Why Bother Voting For The Ontario Conservative Party?


It’s now Friday, December 10, 2010, and the phone call that was supposed to come yesterday to setup the time and place for the meeting proposed by the Ontario Provincial Conservative Party never happened.

Are these people a joke or what?

I asked visitors to Galganov.com in my last editorial (December 6, 2010) if they thought I should go or not go to this meeting proposed by the Ontario Conservative Party. The responses numbered in the HUNDREDS (I stopped counting after 300 responses) who overwhelmingly said YES.

Two people told me not to go to the meeting since it would only be a sham. Two people want me to setup my own Party, while the rest said YES for a variety of reasons that said nothing positive about the Ontario Conservatives.

What does that say about a Party that can’t even win an election against a Liberal DUFUS who is amongst Ontario’s most underwhelming people, and won’t even send an application form to be a potential nominee?

To me, it says that the Ontario Conservative Party wants NOTHING whatsoever to do with what the people want, since they won’t let the people in the Riding choose or reject the nominee of their own choice.

So, if the Ontario Conservative Party doesn’t have the good manners to respond to phone calls, emails, or attend meetings that themselves requested . . . one has to ask this singular question:


I’ve read their Website from start to finish. I’ve read the Website of their leader Tim Hudak from start to finish, and I have no idea whatsoever what it is that they really stand for, other than – VOTE FOR US because we’re not the other guys.

Why would I want to vote for a Party that wants vanilla candidates who have not made waves and will never make waves?

Why do I want to support a Party that seemingly stands for nothing? Or hides what it stands for so as not to offend anyone?

I figure they won’t send me an application form enabling me to put myself forward to the people because the Party’s INSIDERS are TERRIFIED that I might actually win.

Besides . . . who wants to have a candidate who might actually represent the people and do and say what must be done or said in spite of Political Correctness? – Obviously NOT the Ontario Conservatives.

What is also very curious is why they requested a meeting with me on a specific day that they reneged on without the courtesy of even a phone call to say the meeting isn’t going to happen?


1 – I have taken an extremely principled stand in favor of our Constitutional RIGHTS to FREEDOM of EXPRESSION, vis a vis French language policies that exclude English speakers in a Province that is only 4% French.

2 – I am in the Ontario Court of Appeals fighting tooth and nail against a Franco/Activist sign law that makes it ILLEGAL to have an English ONLY commercial sign in a few Townships near Ottawa.

3 – I have been extremely and PUBLICLY vocal AGAINST French ONLY publicly funded healthcare centers that deny services to Anglos.

4 – I am AGAINST segregated school busses that EXCLUDE Anglo students as if they were a contagion the French kids might catch.

5 – I am AGAINST government hiring policies that refuse decent civil service jobs to Anglos who can’t pass a French Proficiency Exam in a province that is 96% NOT French.

6 – I am AGAINST French ONLY community centers and other French ONLY social programs all of which are funded to a GREAT extent with English money. If I pay for it, why should I be excluded?

7 – I have also made it abundantly clear that I have great reservations concerning the TEN BILLION unaccountable dollars Canada throws away every year on Native Rights programs.

8 – And I am not shy to voice my very serious concerns about the THREAT of Islam within and without Canada.

Just to make certain that you know where I’m coming from, so the LEFTISTS can’t say that I am just an ADVOCATE OF NO, since that is their stock-in-trade argument when they have nothing else to say.

1 – I am for a MERITOCRACY where the best person gets the job regardless of race, culture, religion, gender, age, and language – etcetera.

2 – I am for the LEAST amount of government possible and ending suffocating regulations.

3 – I am for the LEAST costly government.

4 – I am for Government employees NOT to earn more than the private sector average for comparable work, without any silver-spoon pensions.

5 – I am for the LOWEST taxes possible paid through a Flat Tax System where there would be no deductions at source.

6 – I am for the LEAST amount of entitlements.

7 – I am for no deficit spending.

8 – And I am for paying down the DEBT.

Now, would you vote for any Party that claims to be Conservative, which would NOT support ALL of the above 8 principles?

The problem with the Ontario Conservatives, much like the problem with all of our Parties is that they do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand tall for the things they allude to believe in.

They won’t give me the time of day or ALLOW their Riding members to vote for me because they worry about offending the very people who should be offended the most, who are part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

They are afraid that I’ve pissed-off the Franco Minority, Natives and Moslems, making me toxic to these voters. AND THEY’RE RIGHT!


What about the TENS OF THOUSANDS of people in this Riding of Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry who agree with me, like the workers who pay their taxes and ask for nothing from the government as the government pisses away their money like drunken sailors in a whorehouse?

Or the entrepreneurs and farmers who want the government out of their businesses and off their farms? Businesses and farmers have done very well for themselves and this country long before the government decided to tell them how to do their jobs.

Or the retired folk who are watching their savings being smothered by rising costs and diminishing services, as the government hands out entitlements as if the government is Santa Clause and every day is Christmas?

In truth, not only am I relieved that the Ontario Conservative Party STIFFED me on the meeting, and displayed a total lack of class and conviction by EXCLUDING me as a choice for the Riding to accept or reject, I’m actually quite pleased with the outcome, since I would never have fit in with a Party that stands for nothing and is too scared to let the people decide who should represent them.

I’ve written several times – WHAT TO DO? . . . WHAT TO DO?

In the next few editorials I’ll tell you what I would very much like to do, and very possibly will do. But I’ll tell you now that supporting or voting for the Ontario Provincial Conservative Party will not be any part of it.

To know more about what I think on this issue, Click on the Radio Icon at the Top of this page to hear a 16-Minute Audio Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. HOWARD,you are so right…this texan is so ready for civil war to protect our rights,,i do not believe this will ever be resolved peacefully,,,,,john in dallas

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