Ontario Is No California

ONLY $21 BILLION in DEFICIT as if $21,000,000,000 is pocket-change.

California’s Population is about 38 MILLION not including “undocumented” (ILLEGAL) Immigrants, which means it’s real population is closer to 40 plus million, which is about 7 million more than Canada’s entire population of 33 million.

California’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is just under TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. If California was a country, it would have the 8th largest economy in the world.

California’s wealth exists in virtually every natural and human resource known to man, including the world’s most vibrant entertainment and high-tech industries on the planet.

That said – California is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy with a TWENTY-EIGHT BILLION dollar deficit EXCLUSIVELY because of the ENTITLED LEFT and incompetent politicians, bureaucrats, and administrators.


Ontario’s population is about 13 MILLION people. Its GDP is about $500 Billion. And if Ontario was a country, it would NOT rank above mediocre. No similarity there.

Ontario has reasonable resources but NOTHING in comparison to California. Again no similarity.

Like California, but with less than ONE THIRD of the population and ONE QUARTER of the GDP, Ontario’s deficit ($21 BILLION) is close to being equal to that of one of the wealthiest regions on earth.


I was blown away last week when one Ontario Government Representative boasted that the deficit isn’t as bad as they had suspected, since the original estimate was MINUS $25 Billion, and now its ONLY MINUS $21 BILLION.

ONLY $21 BILLION in DEFICIT as if $21,000,000,000 is pocket-change.


How does this happen? WORSE – Where’s the outrage? And even WORSE than that . . . where’s the money going to come from to keep the infrastructure from collapsing upon itself?

And what do we hear from the Ontario Conservative Opposition? BUBKES.

The federal government recently announced that the federal pension fund, which is paid to retired and retiring civil servants, has been somewhat underestimated. They led us to believe that the (incredibly generous) retirement fund was about $140 BILLION as if that was no big deal.

Well they made a mistake – IT’S $60 BILLION . . . MORE!

How do these government geniuses whom we are all supposed to trust underestimate a massive entitlement by $60 BILLON (40%)?

So, if the federal government all of a sudden discovered a $60 BILLION “mistake”, what kind of mistakes do you think the absolutely INCOMPETENT and DISHONEST governing Ontario Liberal LEFT don’t want the people to know?


Where are the Ontario Conservatives’ VOICES when it comes to a failed economy, that without any question will collapse under it’s own weight if the spending and special entitlements don’t come to a screeching halt NOW?

Where’s the Conservative voice screaming about the excessive personal and corporate taxes that are chewing up wealth in Ontario, where the cost of electric energy has gone up by MORE than 40% in just a few years of liberal governance?

Where’s the outrage over the Ontario harmonized sales tax that adds an additional tax on all purchased goods to everyone INCLUDING the poor?

I don’t hear a damned thing about the McGuinty Family Day-Off he instituted a couple of years ago that FORCES businesses to give yet another PAID day-off to all their employees, while forcing each employer to pay the employers’ share of the Tax Deductions at Source on UNEARNED income.

I don’t care which Party is in power, since none of them seems to give a damn about SMALL to MEDIUM sized businesses, which combined, are the MOTOR that generates the lion’s share of all revenue in the Province (and nation).

I know all about the Liberals and the NDP Socialists from whom I expect nothing more than MORE demands and policies to soak the entrepreneurs who take the chances and create the jobs and wealth.

BUT the Conservatives . . . ?

Perhaps Tim Hudak, the Ontario Conservative Party Leader and others are blind and cannot see what has just happened (November 2, 2010) in the United States, where the people have hollered ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and threw many of the bums out.

I don’t want the next Ontario election to become a contest about the politicians who simply aren’t worth it.

I want the next election to be a REFERENDUM on the politicians, and how SMALL to MEDIUM sized businesses can be LIBERATED from the government’s obscene taxes coupled to hyper-regulations and intrusions.

What needs to be done between now and the next election (October 2011) is for INDEPENDENT businesses to organize to have a REAL voice in how the economy is run.

As I’ve written consistently; we need LESS government, SMALLER government, AFFORDABLE government, LESS taxes, the ABSENCE of all unnecessary regulations, LESS bureaucracy and the government out of our lives and businesses.

No one who owns and operates any sort of Independent business needs a politician or a bureaucrat to tell him or her how to run his or her business or how to spend his or her money.

Until that’s what the Conservatives become all about, the people who virtually create all the jobs, and who are responsible for virtually paying all the taxes should have a voice that will rock the Conservative Party to its very core.

And if that doesn’t happen, then who needs just another Party with vanilla politicians feeding off the public teat from election to election?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In 1972 the terrorist were depicted as rats swarming over the wall of the Olympic village. A lot of rat traps needs to be set and if the rat survives the trap he/she will be very sorry. This is war, no time for pussy-footing around!

    Ingo Andersen
    Burlington ON

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