November 2nd Is Just The Beginning

I have NOTHING against negative ads if they’re true.

Before you read what I have written about this coming Tuesday’s election results, I want to “speak” about the airline bomb threats.

I am not a conspiracy theorist – BUT . . .

1 – FACT . . . Saudi Arabia is NOT our friend. So why did they give the USA a heads-up on the bomb plot?

2 – FACT . . . Saudi Arabia HATES Jews. So why would they care if Synagogues were to be blown-up in the USA?

3 – FACT . . . Al Qaeda has NEVER gone after Jewish or Christian places of worship. So why now, since there are far better targets for them in the USA?

4 – FACT . . . According to the news reports by the mainstream media, the Saudis had the actual tracking numbers of the bombs. How could they have such detailed information?

5 – FACT . . . The Saudis knew that there were just two bombs. How did they know that?

6 – FACT . . . The destination for the bombs were Chicago, home to the President of the USA. Why Chicago, since everyone knows that the American Jewish Heartland is New York City where the most psychological damage would be done had those bombs gone off?

To me, it appears that there is EVERY possibility that this whole bomb plot could have just as easily been a clumsy “plant” by the Saudis to make the Obama administration look good on the cusp of this MOST important election in modern American history.

No single country on earth has as much to lose in this election than does Saudi Arabia if Obama loses the House and perhaps the Senate.



I am so confident that the Republicans are going to ROUT the Democrats, especially in the House, that I’ve already written my DAY AFTER (November 3rd) Editorial, and recorded an Audio Editorial with VERY appropriate music.

The more I watch the Democrat Shenanigans, the disgusting and unfounded allegations launched against Republicans, and the MORE than just a hint of voter FRAUD, the greater I imagine the ROUT will be.

I have NOTHING against negative ads if they’re true. For example; what’s wrong with a Republican candidate running ads that show that his or her Democrat opponent voted so many times with the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda?

What’s wrong when a Republican candidate runs an ad or ads that show that his or her opponent loves earmarks, votes to raise taxes, votes to increase the size of government, votes for new entitlements, votes for more government employee perks, takes money from lobbyists, lives BIG on the public purse, and doesn’t do what he or she had promised to do in the “LAST” campaign?

And what’s wrong with pointing to a lying piece of work in the name of Connecticut candidate Richard Blumenthal who says he “MIS-SPOKE” about his Vietnam War record when the LYING bastard was NEVER in Vietnam as a US soldier during that war?

That’s NOT “MIS-SPEAKING”, that’s out and out lying. And if he can LIE about that, what can’t or WON’T he lie about?

What I can’t believe is the number of STUPID-STUPID people who will still vote for this LYING CREEP, even after knowing that he lied about something that is sacrosanct, that being war service in Vietnam during those horribly trying days.

That said – Why stop at Democrats?

What’s wrong with a Conservative Republican making the same charge or charges against LIBERAL Republicans, who are just as guilty as LIBERAL Democrats in treating the people like stupid children, meaning those politicians who think that the ONLY purpose of the taxpaying electorate is to SHUT-UP and keep feeding the machine?

It isn’t just Obama who’s on political TRIAL this midterm, it’s everyone in government, elected and appointed who will be seriously judged on Tuesday.

But . . . make no mistake about it . . . this is just the beginning.

If the Republicans win as BIG as I imagine they will, they will ONLY be in power in the House and perhaps the Senate on probation. And I REALLY mean probation.

Other than for a few Republicans who people really want to vote for, most of the Republicans will be elected because they aren’t Democrats, and that they haven’t yet served in public federal office or in a Governor’s Mansion.

Whoever wins a seat in this midterm government, will be watched for EVERYTHING they do, for what they don’t do, for how they vote, for how they don’t vote, as well as for what they say and for what they don’t say.

All those folk who get elected this Tuesday BETTER understand that they are ONLY in office on a TRIAL basis, and GOD help them, the USA and the Rest Of The World if they don’t do what the people expect of them.

If ever there was a political Judgment Day in my lifetime, this is it. There is MORE riding on this election and what happens within the first 6 months after this Tuesday, that no one should feel safe, or take their political stability for granted.


There is no Audio Editorial with the article.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. When I heard the news, my thoughts were for Canada, Canada’s Parliament, those who died and/or injured today, & you, Howard. I know, you truly love your country, as much as I love mine. It has been heart breaking, to see our two nations, basically, at “odds” with each other. Our US President doesn’t have any patriotism for the USA & is constantly blaming the USA, for all sorts of ills. Plus, he continually apologizes for the USA. That’s not pride, in my book. Proud Americans stand with Canada!

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