today is not of my making.

My wife and I work hard. We pay our taxes. We play by the rules. We help our neighbors and community when we can. And we NEVER have our hands out unless we are giving.

But look what these horrible people have done to our countries in spite of all of their promises and the money they’ve taken from us.

Look how they’ve spent us into insolvency. Look how they’ve created laws that impact our lives in ways that are not any of their business. Look how they live on the people’s money. And look at how they reward themselves for LIFE when their days are done in government or the public service.


Do you think the Republicans did themselves proud in the Lame-Duck Session by voting for the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts by adding enormous and obscene additional costs to the deficit and long-term debt?

Are you pleased that the Republicans voted to pass the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell in a Lame-Duck session?

Or that they voted with the Democrats to pass the new Nuclear Arms Treaty with the Russians when there was no urgency to get it done, especially since the Russians weren’t in any rush, and still haven’t passed it?

Didn’t these Republicans get the message from the people that SWEPT them into power to do just the opposite to what they did in the Lame-Duck session?

The Republicans had no reason to give anything to this Lame-Duck Congress that the people VOTED-OUT. They could have waited until the 112th Congress was sworn-in to do the business of the people.

And don’t tell me about how the taxes would have gone up for all Americans if the Bush Tax Cuts weren’t extended then and there. SO WHAT if they had gone up temporarily? That would have been on Obama and his Democrats, not on the Republicans.

And even if the Republicans would have had to take some heat for doing the RIGHT thing, isn’t that the kind of political courage and integrity the people are screaming for?

Whether it is in the USA or Canada, unless proven otherwise, our politicians and public servants are a disgrace and not worth a fraction of the money we pay them during and AFTER their service.

If John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the rest of this crop of Congressional Republicans want to keep the country from total collapse, and the people from teetering towards a second civil war, they better prove me wrong.

Otherwise it will not be pretty.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Being at the southern tip of Africa, and having visited the USA and Canada numerous times, my heart bleeds for you, having to endure such savagery. Hopefully, those involved, their backers, and their ilk, will be expelled from Canada, and permanently refused any travel visas to enter your country ever again. Fight fire with fire.
    John W. Rosen,
    South Africa.

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