Happy New Year To The Regurgitater-In-Chief


Obama will NOT be America’s President or Commander In Chief in 2012, because he is like a VENEREAL DISEASE whose gift keeps on giving. But after a while, even stupid people wise-up and become more selective with whom they get into bed.

Not only did he pass egregious laws that have done long-term inestimable damage to the USA and the world at large, his laws, like a virus have crept into crevices of humanity that make them all but impossible to remove, much like an invisible contagious infection of HIV.

But, like all organisms, nothing is forever.

Whenever I hear or read a Liberal or Pundit describe Obama as being brilliant; or as Juan Williams said last Sunday on the FOX Morning (Chris Wallace) news show (to paraphrase Williams): That in a battle of intellectualism between Sarah Palin and Obama, Palin wouldn’t stand a chance: I feel a sickness in the pit of my stomach when I hear that crapola.

One does not have to be brilliant or an intellectual to be a Demagogue, a Narcissist, a Liar and a Snake & Oil Salesman. All one needs to be, to have Obama’s “success”, is to be a person devoid of common decency and conscience, with a public relations team willing to sell their own country down the river.


If Obama was as smart as his supporters and fawning media say he is, why does he need a teleprompter as an ever-present appendage with which to regurgitate that which other people write for him?

And why, when he doesn’t have a teleprompter does he come-up with gems like his support for a BARBARIAN like Michael Vic?

Do you REALLY believe that Michael Vic feels sorry for torturing and murdering dogs? Or that he wasn’t awash with joy and excitement as he cheered-on the dogs as they ripped each other apart for his fun?


But, to Obama, none of that means a hill of beans, since Vic seems to be his kind of guy; an uncaring narcissistic brute who does what he wants, and then pretends to care when he’s caught.

Be certain that Obama’s approbation of Vic isn’t lost on the LEFTIST Tree-Huggers whose support is critical to Obama’s chance for reelection.

And “speaking” of dogs . . . where’s Obama’s dog that the media made such a big thing about? Did Obama toss the pooch under the same bus he tossed his “Typical White Grandmother” when her usefulness was done?

And, at the risk of being called a racist YET AGAIN: Why does Obama keep coming to the defense of Black Guys who display abysmal behavior? Why can’t he just keep his mouth shut when not reading from the teleprompter?

But, that’s the best thing for the future of America and the world about Obama. Without the teleprompter and his PR Team to tell him what to say and how to say it, he’s not a very smart guy.

To the contrary, Obama has proven to be awkward, inconsistent, poorly informed and incapable of thinking on his feet when REALLY confronted.

And now that Conservative Republicans in the Republican House will come at him and his horrible acolytes like never before, the American people who supported him in 2008 will finally see who they voted for if they don’t already know.

But, it isn’t just Conservative Republicans who will be coming after Obama in 2011, since there will be no shortage of Centrist and Conservative DEMOCRATS in the Senate and the House who will have at him, not because of love of country and a feeling of responsibility to their electorate, but to save their own miserable asses in 2012.

Obama is NOT smart. Nor is he a leader. He is nothing more than the diminishingly attractive America-Hating Leftist voice, geared towards taking Individualism apart in place of Collectivism.


No one is swooning in the audience any longer when he speaks. There won’t be any super stadiums filled to capacity when Obama needs his minions to give him love and approbation, unless they can bus-in enough people from the unions.

When a LEFTIST the likes of a Juan Williams says that Palin wouldn’t stand a chance in a one on one intellectual contest with Obama, all I can say to that is BRING IT ON!

I’ve seen Palin fish, hunt, climb a cliff, mush a dog team, shoot rapids, camp in the freezing rain and raise her family all the while that she’s doing all these things.

I’ve seen Palin take the most vicious blows any person has ever taken, especially over an extended period of time from what can only be described as the MOST dishonest and venomous media one would never have imagined in a Free Country, let alone in the USA.

And when Palin speaks, she might refer to some talking points . . . even written on her palm, but she never has to read what is in her heart or what she really needs to say.

I don’t know if Palin is going to run in 2012. I suspect she will just because she has no concept of retreat. And I hope that she does.

There are many who say she could never beat Obama one on one. I don’t believe that to be true.

There is no chance in a million years that Obama-lovers, including LEFTISTS, the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, Academics, Elitists and Blacks who will vote for him just because he’s Black, but otherwise couldn’t care in the least what he stands for would ever vote for Palin.

SO WHAT? They might not even bother to vote for Obama as soon as they realize the mess he’s made of things on both sides of the great divide. Especially when they don’t get their “vig” (vigorish – look it up).

He might even get a whole bunch of Latino voters who want their ILLEGAL friends and relatives to gain amnesty. But, what he won’t get, are the votes of people who know better, or have learned better since he became President.


1 – Obama will not be reelected, and might even be challenged from within his own Party. Maybe even by Hillary Clinton if she figures she hasn’t totally destroyed her credibility with the Jewish Community in the way she’s bashing Israel.

2 – Sarah Palin will run. And in January 2013, people will be calling her Madam President.

Have a GREAT New Year. Don’t let the LEFTISTS get you down. And NEVER surrender the fight.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Perhaps this horrible travesty will shed some realism on Washington DC to show them that there is no such thing as a peaceful loving Muslim. They go by their book and their book only. We are all infidels unless we convert and all infidels will be killed. Hopefully the slow molasses moving lawmaking body in Washington DC will now see the hand writing on the wall.

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