Government – The Enemy From Within

Governments are like a living and breathing ‘organism’ that seems OBLIGATED to grow.

Our governments and government employees have become the enemy from within, that more than anything challenges our FREEDOMS and prosperity.


It is the weight, the cost, the deafness, the arrogance, the incompetence and the suffocating bureaucracy of our governments at EVERY level that are stripping us and future generations from the dreams we once enjoyed.

And once we get to the point where government jobs are created for no other purpose other than to create government jobs – ALL IS LOST.


MORE THAN ONE TRILLION DOLLARS has been spent in the USA, with much less, but still a substantially proportional amount of money spent in Canada on what was touted as stimulus spending for the purpose of CREATING jobs.

But, in reality, the ONLY jobs that were created or “saved” with taxpayers’ money that have any permanence about them are GOVERNMENT jobs.

Before I continue, it is CRITICAL for all of us to understand what a government job does and does NOT do.

1 – A government job does NOT create any wealth whatsoever.

2 – A government job does NOT create a private job.

3 – A government job does NOT save money.

4 – A government job does NOT end after retirement, since bloated government pensions are paid by the PRIVATE SECTOR until the death of the government employee.

5 – A government job does NOT create a service or product that CANNOT be created at LESS cost and GREATER efficiency in the PRIVATE SECTOR.


Government employees are compelled by ego, ignorance, incompetence and a culture of entitlement to justify their positions by CREATING laws, rules and regulations that suffocate the PRIVATE SECTOR.

And beyond that, governments are like a living and breathing ‘organism’ that seems OBLIGATED to grow.

So, what happens when the government creates a government job?

1 – A new debt is created for each and every government employee that “lives” with the PRIVATE SECTOR until that debt (civil servant) dies.

2 – A new bureaucrat is in place to become part of this ‘organism’ that feeds like a parasite upon the dwindling PRIVATE SECTOR.

Can the PRIVATE SECTOR survive without the government?


Can the government survive without the PRIVATE SECTOR?


Can the average non-government employed person survive without the government?


Can the average non-government employed person survive without the PRIVATE SECTOR?


So, if I’m right, which I am . . . how could this have happened to our societies? How could we have let our governments grow to the level that they have become toxic to our future?

The answer is easy . . . we’ve allowed and ENCOURAGED the politicians to BRIBE us, NOT JUST with our OWN money, but also with GARGANTUAN long term debt.

We have now become so indebted to foreign powers, that the cost JUST to service the debt is GREATER than any single, and MOST multiple costs needed to run our countries, INCLUDING the costs of healthcare and the military.

So what happens when the cost to service the debt exceeds the cost to manage our countries?

For some unfathomable reason, we’ve accepted that some nameless faceless bureaucrat knows more about how we should live our private lives than we do. And that the politicians we elect know more about creating wealth and jobs than the people who actually do create wealth and jobs.


Somehow, the government believes that we who create wealth and jobs should feel guilty for our successes, and be willing to give much if not MOST of our hard earned wealth to those who do nothing to create wealth or jobs.

And, as long as the vast majority of our co-citizens believe that government has its own money and want the government to spend it as if it is their own, we will continue to march towards, and ultimately off the edge of the cliff.

At one point, all of this will come to an end. IT CANNOT SUSTAIN ITSELF FOREVER.

It will come to an end when the creators of wealth and jobs say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, which is already beginning to happen. Or, when the government simply runs out of OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY, which is happening NOW.

The entitlements of the Elitists, the Something-For-Nothing Bunch, and the Welfare Class will come to an end when people like my wife and myself say NO MORE by deciding that it isn’t worth our while to hire people we cannot fire, or ask to do tasks that are not part of their closely defined job description, or whose job we have to retain even when they take off for pregnancy and/or paternity leave.

Eventually, people like us will call it quits, because operating a business will simply not be worth it.

Imagine this: In addition to the misery government heaps upon the shoulders of businesses, ESPECIALLY small businesses, we are FORCED to pay salaries for government-obligated days off, INCLUDING the taxes and deductions at source on the salaries which we pay for people NOT to work.


Being FORCED to pay for someone NOT to work and then being FORCED to pay taxes and other matching deductions for NON EARNED PAYCHECKS is nothing short of THUGGERY, COERCION and THEFT.

As an employer, I DO NOT WANT TO PAY even a portion for someone’s unemployment insurance, or his or her pension, or his or her vacation, or his or her healthcare, or any days they decide to take off INCLUDING mandatory holidays and sick days. WHY SHOULD I?

And why should the government dictate to creators of wealth and jobs what the minimum pay should be for employees? How does the government know what a job is worth?

And if the government is so concerned about the welfare of workers vis a vis minimum wages, why are there no restrictions against goods coming in from places like China where people work for slave wages under horrendous conditions?

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

No one pays for Anne or myself when we want to take time off. We don’t have vacation pay, sick pay, or mandatory days-off pay. As employers, we don’t even have unemployment insurance. And as far as a pension goes in comparison to a government pension, ours is POCKET CHANGE.

Where is it written that part of the risks and enormous effort it takes to set up and run a business should OBLIGATE the businessperson to a long term COMMITMENT to a stranger, to whom he or she MUST BY LAW become his or her KEEPER?

Isn’t it enough that people like Anne and myself take all the risks and endure the sleepless nights that create employment?

Under these current circumstances, what’s in it for anyone to create a business, especially a small business generally financed with borrowed money?

It’s not even a matter of time until EVERY entrepreneur begins to feel the way Anne and I do. THEY ALREADY DO. It’s only a matter of PROGRESSION until EVERY entrepreneur finds a way to run his or her business with the fewest number of employees possible, while paying the least amount in taxes.

And if you think I’m wrong, all you have to do is look at where MOST of our goods are manufactured, and where our Call Centers are located.

As this progression to NOT hire continues, MORE and MORE people will be out of work, looking to the government for the money and services they need just to make it through the day.

And when the government finally understands that it no longer has the money with which to pay their OUTLANDISH public sector salaries, BLOATED pensions, and other costs, what will they do?

Where will they get the money they will need to finance the country and pay the HUGE costs of servicing the astronomical debt? Who will they turn to for revenue? And with what will they create jobs?

Not only are we heading for the edge of the cliff, we are heading there at an accelerated pace that will shove us over the side sooner rather than later. And when that happens, our countries will erupt in revolution.

And if you think that statement is over-the-top, just take a look at what’s happening in Greece, France and other European countries. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

And when that happens HERE – Not only will all hell break loose. It will break loose in class warfare with a vengeance. And then there will be change.

My next editorial will be about proportional voting. But not the way you might think.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, wherever terror occurs, whether Muslim or other, we who enjoy the freedoms of our free countries must stand united in defiance and in battle against those who wish to steal it from us.
    I remember standing with you in May 2012 on the very spot of today’s attack. We stood together again in Boca Raton last September. We stand together because we stand against terror.
    But if Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama tells you he’s got your back, LOOK OUT! Just ask Bibi Netanyahu.

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