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America will have the chance to be BORN-AGAIN or crash and burn.

I have received so much attention to my last editorial “Proportional Representation Galganov Style” (see ARCHIVES October 16, 2010) that even I’m blown away by it.

To sum it up, the point that I tried to make is that NOT EVERYONE’S vote should have the same value.

In essence, someone who lives off the system (welfare) should have a vote, but not equal to the person who pays taxes, and especially NOT equal to someone who runs his or her own business, especially if that person is an employer.

In the editorial, I had a FOUR-POINT scale on how to set up the equality of votes. This wasn’t meant to be anything more than an EXAMPLE to illustrate the current inequities of our electoral process, but that’s not how the readers and listeners of interpreted it.

Just about all the responses I received were WILDLY enthusiastic.

Many of the people who wrote to me took the time to offer suggestions on how to divvy-up the vote values.

But one pissed-off writer made it very clear that in his mind, this idea was RACIST, akin to the voting laws before President Johnson passed his Civil Rights Act of 1964, even though NOTHING could be further from the truth, since Color, Gender and Religion don’t come into it at all.

But that’s the kind of thinking you get from LEFTISTS.

One writer who was very much in favor of the concept thought I hadn’t taken into consideration retired people, who, when they were working were major contributors to society, and that their votes should be counted for a higher level.

Of course they should. But as I wrote previously, the editorial was just an EXAMPLE of the unfairness of the system, and NOT a real formula for electoral change.

This incredible response tells me that I’m not alone in this thinking. It also tells me that a great many people see our electoral process as being severely flawed and tilted in the wrong direction.

We have grown to accept that the government is ALWAYS right. Just like the courts always provide indiscriminate accessibility, fairness, and equal justice.

And to stand-up as an individual to say BALONEY to both of these unchallenged “truths”, somehow in the minds of the LEFT, it makes you into some form of extremist and crackpot.

Truth is . . . there is no justice unless you’re rich and can afford to spend a small fortune on lawyers who’ve created a system for themselves, just as the politicians have created a government for themselves bought and paid for by special interests.

But even so, all of a sudden, people are standing-up to be COUNTED. They want their voices to be heard. And they want their government and their country back.

Years ago, I wrote a small book as part of an electoral campaign that was titled: “TOGETHER – LET’S WIN BACK CANADA”.

I’m sure that you won’t be surprised to know that the LEFT ridiculed the title. But, you also won’t be surprised to know that they NEVER debated the issues that were in the book.

We’re seeing DEMAGOGUERY like never before in these Mid-Term Elections, which the Liberals use to demean and diminish the voices of their opposition because they’ve got nothing else.

Without the Something-For-Nothing vote, the uninformed Liberal vote, and the privileged Elitist class coupled with votes from Academia and Hollywood, MOST Democrats (Liberals) wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a seat at any level.

So, for these politicians to win power and stay in power, they NEED a DISPROPORTIONATE number of votes from the people who contribute the least, think that theirs doesn’t stink, or worse . . . feed off the system.

Virtually NO ONE who runs a small to medium size business would ever vote for this kind of LEFTIST trash. But, those people who own and run small to medium size businesses are so outnumbered by the volume of people who want a free ride, that their voices have all but been muted.


My idea about Proportional Voting will NEVER see the light of day, simply because it would mean the end of days for MOST politicians. They NEED and FEED upon the Something-For-Nothing and Ignorant Bunch of voters whom seem to NEVER weigh the facts or take the time to think things through.

Also, what does someone care about high taxes when they pay no taxes, or earn their money from taxpayers, or are so imbued with Liberal feel-good guilt?

A friend of mine said to me a few weeks ago, that the number-one piece of ID someone should need in order to vote, shouldn’t be an ID card, but rather a TAX RECEIPT for INCOME PAID.

I have written extensively that this November election will be a GAME-CHANGER. I meant it then – And I still do now.

America will either have the chance to be BORN-AGAIN or crash and burn.

This will be the election that can REESTABLISH the Constitutional Bedrock that has been lost over previous generations, where MORE power will be put in the hands of those who contribute, rather than kept in those hands that are perpetually extended for a free ride.

We might never see Proportional Voting Values, but that does not mean that we can’t see a system where effort and success mean more than Something-For-Nothing.

By the way . . . while it is true, as I wrote a few paragraphs back that small to medium size business owners are vastly outnumbered by the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, it is also true that the massive voice of the people has finally risen through the TEA PARTIES, giving POWER and VOICE back to the people

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The media party apologists will try to link this with P.M. Harper’s moral and righteous position of supporting Israel and entering the fight against the ISIS monsters. Watch and see how the lefties will spin this. Only yesterday NDP leader Mulcair was unwilling to call the murder of the soldier in St. Jean sur Richelieu a terror attack. I wonder what B.S. he or pretty boy Justin will say now.

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