They Just Don’t Get It


I don’t want to use this man’s name because it would be unfair; and I like him, but that doesn’t change the obscene benefits he receives courtesy of my hard work and yours.

Here’s a person I’ve just recently met who worked for 35 years as a medium level civil servant in a small city in Ontario (Canada).

As a civil servant, he earned a better than average salary in comparison to what he would have earned in the private sector.

He never had to lose sleep at night worrying about the security of his job, since working for the government is as secure a job as anyone could hope for.

In terms of vacations, he received far more vacation-pay and time-off than MOST people could dream of who work in the private sector. Plus, he was paid for sick leave and special civil service employee days off. In MOST private sector jobs, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

IN ADDITION . . . whether he took sick-days off or not, they were accumulated nonetheless and added as days worked.

One of my friends who retired from the Montreal police department a few years ago with a $75,000 annual pension, was able to retire about one and a half years earlier than his age allowed, because they applied his “entitled” accumulated sick-days that he didn’t take-off.

For whatever reason, this guy whom I’m writing about, decided to take early retirement at age 55. Can you retire at age 55? I’ll be lucky if I can afford to retire before they put me in the ground.

I spent MOST of my life as an entrepreneur/employer. I have paid MILLIONS of dollars in salaries, commissions, bonuses, vacation pay – etc.

This guy, like most public sector employees NEVER did any of that. Instead, he lived off the (tax) money I generated through my risk, hard work and sleepless nights.

He never had to worry about the job when his day was over.

He never had to worry about generating sales against tough competition, or paying bills with money he didn’t have because his clients haven’t yet paid, or how to make payroll with his own dwindling personal funds because there was not enough in the company account, especially with cash advances on credit cards that were just about maxed-out.

He never had to deal with multiple governments demanding their taxes whether he had the money or not. And if he didn’t pay on time, the penalties and interest on the money owed was enough to be the final nail in the coffin.

He never had to deal with jackass bureaucrats who buried him in useless paper because they could, or with regulations that made his life a misery and empowered theirs.

All he had to do was wake up in the morning, report to his job if he felt like it, do his work, well or not, and at the end the day go home to a warm meal never having to worry what tomorrow would be like in job security.

This guy, who for thirty-five years lived off the public purse, told me the other day how difficult it was for him to get by on his pension, because it just isn’t enough compared to what his salary was.

So, you’re wondering how much money this poor 55-year-old government retiree receives in his “measly” government pension that makes it tough for him to get by?

Before I let you know, I’ll tell you that after contributing to our various economies (municipal, provincial and federal) as an employee and employer, since I stared paying taxes at 16 years old, my annual pension is just less than $5000. When I turn 65 it will be about $10,000 per year with social security payments, all of which will be clawed-back since I will still be working.

His annual pension NOT including his federal pension or social security is $42,000. Can you see the mindset of this guy? He has no idea whatsoever, of what the real world outside government is all about.

We couldn’t count the number of working families who would give thanks to God every day if they knew they would EARN $42,000 per year FOREVER.

But to him, receiving “JUST” $42,000 per year seems not to be all that fair, since it is so much less than what he earned while he was working. I should also mention that his wife is still working at a much better paying federal government job, and will retire with anywhere from 50% to 100% MORE than what he’s receiving every year.

Also, when he turns 65, he will receive about $10,000 per year in his federal pension and an additional $6,000 in social security bringing the total he receives to just under $60,000 per year. Add that to what his wife will receive in retirement, and your looking at well over $150,000 per year between them.

Granted, they’ll pay taxes on this money. But so what, it’s NOT money they actually earned. So they’ll give back a bit if what we gave to them.

How many WORKING families do you know, who EARN anything close to that?

We spoke a bit about his pension. But, as I wrote at the beginning of this editorial, I like him, and I don’t fault him for riding on the taxpayers’ gravy train, so I didn’t want a confrontation.

But I couldn’t help myself. So I asked him if he realized that I would have to work till the day I die, just to make sure that the government would have the money to pay his pension?


I don’t believe for a second that this very nice hard workingman can relate to the fact that the government has no money other than the money they TAKE from the private sector.

HERE’S A REALITY – My generation is the last generation to carry a nation upon its back. The immigrants who came to this country before, and a generation after World War II are not the same immigrants who are coming today.

My generation’s immigrants came here with hope to achieve, to work hard, to raise good families, and to pay their way in search of winning the brass ring with no expectation of a free ride.

Far too many of today’s immigrants come to our countries in search of the free ride, especially in Canada where immigrants (illegal or not) are better cared for by the government than are our elderly poor.

Immigrants SHOULD be those upon whom a country builds its national future through hard work and innovation. But that isn’t the present-day case.

Children of my generation went to work after high school. Not everyone expected to go to university to receive a bullshit degree by taking bullshit courses while running up TENS OF THOUSAND OF DOLLARS in student loans.

We were indeed the last generation the country could depend upon for its wealth. FORGET ABOUT THIS CROP COMING OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY.

How many computer geeks does a nation need? How many brain-dead addicted video players can the country sustain?

Where are our real workers who aren’t afraid to do an honest day’s work for an honest dollar? Who’s here to develop factories and manufacture items we used to build and export?

Whether this is the USA or Canada; we’re in the fourth quarter, it’s the last down, there’s no timeouts, we’re no way near the end zone, and nothing less than a HAIL MARY PASS can save our sorry asses which we’ve allowed our politicians to buy with our OWN MONEY, so they could give away our future.

What I’ve written is not a matter of OPINION, neither is it JUST negative Conservative conjecture as the LEFT want everyone to believe.


Not only are we rapidly running out of money, we’re rapidly running out of the creators of money. And perhaps MORE to the point, we might have already crossed the RUBICON between how much is paid-in, compared to how much is being paid out.


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am so thankful for Sgt. at Arms, Kevin Vickers. He had a gun and knew how to use it. The shooter did not, or he would have killed many as he fired numerous times after killing the soldier at point blank range.
    Kevin Vickers is the hero of the day.

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