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My last editorial (The Left Fear Sarah With Good Reason November 27, 2010) elicited more than just an average response. It seems that most people have an opinion about Sarah Palin; some of it is very positive, some of it is as negative as it gets.

Amongst the negative emails, there were several that were crude and nearly pornographic signed no less by women. Some were the usual God help us all if she ever gets elected.

One of the critical letters attacked her for taking on the Alaska oil industry, by giving some of those oil industry profits back to the people. Go figure?

But, as I wrote in the last editorial, NOT ONE PERSON who was critical of Palin was really able to deal with a solid issue concerning Sarah Palin’s personal and public history. NOT ONE!


1 – Too many men and women are bothered by her very good looks.

There is no doubt in my mind that some women are both intimidated and jealous of her looks and lifestyle, in a way that they know they could never measure up to.

Some of the men who are “threatened” by a woman of Plain’s great looks and toughness are just misogynists.

2 – Palin simply doesn’t fit into the political mold – Can anyone recall another person in public life who is anything like her? I can’t.

Think about this for a second:

What do we really know about the private lives and thoughts of our extremely managed professional politicians? How about between NOTHING and not much other than for what the Public Relations Folk want us to know.

But, when it comes to Sarah Palin, there seems to be very few secrets and nothing that anyone can point a finger to which has been constructed by Spin Doctors and Masters of Smoke and Mirrors to disguise who she really is.

I’ve never seen any politician who has ever been so meticulously and unfairly put under the microscope than Sarah Palin and her family. Have you? And what have they found out about her and hers that is so bad? Or even a little bit bad?

3 – I’ve heard more than one media-hack and Palin antagonist deride Sarah Palin for NOT graduating from a quality-type university. To me, that seems like a bonus, since we’ve all seen what the Harvard and Yale types have done for our societies.

4 – Unlike virtually EVERY PROFESSIONAL politician, Palin says what she means and really does mean what she says. I used to say that about George W Bush, but I think I was wrong. About Palin: I’m convinced that I’m right.

As for the writer who was VERY critical about Palin’s policy of taking profits from the oil companies to give them back them to the people, implying that her policy was no different than Obama’s redistribution of wealth; he is full of beans.

Obama wants private industry, large and small to “SHARE” their EARNED wealth with the people. But, there is a mighty difference between earned CREATED private wealth and the people’s wealth that lies under the ground.

Oil and gas that lies beneath the surface of the earth are not “products or services” created by the people who bring them to the surface.

This wealth really and truly belongs to the people; otherwise, what would be the need of oil companies to be FORCED to buy the rights from various governments to drill in the people’s land, private and state owned, while paying royalties and leasing fees to the government?

All Palin did was give back to the people some of what the oil companies had benefited from them. That’s hardly akin to Obama’s share the wealth.

I’d like to see another Governor or Premier in the case of Canada do the same thing. This isn’t spreading the wealth; it’s about paying people a royalty of sorts for the product they own and allow others to harvest.

The more arguments I hear and read about Sarah Palin, the more I believe she is the medicine America and the world needs here and now. Saying that she will destroy America without any basis for saying it just blows me away.

Or calling her stupid, uniformed, and an extremist are invectives based upon personal hostility, that are as empty an argument as one can offer.

Sarah Palin is anything but stupid.

She is very much informed about the issues that really matter. She might not be able to tell you the name of the President of Kazakhstan, but I bet she can tell you the names of all the people who in a meaningful way are the leaders who threaten America’s way of life and security.

Sarah Palin is no economist from a fancy university, like all of those who’ve never created anything, never hired an employee, never had to meet a payroll, never begged clients for receivables, never borrowed on credit cards or mortgaged his or her home to keep the business afloat; but all the same, they believe that they know better than the businesspeople who actually run businesses.

I don’t know if Sarah Palin ever had to do any of the above, but nonetheless, she knows that government spending; unfunded entitlements and high taxes are KILLING her country. She doesn’t pretend to have all the fancy economic answers no one can understand, which least of all got us all into the mess we’re in today.

What Palin brings to the table is fundamental common sense, something that is totally uncommon in our politicians and overpaid fat-cat bureaucrats.

Unless someone can really explain why Palin is the wrong choice for 2012 with facts, rather than character assassination, I can see no one else who could be more refreshing in the White House with the ability shake things up for the better.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I am feeling hollow with what has happened in Ottawa. And, I am afraid that you are thinking of the Canada of our fathers. It sickens me to see what the left has let our country become. I believe that Harper will try and do what is right and just while the other parties will try and make political hay out of this terrible situation. The crime will be the media who will report what serves them, not the country.
    Sad times indeed.

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