Merry Christmas To Obama, Pelosi And Reid.


Why you ask, is the title of this editorial Merry Christmas To Obama, Pelosi, and Reid?

SIMPLE: By taking the shellacking Obama is quick to admit to, it shows us that the actions of these three n’er-do-wells have driven home a new understanding of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, by showing the American people the GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE if Washington, the States and the Cities are not reigned-in.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have made the people understand what happens to FREEDOMS when governments become bigger than the people. And even though these EXCESSES didn’t start with these THREE STOOGES, because of them, America and the rest of the world understand consequences they never appreciated or considered before.

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: Because of these LEFTISTS and what they’ve done in the last 24 months, they, MORE than anyone else have steered America to the RIGHT.

I’m sure this reality does not make them happy, but like it or not that is what they’ve done. AND THAT’S A MIRACLE.


I am Jewish – And I am very pro-Israel . . . and an unabashed SECULAR Jew.

Even though I am a nonbeliever, I believe with every fiber of my being in the traditions, values, history and morality of what being Jewish is all about.

I can’t wait for those great Jewish Holidays like Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah and Passover. They are every bit a part of who I am.

That said: I also believe whole-heartedly in the MESSAGE of Christ – Peace on Earth and GOODWILL TOWARDS MAN.


One of our most enjoyable Christmas traditions is when the family of one of our neighbors comes to our property to pick whichever tree they want in our Pine Forest, cut it down, and take it home to decorate.

I LOVE the Christmas parties and suppers. I LOVE Carols, and probably know more of them than MOST of my Christian friends.

I love the glistening trees with all the bells and whistles draped in tinsel.

I like roasted acorns. They taste like crap but smell like Christmas.

I love the kisses, the hugs and the hearty handshakes.

I love being with our Christian friends as they, their children and grandchildren can’t for the life of themselves stop smiling, laughing and spreading the cheer.

I LOVE to visit the small stores where Anne and I shop, and give the clerks who serve us during the year $20 dollar bills just to say thank you and Merry Christmas.

It’s sad that there are so many people out there in Canada and the USA who want to take the Christmas out of the holiday, and change the meaning and the culture that has become as much a part of my life, as is my LOVE for my own Jewish heritage.

To all those people who have a problem with Christmas, they can kiss my “mistletoe”. But you know what I really mean.

To all my Christian and non Christians Website Friends – Thank you for reading what I write, listening to what I broadcast, and for forwarding this Website to others.


If you want to hear one of my favorite Carols, Click on the Radio Icon at the top of his page, turn up your speakers and enjoy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Canada is a sovereign nation and is not part of the United States, but I cannot hear of any injury to that wonderful country that hurts me less than any injury to the USA. I hope each and every Canadian knows how Americans feel about Canada and its people. We may seem apathetic in some areas, but not where the well-being of our beloved neighbors and friends to the North is concerned.

    Ralph Glorioso

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