Proportional Representation Galganov Style


On October 11, 2010 – I wrote:

“Not Everyone Should Get Out And Vote” (see Archives), which brought me VERY supportive emails, and as expected, several emails expressing outrage, derision, and removals from my email broadcast directory.

So, for those folk who thought I was a Neanderthal for that editorial, hold onto your horses, because this editorial should send you into a state of apoplexy.


You read that right – Not all voters are equal or SHOULD be equal.

Why would someone who is in prison (in Canada) have a vote at all, since his or her PRIVILEGE of Freedom has been revoked? And isn’t voting the supreme expression of our Freedoms?

Why should someone living on welfare have the same voting clout as someone who pays taxes, much less as someone who provides jobs?

Why should an employee, and ESPECIALLY a tax-paid civil servant have the same influence at the polls as someone who is an employer?


The sad reality is that about half of all people DO NOT PAY taxes. And of the people who do pay taxes, only about 20% pay-in more than what they take out.

So, why should someone who is living off the tax dollars of others have the same voting influence as those who carry them upon their shoulders?

As long as people who live off the taxes of others have an equal say at the voting booth as people who do pay taxes, politicians will do whatever they can to BUY the votes of the non-contributors. After all, a vote is a vote.

When you live off a “FREE RIDE”, you don’t really care where that ride comes from, especially if the ride continues to improve. So, as a NON CONTRIBUTOR, you vote for the politicians who PROMISE to keep the RIDE going for “FREE”.

You would certainly NEVER vote for a politician who promises to LOWER taxes if you’re not paying taxes, or reduce the level of welfare people on the dole expect as their due.

Then there are the people who do pay taxes, but don’t pay nearly enough to cover their own costs, of which many of them want MORE in healthcare, paid vacations, sick-leave, day care etc.

So, they too will vote for the politicians who promise to keep the goodies coming.

And then there are the HIGH PAID civil servants who contribute NOTHING financially to the country, since it is OUR taxes that feather their overly comfortable nests who will ALWAYS vote for the politicians who guarantee their perpetually PRIVILEGED RIDE.

Do you think any of this ARMY of civil servants and public workers would ever vote for a politician who promised to REDUCE the size of government or rein-in public employee spending?

And then there are the people who pay the most, while creating wealth and jobs whose voice is LOST in the political wilderness ONLY because they are in the VAST minority.


In my perfect government world, everyone can have a vote except incarcerated convicts. But not an equal vote, and here is how it would work.

1 – If you were on welfare, your vote would be equal to ONE.

2 – If you were not working, but NOT taking welfare, your vote would be equal to TWO.

3 – If you were working and PAYING taxes, your vote would be equal to THREE.

4 – If you were an employer, employing even just one person, your vote would be equal to FOUR.

Under this kind of voting system, how then do you think the politicians would serve the country?

I’ll just sit back now and wait for even MORE outrage from the LEFTISTS who read this Web Site.


I’m currently working on a book that I will use as a fundraiser.

It is a compilation of many of my editorials, PLUS editorials and opinions that have never been published to

The focus of the book is how a small group of TRUE Patriots, the Tea Partiers, are fighting America’s SECOND Revolution. If they win, America has a second chance at greatness. If they lose, America will become just another failed empire.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Dear Canadian friend,
    I cry with you on this attack on your country. Americans stand with you, although I can’t speak for our own unamerican leadership. True Americans will support you in what ever way we as individuals can do. Our prayers are with you, please know the majority of us know you as true friends and our heart breaks over this despicable act.
    Jeri LeRoi, Traverse City, Michigab

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