He And They Just Don’t Get It

It all comes down to the GREATEST display of ARROGANCE I could NOT have ever imagined.

Now that it’s all over and the People have indeed spoken, MOST Democrats INCLUDING Barack Hussein Obama still don’t get it.

I heard Obama’s two press conferences; where in his own words he said that the Democrats took a “Shellacking” and that he got the message.

But to me, he’s still saying that the people didn’t understand, because if they did, they would have embraced what he, Pelosi and Reid had FORCED through the Congress AGAINST the will of the people.

That’s not what he’s saying directly. But that’s what he REALLY means.

As a Demagogic Narcissist par excellence, there is no way Obama could accept that he was as wrong as a driver driving the wrong way on a one-way highway.

But all of a sudden, now that Obama’s policies and minions were massacred at the polls, he says that he “understands” what the people really want.


Where the hell has he been for the last 18 months as people were rallying in the hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands throughout America AGAINST everything he was doing?

Was Obama so busy with his date-nights, golf games, White House Rock Concerts, White House Autograph Sessions with professional athletes and teams, White House Cocktail Parties with Hollywood movie stars, his Whirlwind Air Force One jaunts, and his multiple World I Hate America Tours, NOT to notice the groundswell of discontent all around him?

If he was indeed as blind, deaf and dumb as he’s admitting, then he is also the MOST incapable and most stupid person to have ever held such high office in the United States of America.

Or – He’s not so dumb, but is such an EGOMANIAC, and so CERTAIN of his GOD-GIVEN brilliance, that he couldn’t see or hear the cries from an enraged population.

But, anyone who speaks as well as he does, is not blind, deaf or dumb, and is certainly not stupid. So, in my mind, it all comes down to the GREATEST display of ARROGANCE I could NOT have ever imagined.

In my most humble opinion, Obama is such an extraordinary narcissist that he is INCAPABLE of understanding any view or passion other than his own. And as far as he is probably concerned, it isn’t him who doesn’t get it, but most of a nation who doesn’t have clue-one or a true appreciation for his brilliance.

Not only will he not bend after this historic defeat of his policies and his Party, he won’t even be a compromiser. And he will NEVER be able to understand, let alone accept how out-of step he is with any reality other than his own.

For him to stand before the people, the day and days after this crushing personal defeat, and say that the people have spoken, and it’s all about the economy is a stunning admission of how out of touch and out of step he REALLY is.

What did he think it was all about from the very first day he took over the Presidency?

Wasn’t Obama the candidate who campaigned with everything he had on the economy and joblessness? “YES WE CAN & CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”.

I don’t remember him campaigning on a promise to undo America’s healthcare system, or to smother America with Cap and Trade, or kill the secret union ballot, or the takeover of two thirds of the American car industry, or the takeover of the insurance and banking industries.

Aware people who paid attention to Barack Obama and his personal history and affiliations BEFORE the 2008 election had MORE than just an inkling as to who and what Obama was all about, even though he NEVER focused on the preceding policies as campaign issues.

I do remember Obama stating with ABSOLUTE clarity for all who would listen that job creation was his NUMBER-ONE PRIORITY, before something else became his number-one priority, only to be substituted by yet another number-one priority . . . ad infinitum.

At this point in time, Obama has proven beyond a shadow of uncertainty, not through his words, but through his actions, that NOTHING he says has any meaning whatsoever, while everything he does winds up as a disaster.

It’s not that he didn’t hear the people on November 2, 2010, or not understand what they were saying, it’s that he DIDN’T CARE. Nothing the people said could pierce his narcissism. HE SIMPLY KNOWS BETTER.

If he cared at all about the American economy and spending as he claims to, would he be heading off to Asia just days after the biggest election trouncing in US history on a TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR A DAY travel extravaganza?

This is not the action of a President who is listening to the people, or who cares one whit about the economy and a crushing debt that has become America’s NUMBER ONE security concern. This is a President who just doesn’t care.

So, when Obama and his Democrat hangers-on now speak of compromise, conciliation, and non-partisanship between the Parties, HE IS NOT TO BE BELIEVED OR TRUSTED.

The people did not send the Republicans to Washington for the same-old, same-old – THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR.

They want the government to stop spending. They want the government to stop growing. They want the government to reduce the bureaucracy and restrictions on business. They want the government to pay down the debt and reduce taxes.

WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT IS LESS GOVERNMENT. And what the people voted for was a PARTY OF HELL NO.

If the Republicans know what’s good for them, they will NOT compromise on any of the principles the people have demanded by sending them to Washington.

The good news is that everything I’m hearing from the Speaker of the House Designate John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is that they have heard the message LOUD AND CLEAR, and have no intentions whatsoever of playing nice with a President who is the SINGLE GREATEST THREAT, not just to the security of the United States of America, but rather to the ENTIRE existence of the United States of America as the world knows it.

If America is going to be saved, as I think it will be after much pain, it will ONLY be because of those Red Neck Conservatives who are proud to be clinging to their guns and religion.

And about Obama’s BILLION or TWO BILLION dollar PLUS trip to India:

What does that say about Obama getting the message from the people, when average American families who foot the ENTIRE bill for his extravagances are not sleeping at night, worried about their jobs, their homes, and how to put food on the table?

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, well said and I agree with you entirely, you have the benefit in knowing our President will, in support of your feelings, place yet another “red line in the sands of time” as he has done in Syria, Jon Boothe Las Vegas, NV. USA

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