The LEFT Fear Sarah With Good Reason

“I don’t spend time thinking about Sarah Palin”

When Barbara Walters recently asked Obama if he thought he could beat Sarah Palin in 2012, in reference to Palin saying that she could beat him in the forthcoming 2012 Presidential election, his response was a patented Obama snicker and non-answer that included:

“I don’t spend time thinking about Sarah Palin”.

To that . . . I say – BULL!

I assure you that Obama spends no shortage of time thinking about Sarah Palin, ‘cause if he didn’t, he would be an even bigger fool and liar than I think he already is, since Palin is the BANE of his political existence.

Every time I hear a Democrat say how much they’d LOVE to run against Palin in 2012, it reminds me of the scaredy-cat who whistles past the cemetery.

If they would REALLY want to run against Palin in 2012, they would keep their mouths shut in the hopes that they wouldn’t scare-off the Republicans from nominating her as their candidate.

But they can’t help themselves from talking about . . . and berating Sarah Palin. But, how can anyone blame them, since she has the single GREATEST non-political public profile of someone who is not a politician, with a favorable popularity that grows with every policy position she makes public.

Next to Palin, Obama looks like the ineffectual piece of work that he really is: ALL SMOKE – NO FIRE.

In Palin’s case however, it’s not only ALL FIRE . . . she’s a blazing inferno of confidence in herself, in the American people, and the American DREAM.

And no one is going to convince Sarah Palin that there is no such thing as American EXCEPTIONALISM. Not then. Not now. NOT EVER!

It’s curious how the LEFT make fun of Sarah Palin; especially how she turns a phrase, and her down-home country demeanor, even to the point where they’ve ridiculed her children.

But, the real story is how the LEFT NEVER EVER take-her-on, on real policy issues, on her personal accomplishments, and how she views the country she is as proud of, as anyone can be.

When Palin finally throws her hat into the ring for her run to win the White house in 2012, one of her great ad commercials SHOULD be a 10-Second clip with her picture next to Obama’s with the following question:


After this . . . little else would ever have to be said, because THAT WOULD HAVE SAID IT ALL.

Let the LEFT keep up their charade of WISHING for Palin in 2012, because like the Chinese curse says: “Be careful for what you wish . . . you just might get it”.

And just to show how far from reality the LEFT really is; Pelosi threw a celebration party for her Democrats right after they were handed an HISTORIC ass-kicking that took the gavel out of Pelosi’s shriveled-up cold hands.

If that was a reason for the Democrats to celebrate, just think of the bash they could throw after Palin serves Obama’s head on a platter?


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Great article Howard. You are a true vibrant Canadian, one that really cares and remains totally active. Your protests were most successful and part of our lives and activists’ agenda.

    Renee Edwardh
    Montreal, Quebec

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