Security OVER Freedom – Too High A Price To Pay


The debate over the incredibly intrusive American Airport Security Screening has come down to a choice between Freedom and Safety. At least this is what most of the LEFT want everyone to believe.


The Airport Screening Protocol is yet another INTRUSION into the privacy and individual RIGHTS of the American people, which has MORE to do with the RIGHT of the bureaucracy at the behest of the government to impose itself upon the people, than it has to do with safety and security.

The Screening Procedures that are currently in place at American Airports make no one in America any safer than they would be if they reverted back to the type of basic screening that was in place PRIOR to 9/11, that is if the government PROFILED THE RIGHT PEOPLE.


If Moslem TERRORISTS want to bring down a plane they will . . . but why should they bother taking down a plane when just the threat of that happening is enough for the government of the FREEST people on earth, to take away FREEDOM of mobility and FREEDOM from UNREASONABLE search by treating all Americans and other non hostile travelers in America as if they were criminals?

America is America BECAUSE it has always been a FREE country where people are the LEAST encumbered by government anywhere on the planet.

There was a time not that long ago, within my memory when even the thought of aggravating America sent nations into abject fear – But not anymore. Ask Iran. Ask North Korea.

It’s not as if the Moslems who threaten and attack the West, Israel and the USA are shadow-people. They are not. We know where they come from and who finances them. We know that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, and America’s PRETEND best friend Saudi Arabia are up to their camel-dung in support of groups and schools that teach and preach hatred of the West, Christians, Israel and Jews. And maybe even Jordan and Egypt too. Not to forget Indonesia, Pakistan and just about every other Moslem nation.

So . . . here’s a novel idea:

Instead of punishing law-abiding decent folk who travel on airplanes to or from the USA, why not just submit all foreign Arabs and non Arab residents who are not US citizens and people coming from Moslem countries to ENHANCED security BEFORE they get on a plane headed for the USA or emanating from the USA?

How’s that for a way to combat Arab/Moslem TERRORISM? How long do you think it would take for the Arab/Moslems to end the TERROR?

If America wants to maintain the FREEDOM it was founded upon, and get the government out of their lives, America MUST fight the enemy on the enemies’ turf, rather than on the turf of the HOMELAND.


Israel has gone a long way to the LEFT, much as the USA has done, especially since 1993 and the SUICIDAL Oslo Agreement that benefited no one but Arab Thugs and Bill Clinton.

But this week (November 22, 2010), Israel has found its way back, or at least is now on the path to their way back.


Israel is under ENORMOUS pressure from Obama, Hillary Clinton, all of Israel’s Arab neighbors, and virtually all of EUROPE to commit national suicide.

There is so much pressure for Israel to sell itself out to people who can easily be identified as being amongst the dregs of global society, that no leader can bear the weight alone. So, here is what Israel did this week.

To prevent a gutless LEFTIST government from selling-out Israel, the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) voted to allow the SURRENDER of East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and/or any other annexed land, ONLY with a Super Parliamentary Majority of TWO THIRDS, or by way of a National Referendum.

As a result – There will NEVER be 66% of elected politicians who would be willing to destroy Israel on the altar of LEFTIST dreams. And there will NEVER be a majority of Israelis who would be willing to curse their nation, history, and children by diminishing their country.

So . . . Obama, Clinton, and the rest can put as much pressure on the leadership of Israel as they can – TO NO AVAIL.

Israel did something absolutely unique in this modern-day Democratic World; Israel gave back to the people the right to make critical decisions for themselves and country. NOT THE POLITICIANS.

There is no question whatsoever, that when Israel was quick to exact enormous pain on its enemies when Israel’s enemies attacked Israel; the attacks came to a halt. It was only after Israel’s LEFT decided to play “nice” with cutthroats and murderers that Israel really began to bleed over decades of attacks.

But, when Israel finally decided to fight back in a meaningful way at Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza where whole blocks of Arab cities and infrastructure were destroyed along with hundreds of insurgents killed, did the Arabs decide to stop lobbing rockets and sending suicide murderers into Israel.

But, know this: Sending in the troops to get at Israel’s tormentors was NOT because that’s what the LEFTIST government wanted to do. It was because that’s what the Israeli people DEMANDED from their government. And even at that, Israel’s LEFTIST government’s response was politically correct and measured, instead of what it should have really been. Nonetheless, the message was sent.

Now it’s America’s turn to find their way back and stop treating their own citizens as suspects, and take-on the real villains in this bizarre game that America can NEVER win if they continue to play by the rules of those who wish to do America harm.

There is far more on the line for America and the American people than just being forced to stand in an X-RAY machine to receive an unwanted dose of radiation, or get their privates groped at airports.

It’s all about who gets to have FREEDOM. Will it be the Moslem TERRORISTS? Or will it be decent American people?

I think, that just the very believable threat from America that it is really SERIOUS about striking back at Islamo/Fascism in a MEANINGFUL way would be more than enough to change most Arab/Moslem attitudes lickety-split. AND THAT’S A FACT!


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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard…I think we are blood brothers. I am a Canadian and have great love for my country. And The USA is where I lived
    and worked for 52 years. I get shivers when they play O Canada AND the US NATIONAL ANTHEM. I cannot vote in the US because I am not a citizen and I cannot vote in Canada because of my residency…I can, however shout loud and often about where my tax dollars go, the size of government, the admiration of our forefathers in both countries and recognition of God in our lives.

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