Obama Is No Strategic Match For Israel


I’m going to continue writing about what I think should be done in the Province of Ontario to give the people a real Conservative voice, but I will first write this editorial about what is happening in the Middle East Vis a Vis Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton’s treatment of Israel, because it really bothers me.

I wasn’t convinced that Clinton was being honest when she said that she wasn’t interested in taking another run for the White House, since lying is as natural to the Clintons as is breathing.

What made me a believer is the way Hillary Clinton has all of a sudden decided to come out of her anti-Israel closet to lay blame on Israel for the failure of the PRETEND Peace Talks.

Listening to Clinton now – EVERYTHING is Israel’s fault, with barely a whisper of culpability laid upon the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

If Hillary Clinton had any real thoughts of pursuing the Presidency, she would have continued to LIE to the American people, but especially to the Liberal Jewish Lobby about how absolutely committed she was (is) to Israel’s security.

But now that she’s laid it on the line, all but saying that Israel is the problem in these PHONY negotiations, all pretenses about where she stands on Israel have been dropped.

As for Obama’s stated promise that he will always be Israel’s GREAT friend, that was a non-starter with me before he became President of the USA.

How in a million years could a guy like him attend a WHITE-HATING, AMERICA-HATING, ISRAEL-HATING, AND JEW-HATING Black Liberationist church led by a VICIOUS hater in the name of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years who could NOT himself be an Israel-Hater?

Obama was so enthralled with Jeremiah Wright, that he named his second biography after one of Wright’s HATE-FILLED sermons: “The Audacity Of Hope”. He also referred to Wright as family, “LIKE AN UNCLE”.

How proud would you be to brag about such a race-baiter as an uncle?

During the past few weeks, Obama made a whole bunch of wonderful promises to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, ONLY if Netanyahu would lead his nation upon a path to suicide.

Obama promised to give Israel 20 of the coveted F-35 Fighter Jets for FREE. He also promised NOT to vote against Israel at the Security Council for one year,

And that the USA would veto all votes against Israel for one year in the Security Council if Israel promised to extend the freeze on “Settlement” expansions for an additional 90 days.


Is Israel to understand that if they don’t take the Obama deal, the US will vote AGAINST Israel in the Security Council, and allow the THUGS to have their way with Israel in the same shameful chamber?

This is how Netanyahu responded:

1 – He asked Obama to put these promises in writing, so he could have something of substance with which to offer his Cabinet, the Knesset (Parliament), and the Israeli people.

Unbelievably, Obama said he could not.

How could the Israel-Hater-In-Chief not be able to put his signature to such a promise? If I was an Israeli, I would be more than just somewhat suspicious. Wouldn’t you?

2 – Knowing that Israel’s LEFT would chomp-at-the-bit as they always do to accept grandiose phony promises; one of the Israeli Parliamentary Conservatives tabled a Bill a couple of weeks ago that made it mandatory for the Knesset to vote 66% to surrender any territory to the Palestinians, including the Golan Heights which Israel has LAWFULLY annexed from Syria as a spoil of war.

And if that didn’t happen, it would then go directly to the Israeli people in the manner of a national referendum.

The Bill passed by a wide margin.

This takes an enormous weight off the shoulders of the leader of Israel and any future leader who is not interested in serving Israel-up on a platter for the ego of an American President or anyone else.

This Bill also makes it impossible for an Israeli LEFTIST leader to play the role of Neville Chamberlain with Israel, as Chamberlain did with Czechoslovakia in 1938, selling the Czechs out to the Nazis.

What the LEFT, including Obama and Clinton call “SETTLEMENTS”, Israel calls Israel. I’ve been to Israel, and I can assure all of you that we’re not speaking about hilltop lookouts with an Israeli flag and a mobile hut, as the Settlements they want turned over to the Arabs.

These so-called Settlements the Arabs want are part of Greater Israel and home to HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Israelis, Jewish, Arab and Christian. These are sophisticated contiguous sub-divisions that are indistinguishable from any other part of Israel.


Israel has also made one simple demand to the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. Israel wants them to publicly acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish Nation, which is home to the Jewish people.

THE Arabs WONT DO IT. So what does that say about the Arabs as honest partners for peace?

Based just on that, Israel should NEVER enter into any negotiations for anything that has to do with Territory and Palestinian Sovereignty. At least not until the Arabs recognize Israel as a legitimate Jewish Nation, and when a President is in the White House who didn’t sit in a WHITE-HATING, AMERICA-HATING, ISRAEL-HATING JEWISH-HATING Black Liberationist Church for 20 seconds, let alone 20 years.

The good news in all of this is that Obama and Clinton have both played their hands leaving Israel all the room Israel needs to survive and prosper without having to sell itself-out or surrender its security.

By the way – Anyone who thought an empty vessel the likes of Obama, and his sidekick Hillary Clinton would ever be able to outmaneuver people who have survived the Egyptians, the Philistines, the Romans, the Inquisitions, the Pogroms, the Nazis, and 1.5 BILLION Moslems praying and playing for the utter destruction of Jews and Israel have no idea of Israeli/Jewish resilience.

If the Israelis understand anything at all, they understand that just one strategic mistake will be their last. And they’re not about to make that mistake for Obama to finally “earn” his ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is both very sad & infuriating. The U.S. is under attack from within and without. Remember 9, 11?? Remember the shooter who entered a Synagogue and killed? The list goes on and on. No gun fires itself. Concealed (or open carry where allowed) was instituted for a reason, a good reason. I am not a vigilante, BUT, will defend and protect when and where necessary, family first. My heart & prayers are with you, Howard. Canada is under attack. Lock & load.

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