It Seems To Be Them Against Us

WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for the governments we have.

No matter how hard I try to understand how such colossal failures are repeatedly elected to office – I CANNOT!

I’ve written in the past that we should NOT encourage people to vote, and that everyone should have to pass a minimal means-test in order to vote, which could be something as simple as naming the Parties, and/or the leaders of each Party, and/or the names of just two candidates.

Nothing complicated – Just enough to show that the person voting has a semblance of knowledge, since nothing in a FREE society is MORE important than choosing a government.

For people to vote for such an EMPTY vessel as Barack Hussein Obama to the HIGHEST office on the planet, whose only personal history SCREAMS STAY AWAY, leads me to believe that our concept of Democracy is in a critical way, experiencing a gargantuan breakdown.

I have always contended that the ONLY force on earth that can destroy our Democracy and take away our FREEDOMS is the abuse of Democracy itself. Neither the Fascists or the Communists could do it, but we can, and we are doing it to ourselves.

Democracy does not mean, nor has it ever meant in our present day understanding that it is a fast track to the destruction of personal LIBERTIES at the hands of those who make their mark on the ballots.

I will remind everyone who reads what I write, that Adolf Hitler was brought to power by means of the DEMOCRATIC process.

What does that tell us?

Does it tell us that the disenfranchisement of the German people was right? Or that closing unfriendly media and burning books was right? Or sending people to prison camps because of their politics was right? Or that the torture and murder of 6 MILLION people because they were Jews was right?

Was all of the above and MORE right, because Hitler won power in a Democratic process?

A major part of what has made America EXCEPTIONAL since 1776, is that it was NOT established as a Democracy, since the fundamental description of Democracy is rule by majority.

America is a REPUBLIC, where the concept of personal FREEDOM, especially from abuses by government, regardless of how powerful the government might be, or the size of the majority that voted for the government, is that INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS should reign supreme.

So, even if 99% of the population were to have voted for someone like Barack Obama for whatever reason, this would not entitle Obama or anyone else to usurp the rights of the individual, or to abrogate any part of the Constitutional GUARANTEES of the 1% who voted for someone else.

That’s how it should be. But that’s NOT how it is going.

As I see it, Obama and his LEFTIST minions do whatever they want, paying little to no attention whatsoever to the meaning and integrity of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And how do they get away with this?

EASY . . . the LEFTIST Judiciary has played so fast and loose with the foundation of much of the Constitution, that it is now open to everyone’s interpretation.

In Canada, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms was purposefully crafted in 1982 for the Judiciary to interpret, which renders our FREEDOMS to be privileges far MORE than they are RIGHTS, which at the whim of an unelected judge who is APPOINTED FOR LIFE, can determine to what extent a RIGHT is actually a RIGHT.

Because Obama makes it up as he goes along, and there seems to be no one to say NO, he was able to STEAL General Motors and Chrysler from the American people with the people’s own TAX-DOLLARS, while dismissing the legitimate claims of stock and bondholders who lost everything.


On Thursday (November 18, 2010), GM launched an IPO available ONLY to SPECIAL INTERESTS, including the UAW, China, Saudi Arabia and the big Trading Houses. BUT, the people (taxpayers) who footed the ENTIRE bill to keep GM from going completely under were frozen-out of the process.

That’s right . . . plain folk whose tax-dollars bailed out GM were FROZEN-OUT of the IPO – WHY? And why is there no outrage.


I watched the Charlie Rangel Ethics Committee do their two-step in front of the cameras, and felt nauseous as one of the members of Congress, a Republican no less, said to Rangel that he had great RESPECT for him, BEFORE he went into a litany of Rangel’s “indiscretions” with which to tear Rangel apart for how he played fast and loose with the rules and laws Rangel himself was entrusted to establish.

What made me nauseous wasn’t the list of ethics violations run-off by the Republican, but that the Republican had led off his comments with his great respect remark for a man who had cheated, lied and stole the people’s money.

How could this Republican Member of Congress have any respect whatsoever for a man like Rangel? And what does it say about this Republican House Member and the mindset he shares with just about all the rest of them in Congress, Democrat and Republican alike?


It’s horrible when these “servants” of the people address each other during debates as “MY GOOD FRIEND”. What’s that all about? Did the electorate vote for people to become good friends while in office? Or did they vote for people to do their bidding?

I’d be happier if these bad political actors referred to each other as “THAT IDIOT WHO WANTS TO SPEND THE PEOPLE’S MONEY AS IF HE OR SHE WON IT IN A LOTTERY” instead of MY GOOD FRIEND.


When the ONLY non-government-owned American car company, Ford, competes against GM, now held in large part by the UNION, Arabs and the Chinese; Ford has to compete against the people’s tax dollars.

Yes – you read that right.

Even though the government is selling big chunks of GM to foreign countries who have little to no regard for America and the West, the people’s tax dollars will CONTINUE to underwrite and subsidize General Motor’s products, creating what is an absolutely unfair competition to America’s ONLY privately owned auto and truck manufacturer.

Last year, Anne and I leased two new vehicles, a family car and a truck with which to haul our horse-trailer. Our first choice was Ford, but Ford had horrible leasing rates and very low residuals.

Our next choices were ANY car manufacturer OTHER than GM and Chrysler.

There was no way on earth that we were going to buy or lease a vehicle that we’ve already paid for with our hard earned tax dollars so their UNION WORKERS would have job-security, high-paid salaries, and massive pensions that will be greater than the salaries of the working folk who will pay for them long after the UAW workers stop working.

If there was justice in this world, MOST of today’s politicians and bureaucrats from the TOP down would either be unemployed, behind bars, or in the case of Obama . . . charged for sedition. And I don’t mean that lightly.

But, as I say and write repeatedly, it is us – WE THE PEOPLE who are responsible for the governments we have . . . and no one else.

The problem is that far TOO many of the people who vote, want SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING. Or are too uninformed or ignorant to be trusted with the future of our society. Or are jealous of entrepreneurs. Or are elitists who look down on the working class.

Or MOST likely, they have no memory of the children’s bedtime story of the GOOSE that LAID the GOLDEN EGG and what happened when they ate the goose.

But the MUCH greater problem . . . is that those of us who carry the load for just about EVERYONE else, are very much a numerical minority in the greater voting population.

In the case of Canada, the people really have no say whatsoever, since politics are controlled exclusively by the Parties and the governments which have passed election campaign laws that virtually GUARANTEE no individual will ever be able to launch a real challenge.

Speaking of which, it has now been WELL OVER 2 weeks since I contacted the Ontario Provincial Conservative Party for an application to run for the Riding Nomination where I live. They will NOT respond. What does that say to anyone who wants to engage in the “Democratic” political process with the Ontario Conservatives?

In Canada, there are no primaries.

Candidates are handpicked by the ESTABLISHMENT Parties who are PERMITTED by the apparatchiks to put themselves forward to the people in the Party’s name – BUT NO ONE ELSE.

And as I just wrote – Running as an Independent anywhere in Canada is a nightmare created by the bureaucrats to keep the riff-raff out.

Yet, it’s called Democracy – WHAT TO DO –WHAT TO DO?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. England, home of the Magna Carta, face down in the mud of apathy refusing to enforce laws created from 1,500 years of bloodshed. Europe, after centuries of the worst wars in history has capitulated to the Fascism and Radicalism today as in the past. In the USA, congress and the president use the Constitution, one of the greatest documents in history, as toilet paper. These may be the attitudes of other countries, but not here. Don’t make Canuks angry … you won’t like us when we are angry.

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