To Accept An Insult Or Not – That Is The Question.


My last editorial (December 5, 2010) touched no shortage of raw nerves, especially the part that went: “IT’S TIME TO GET THE TAR AND FEATHERS”.

As many of you know from visiting this Web Site, I am as fed-up with the political process as anyone can be, probably MORE than most. But, unlike most people, I have a substantial audience through the Internet and Radio Stations throughout Canada and the United States who have me on their air as a guest, all of which gives me an outlet with which to vent.

But, as involved and invested in the political processes as I am in both countries, I am also near the point where I am ready to just say SCREW-THEM ALL and let’s start over.

I’m hoping that this process of REAL political change that has begun in the USA, where and when the people had spoken on November 2, 2010 with a clarity that is generally rare amongst the electorate will take hold.

But, it is not possible to say the same for Canada.

In Canada, the system has become so corrupted by the Politicians, Parties and Bureaucrats, that all of our governments, including the legal system, have become totally estranged from the people.

I’ve run for elected office several times, but as an Independent, solely because I couldn’t stand the games, cowardice and insincerity of the Parties – ALL OF THE PARTIES.

But, running as an Independent in Canada, no matter how much money someone spends campaigning, or how clear his/her platform is, the Independent Candidate will never get elected unless there is some incredible circumstance.

So, I decided to do something extremely unique for me, which was to run for a Party. In this case, it was the Ontario Provincial Conservative Party, which has been kicked-around relentlessly by the hapless Liberals for the last decade and beyond.

Where I live (Stormont, Dundas &South Glengarry) in South Eastern Ontario which borders Quebec to the East and NY State to the South, the Provincial Liberals OWN the Riding which they won in the last election by close to 50%, which says a lot when you consider there are THREE Major Parties vying for the hearts and minds of the voters.

Coming up soon is a nomination campaign for this Riding, which is somewhat like a very mini primary, where ONLY members of the Party in each Riding get to decide who they want to represent them in the general election.

The trick here for the nominee wannabes like me, is to sign-up as many new members as possible BEFORE the nomination vote, who will be willing to go to the nomination meeting to vote for you.

SEEMS PRETTY CLEAR RIGHT? . . . It should be – But it’s not.

It appears that the Ontario Conservative Party isn’t all that fond of their OWN process. They would rather handpick who can throw his or her hat into the nomination contest, KEEPING THE RIF-RAF LIKE ME OUT OF THE PROCESS.

Just to stand in the Conservative Party’s batter’s box, let alone to have a chance to swing and either get a hit or strike-out, first you have to fill in an application form that must be accepted by a nomination committee.

What kind of deal is that?

What could the Ontario Provincial Conservative Party possibly want to know beyond the name, address, phone number and legal eligibility of the person who wants to run?

Even if that person has a criminal record – SO WHAT? Isn’t that what a nomination campaign is all about? Shouldn’t it be up to the people to decide who gets to represent them rather than the Party? OBVIOUSLY NOT.

I received a relatively “cold” phone call late last week near the end of the business day from Justin Ferguson, who I understand is somewhat responsible for the nomination process.

I spoke to him more than a month ago.

The reason for my call to him then . . . was SIMPLY to get the application form, which one needs to run. He wasn’t particularly helpful, nor all that warm and inviting. I would have assumed he would have been, since he was speaking to someone who wanted to become a player in his Party. But he wasn’t.


Later on the same day, I had another conversation with one of the Party’s senior people who gave me his cell-phone number telling me to get in touch with him within a few days to make sure that everything was smoothly moving along. That was encouraging.

So I did just that, only to have my call NOT answered NOR returned.

As it turns out, the purpose of Justin Ferguson’s call last week was to set up a meeting in Cornwall between someone in the Party and myself. This was interesting and hopeful.

Because I was in the barn at the time of the call, and had no means of writing down details, I asked Ferguson to please send a short email with the person’s name and the day he wanted to meet.

So, here is what I received from the guy whose job I assume it is to help in the nomination process:

“As discussed, (our representative) is going to TRY and meet with you on December 9th. He will be in contact with you to confirm the location and the time if he is ABLE to meet.” The capital TRY and ABLE are mine for emphasis. And I do not include the name of the representative, because I have no idea if he is a good guy or just another Party insider.

I had to read this email several times to make certain that I wasn’t being too sensitive and over-reactive.

What did Ferguson mean when he wrote that he “IS GOING TO TRY TO MEET WITH YOU”?

That’s not what he said to me on the phone. What he said was that this person will be in Cornwall on a specific date and wants to meet with you, but he isn’t yet certain where or at what time. That’s quite different from “TRYING” to meet with me.

Ferguson then goes on to write: “IF HE IS ABLE TO MEET WITH YOU.” What the hell is that all about? “If he is ABLE to meet with you.” If he was not sure that he would be “ABLE” to meet with me, why bother making the call to me in the first place?


Maybe they think that I’m RIFF-RAFF, but thinking it and treating me as if I am is a world of difference.

It MUST be mentioned that I NEVER asked for this meeting or any other meeting. And since I was “shunned” about a month ago, I NEVER again pursued any contact with the Conservative Party of Ontario, in the belief that their Party is more about PARTY insiders, than it is about representing the people.

Regretfully, I can see very little difference between the Ontario Conservatives and the other Parties. AND THAT’S A TERRIBLE SHAME.

Since I’ve written a few editorials that have been critical of the Ontario Provincial Party’s nomination process, and have wondered on this Web Site what I might do politically when the next Provincial election is run (October 2011), perhaps some within the Party might be concerned that I could harm their chances of winning a seat in this very Provincial Liberal Riding if I decide to do more than just sit on the sidelines.


Why don’t you write to me and let me know if you think I should attend this meeting – that is if the Ontario Conservative Party Representative might have some time to squeeze me into his schedule.

I will do what the majority of you suggest – YES or NO to the meeting.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Spot on Howard! Some day soon, Americans may admit that Obama has essentially declared Jihad/war on conservatives, Christians, Jews, Israel, Constitution, Bill of Rights & freedoms Saul Alinsky style. Cite a dozen “phony” scandals, IRS/DHS/NSA spying, Major Nadal Hasan’s murder of 13 (wounding 30) yelling “Allah Akbar” as “work-place violence”. Obama was raised Muslim; top advisor Iranian-born Muslim Valerie Jarrett & Obama lie as cover for their acts. Next two-year agenda? We’ll all be crying!

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