Before The Revolution

We in North America are coming to the point of NO RETURN.

What part of stay out of my life CAN’T the LEFT understand?

Why is it that some people feel absolutely compelled to tell others what to do with their private lives? How to run their companies? How to spend their money? How to buckle-up in a car? How to cover one’s head on a motorcycle?

And on – And on – And on . . . AD-NAUSEAM.

WORSE! Why is it that the people who survive on private sector tax dollars get to dictate to the people who pay the taxes?

I ride a motorcycle, and I PERSONALLY choose to ride with a helmet. BUT THAT SHOULD BE MY CHOICE, AND MY CHOICE ALONE. In some States it is. In some States it is not.

So, why is there some bureaucrat/politician who BELIEVES that he or she should have the RIGHT by force of law to COMPEL me to ride with a helmet?

The bureaucrat/politician didn’t GIVE me the money with which to buy the motorcycle. He or she didn’t pay for the insurance, maintenance or fuel. As a matter of FACT, when I bought the bike I paid taxes on the purchase that went to paying their BLOATED salaries.

When I buy insurance, I pay taxes on the insurance that ALSO goes towards paying their BLOATED salaries.

And when I buy fuel in order to ride, I pay LOTS of taxes on the purchase of gas; ALSO going towards paying for their BLOATED salaries.

Same goes for when I do maintenance on the bike.

And if this isn’t enough, part of all those taxes I pay gives these bureaucrat/politicians their OBSCENE perks and pensions very few people in the private sector could ever dream of.

YET – Theses bureaucrat/politicians take our money and have the NERVE to tell us how we should live.

A motorcycle helmet in itself isn’t THE issue. It’s only ONE of MANY symptoms. BUT IT’S THE ATTITUDE OF BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT THAT IS THE ISSUE.

I’ve written about this more times than I can count. But no matter how many times I write about the INTRUSIVENESS of governments, the MORE upset I become, and the MORE I believe it is CRITICAL to everyone who cares about our countries, our future and our FREEDOMS, for ALL OF US to take up the gauntlet towards a socio/political REVOLUTION.

As many of you know, I am locked in a FREEDOM of EXPRESSION battle in Ontario Canada, where a small English/French community (Russell Township) located about a half hour from Ottawa, Canada’s Capital, has DECIDED that people can NOT post an English ONLY commercial sign. It MUST be bilingual.

Canada’s Constitution (Charter of Rights and Freedoms) makes it CLEAR that all people have a RIGHT to Freedom of Expression. BUT, a pissant mayor looking to curry favor with his French-speaking constituents, along with two out of four of his French councilors TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES to make it ILLEGAL to put up an English ONLY sign in the Township.


To me, this should be a NO-BRAINER.

All we should have had to do was go to court, and get a judge to read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 2b) where it states with 100% clarity that EVERY person in Canada has the RIGHT to Freedom of Expression. PERIOD!


But that’s NOT the way it is, because some politician with an agenda, aided by an army of bureaucrats and a LEFTIST court decided that there has to be exceptions to Freedom of Expression if someone in the French community challenges it, OR WANTS MORE FREEDOMS THAN THE MAJORITY.

What should have been a few hours of appearing before a judge arguing on the CONSTITUTIONAL merits of the Township’s challenge to every Canadian’s RIGHT to Freedom of Expression, instead took FOUR days in court costing far MORE than $300,000 and growing.

Just as an aside – The Township of Russell had their general election this Monday October 25th, where the Mayor and the two Councilors who voted for the FORCED bilingual sign law were VERY unceremoniously TURFED from office. The people spoke loud and clear.

As I wrote a few paragraphs back, the helmet law isn’t the issue . . . it is the SYMPTOM.

About 18 years ago, I noticed a swelling under my left ear. It didn’t hurt. It didn’t bother me. And it was really no big deal. But it should NOT have been there. So I went to have it checked-out.

What it was turned out to be a SYMPTOM for something far more important than “just” a swelling under my ear. It turned out to be a very aggressive form of cancer that was probably in my body for 9 years prior to discovering it.

To excise it, I underwent radical surgery and extremely uncomfortable radiation therapy, which was the price I had to pay to survive.

I learned many things as a result of my challenge with cancer. One of them was that we CAN NOT afford to ignore symptoms, because if we do, it is at our peril.

The motorcycle helmet law is symptomatic of a far GREATER malaise within our society. Because we allow our governments to dictate how we are to live our PRIVATE lives, we not only ALLOW, but also ENCOURAGE our governments to do to us whatever they want.

If the government KNEW and UNDERSTOOD that we are NOT going to ALLOW them to intrude into our lives, not even concerning something as “simple” as whether or not we should have to ride a motorcycle with or without a helmet, THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE THE AUDACITY TO CHALLENGE OUR RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH OR OTHER RIGHTS.

We in North America are coming to the point of NO RETURN.

We’ve given our politicians and bureaucrats far too much power, far too much security, and a belief that THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR US, all of which has become an unchallengeable ENTITLEMENT that can ONLY be changed through a socio/political REVOLUTION that is long overdue.

I don’t want someone telling me how to live, or how I should make my money within the bounds of law, or how to spend my money, or how I’m supposed to be my employees keeper, and how much of my money I’m allowed to keep.

I don’t want bureaucrats and politicians telling me what I can and cannot eat, or what I can and cannot hear, read, write, or say, because that’s where it’s going.

MORE THAN THAT, I don’t want someone whose salary is being paid with MY HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS to be living far better than me. ESPECIALLY AFTER HE OR SHE IS RETIRED.

Either we decide to RISE UP and take back our governments NOW, before it’s too late, or everything we have will come apart at the seams. And WHEN that happens it won’t be pretty. And it won’t be peaceful.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this terrible happening, Mr. G. I am so sorry! The enemy, whichever one it is, hates us for being free and wants the land we have, the great nations we have, to be part of a worldwide capsule of misery and enslavement. They also want our souls; at least that’s the Islamic aim. It’s the aim of members within our governments as well. I hope the men who attacked Canada will be dealt with so the entire world can see that we two nations will not be slaves.

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